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           The Chinese Secret Police in the United States
                       by Sherman Skolnick

This is a story about the Chinese Secret Police in the United States. When the Korean War ended, the U.S. made a peace accord with North Korea. There were no surrender terms, however, apparently, with mainland China which had intervened in the war.

The Chinese Secret Police have a long history, going back to 550 B.C. By the 20th century, called Te-Wu, they use a very clandestine dialect almost impossible even for professionals to get into and understand. With only about one exception, there have been no defectors to the West - so the CIA was stymied on how to deal with them.

U.S. espionage experts left over from World War II - called OSS - supposedly out of service - quietly were used by the then-young CIA to track Te-Wu here. By 1956, the Chinese Secret Service made a massive effort to infiltrate the U.S.

What were the Chinese doing here? They were suspected of strange bombings and murders - an on-going campaign to punish the U.S. for our troops going all the way to the Yalu River in the Korean War. With the coming of Chairman Mao, a wave of young, clever Chinese ranaway to the U.S. from families that became wealthy in the dope traffic in major cities like Shanghai. In America, they studied at elite universities and became scientists, super-duper lab technicians, and university professors. They infiltrated U.S. technology -about 350 or more with the Te-Wu. Most are still around. These families, by the way, had already removed their illicit funds to U.S. banks.

Since the Chinese seemed to pose no further military threat to the U.S., the CIA simply did nothing but try to track them - also Chinese were age-old enemies of Vietnam - a power play item in that war.

Later in the 1980s, the dope trade was changing. Columbian cocaine had flooded into the southern states thanks to George Bush and Ollie North and the airport at Mena, Arkansas. Governor Clinton was told to mind his own business and not interfere with the CIA.

By 1986, the First National Bank of Chicago (a Rockefeller entity) had loaned billions and billions of dollars to mainland China which reneged on their promises to pay back in gold. To help China pay, the CIA and the Bank arranged for massive amounts of "China White", high purity heroin, to be smuggled in through Joliet, just south of Chicago. Supervising this was Bush's crony, Jim Thompson, Illinois Governor until 1990.

The "China White" deluge is handled by Te-Wu in the U.S. and by a secret unit in the Chicago-based law firm, Winston & Strawn, of which Thompson is chairman.

The corrupt DEA bigshots, refused to consider our specific details about "China White". Our exclusive details were on our popular cable T.V. show in Chicago, November, 1994.

And the CIA turns a blind eye to the head of the Chinese Secret Police in the United States - reportedly a very sneaky Chinese scientist here.

By the way, members of Te-Wu, together with those of the infamous Woo family, in recent years owned and operated the Chicago Sun- Times newspaper through a New York front.

(For some background, read the book "The Soong Dynasty", by Sterling Seagrave, Harper & Row, New York, 1985)

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Mr. Skolnick is chairman/founder, since 1963, of the public- interest group, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, which has for more than 3 decades touched off some of the most profound bribery and similar scandals in American history. Since 1971, he has been editor, Hotline News, a 5-minute recorded phone commentary (a regular phone call): (312) 731-1100, changed about 3 times/week, on 24 hours/day, heard each week by many thousands. Since 1991, a regular panel member on a public access Cable TV show in Chicago, viewed by hundreds of thousands in Chicago and suburbs, 1 hour/week. His commentaries run on Internet, Prodigy, and similar computer networks. Office (8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days/week): (312) 375-5741. 9800 So. Oglesby Avenue, Chicago IL 60617. Call us before sending FAX please.

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