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Troy Underhill on KSFO Radio
July 19, 1995

Troy Underhill, of Media Bypass magazine, was the guest on a radio show out of the San Francisco area recently. He discussed the explosive James R. Norman article, "Fostergate" (in the current issue of Media Bypass; phone 1-800-4BYPASS to order).

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JEFF METCALF:, Troy Underhill from Media Bypass magazine who's telling us about this controversial "Fostergate" story by James R. Norman, which will be in the August issue of Media Bypass magazine.

Now Troy, what, if any, reaction have you had from the folks who are putting on these Whitewater hearings?

Like I said, we have, I have not spoken to our legal counsel, who is John DeCamp, one of the most prominent attorneys in this country when it comes to first amendment rights. We have many Supreme Court decisions that back up our being able to print this story. We have not had any reply from the White House. But one: the magazine is on the streets; it just went out yesterday. We have had many tens of thousands of extra copies of this publication printed for this month for what we believe to be, is going to be a firestorm. The people that are going to be receiving this magazine, hand-delivered by myself and two other staff members -- we've been invited down to the Perot convention, which is just about 3 weeks off, in Dallas. The speakers are Dole, Gramm, Pete Wilson, Pat Buchanan, Richard Luger, Arlen Specter, Lamar Alexander, Bob Dornan, Alan Keyes, Maury Taylor, Newt Gingrich, Trent Lott, Hailey(sp?) Barber, Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt, Chris Dodd... And I could go on and on.

I'm still waiting for my invitation! Ross hasn't asked me yet. [laughs]

Well I'm very surprised that he asked us. He's actually penned a letter for our readers, along with a lot of these people that I've just mentioned.

The one thing that they probably were not aware of is that their, let's say their stance, or their positions on certain issues, to our readers, how they clarified them. They probably didn't anticipate it bein' in this issue, with this story by Mr. Norman. Nor did we, when we envisioned doing this August cover, with Mr. Perot and the convention, know that the senior editor of Forbes magazine was going to allow us to run this story. The fact of the matter is, Mr. D'Amato and those involved behind the scenes will be getting certified copies of this story, as if they don't already have them.

The story did run Monday, in the Jerusalem Post. And I believe it was set to run yesterday (though I've not been able to confirm it), that it was going to run in the London Times. The Wall Street Journal has contacted us several times. And I anticipate sometime in the near future them going into this story once again. (They have covered Media Bypass back in April.)

But Troy, here's an obvious question. Obviously, Vince Foster is significant right now because of the questions about his death. A lot of people just flat out don't buy it as being a suicide.

Well the facts... I don't know if you saw Nightline last night. But Accuracy In Media was on, against Ted Koppell. And he [Reed Irvine] said at the end, "Ted, if you and the journalists across America would just look at the facts, you will -- and report it honestly to the American people -- there's no way that you can deny that Vince Foster, whether he killed himself or was murdered, it did not happen in Fort Marcy Park."

And the cover up is immense {1}. The reason that Mr. Fiske (a lot of the American people don't realize this)... Mr. Fiske had prior involvement with BCCI {2}, with representation of his law firm.

And he was also hand-picked by Webb Hubbell.

Sure. And another thing we have, with Mr. Starr! Mr. Starr, who when he was Adjunct General, he also recused himself -- excuse me. Solicitor General. Under the Reagan administration, when this all started, [Starr] recused himself without explanation in a matter involving Inslaw and the PROMIS software. The trumped-up version being called the "smart" version.

I tell you what: I don't want to confuse our listeners too much, because this does get a little convoluted. But let me just say this, because I've touched on it in the past: there is a long litany... In fact, I faxed you guys an old copy that I had, of mysterious deaths around Bill Clinton and BCCI and Inslaw. And without making any suggestion that, you know, there is some nefarious plot afoot here (as many people have), the mere fact that the number is now up to 30-something people that died under mysterious circumstances around the same thing. You go, "Well..." It kind of makes you go, "Huh?"

And inclusive in this article, it's all linked back to Inslaw, the PROMIS software, and the fact that these same players (and Foster's been involved for a long time)... in insinuating these things into other countries so that we would have access to some of that information. Now, it looks like it's turnin' around and bitin' the dog in the hand now.

Mr. Foster was a behind-the-scenes manager for a support company that handled a lot of the secret spy efforts: Systematics. The company called "Systematics".

It seems that Systematics has put on the Internet (they're very hyperactive litigators)... They are trying to threaten and intimidate anybody from bringing out any connection.

When they were contacted by Mr. Norman, they just denied, every which way you could imagine, their involvement. Well I have in this office, and in several locations throughout the United States, a document that shows Rose Law Firm's big corporate clients. And Jack Stephens, Inc. and Systematics, Inc. are among those clients! The simple fact of the matter is, the reason that a lot of people are concerned that those in Congress right now are not gonna go into this area are twofold: one is the National Security Act; two, it's because there are people that cut across both party lines that are involved in this. And it all started...

And some of that 2 billion dollars that was cleaned out by the, uh...

Correct. And any caller, anybody out there that would think that this is a, you know, like they're trying to say with Waco: "It's, they're trying to embarrass Bill Clinton" -- this is not an issue of Democrat or Republican politics. This is an issue of corruption within the highest levels of government in the United States. And like we've had in the past in this country, if the American people, the 260-some-odd million people in this country who are the rightful owners, do not stand up and absolutely demand the entire truth, then the trust -- what little trust is left in our government with the electorate (both political parties. You know, there is no favoritism)...

[ be continued...]

--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- {1} "And the cover up is immense." Anticipating the usual, "How could there be a cover up, it would have to be immense" type of rejoinder -- i.e., in other words, to say that there is an immense cover up means that you are "crazy":

How could the cover up be so immense? That's easy. All that's needed is for people to look the other way. Anyone who has worked in a corporation knows that, to get ahead, you've got to not notice certain things.

How can people walk down the street and not see the bums passed out on the sidewalk? The answer is that, to function, they learn not to see certain things.

Do you want to get ahead? Do you want to "succeed"? The price you must pay is to close your eyes when necessary.

{2} "Mr. Fiske had prior involvement with BCCI..." BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International. Left implied (but unmentioned) is that, allegedly, Hillary Clinton, Webb Hubbell, and Vince Foster -- and therefore the Rose Law Firm -- also had "prior involvement" with BCCI. Sherman Skolnick says that, among others, the Rose Law Firm helped allow the rogue bank into the U.S. So what Underhill is saying is that Fiske was not really an independent investigator into Foster's mysterious death. If Fiske's "investigation" were to, for example, lead to BCCI, then Fiske might prefer not to probe in that direction.

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