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Larry Nichols was the guest on the July 11, 1995 broadcast of Radio Free America (Shortwave 5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst). What follows is my summary of that broadcast.

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Who is Larry Nichols? According to Terry Reed, writing in his classic book on Clinton's Arkansas, Compromised, Nichols had worked "on behalf of the Contra support network and [had] connection to some pretty big names in Arkansas State government, namely Bill Clinton and Bob Nash. In fact, Nichols had quickly become a thorn in Clinton's side because of a lawsuit he had filed against the state..." Says Nichols: "I was one of the fair- haired boys. And I was bein' broken in, to the good ol' boy network. And I, unfortunately, was not the material that they thought I was." Which is to say, Nichols had a conscience and would not go along with then-Governor Clinton's wrongdoing. They parted ways, and Nichols now roams the airwaves, telling what he knows.

Because the millions who have doubts about the official story on the death of White House aide Vincent Foster, jr. have now been dismissed by the Washington Post as being, more or less, "crazy" -- (similar to the former Soviet Union, no? If you didn't like it in the old "workers' paradise", that meant you were "crazy") -- it seems silly to raise a peep against the mighty Washingtonians. But Nichols is insistent. What kind of a crummy hearing are we about to have regarding Foster's alleged "suicide"? "How can there be a hearing next week on the death of Vince Foster, when I've got the one record that they ought to be talking about -- which is, where they found Vince Foster's body! I've got the Park Police memo to the Secret Service, sayin' that they had found Vince Foster, in his car, in the parking lot of Fort Marcy Park!"

"Helen Dickey, the [unclear] lady when Bill Clinton was Governor there in Little Rock made a call back to the Governor Jim Guy Tucker tellin' him about the death of Vince Foster. We've got the sworn affidavits... She calls Roger Perry and says, 'My God. Vince Foster's gone taken off work, gone out in the car in the parking lot of the White House and killed himself!'"

"Now remember," adds Nichols, "She says the parking lot of the White House. But it was two hours before they ever even found Vince Foster!"

Nichols theorizes that Foster was moved to Fort Marcy Park so that the official crime scene would not be at the White House. Remember: if someone kills themselves, it is considered to be a homicide until otherwise disproved. If Foster were not moved, then the crime scene would have included Foster's office, and investigators "would have had immediate access without a warrant!"

Hah, hah, hah, Larry, you "conspiracy nut", you! Don't you know that the "special people" have decided they aren't going to be looking into all that? "Mr. D'Amato said his committee's investigation would not be looking into the Foster 'suicide per se'..." states the Washington Times in their National Weekly Edition, July 3-9, 1995. What's the deal? Are the Republicans saying to the Democrats, "We won't tell about Foster if you don't tell about..."?

Larry Nichols relayed the sad news that John Hillier(sp?), veteran cameraman for videos produced by Nichols, Pat Matriciano and others, has dropped dead, for no apparent reason, while entering his dentist's office.

"He was a true, brave American. He would load up [his camera] and go into the 'eye of the tiger'."

"I'm not sayin' he was killed. I am sayin', at this point, he was a fitness nut, health food nut. I wished I was in as good a shape as he was. He walks in and stops breathin', for no reason."

Moving along to other matters, host Tom Valentine asked about the "Fostergate" article, written by Jim Norman of Forbes magazine, allegedly suppressed by that magazine and/or its publisher emeritus, Caspar Weinberger, and now slated to be published in Media Bypass magazine {1}.

According to Nichols, a company called "Systematics", located in Little Rock, is connected in some way to Arkansas "Big Daddy" Jack Stephens. As Nichols describes things, "Right after Vince Foster died, one of the senior 'VP's called me, sayin' 'Could Vince Foster have died because of what I was workin' on?' I said, 'Depends on what you were workin' on.'"

"Well apparently," continues Nichols, "Vince Foster had come over, asked this guy (because of this program they had) to run an overseas bank account! The guy said he couldn't do it. Foster flashed an NSA badge or card -- NSA -- and said this was government business, that they were testing the system, and that he was to give his information to only Foster or Hubbell."

"And he did."

Nichols further adds that there was an alleged connection between the failed health care bill and Systematics: "Hillary Clinton's health care bill? I was sayin' that Systematics already had the contract for that health care bill? ... In the Washington Post article where they were trying to roast this story by Jim Norman, the one thing that they did admit to is that Systematics was holding the computer programming software contract for the ill- fated health care [plan]."

Nichols, unlike Sherman Skolnick, does not believe Foster was a long-time NSA employee. "I believe that it was a short-lived thing." Yet in the article by Jim Norman, says Nichols, "I think they portray him as a long-standing member of NSA."

Tom Valentine is skeptical of the possibility of Foster being long-term NSA: "Not while Bush was in office."

Going back to "Big Daddy" Stephens and his possible connection to Systematics -- just who is Jack Stephens? {2}.

For one thing, he is connected to Senator Bob Dole's 1996 bid for the presidency, claims Nichols. Bob Dole's campaign co-finance chair when he announced as candidate is alleged to be none other than Jack Stephens. "The same Jack Stephens that is the power broker behind Bill Clinton," notes Nichols. (This may help explain the lack of aggressivity on the part of Republicans in their investigations of Clinton.)

"Jackson Stephens is the single-handed man that brought you BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce International], into this country," Nichols charges.

Host Tom Valentine mentioned a possible connection between Stephens and General Manuel Noriega, to which Nichols responded, "You got it. Same Jack Stephens."

Nichols adds: "Arkansas doesn't have many, but the rich people we have here, such as [unclear] Walton, Don Tyson, Jack Stephens -- these guys aren't just Arkansas rich. They're world-class rich. And powerful."

So, as some may surmise, Dole, Clinton, and many other apparent "leaders" are merely puppets on a string, dancing to the tune that their masters call.

Regarding the current article in the American Spectator and L.D. Brown, Nichols states, "L.D. Brown was as close to Bill Clinton as any man has ever been, prior to Roger Perry and Larry Patterson. He made two trips, so he says in his article, to Nicarauga with Barry Seal." What!? Bill "I didn't inhale" Clinton connected to large-scale drug trafficking!? Sound far-fetched? Then read the Wall Street Journal, July 10, 1995 ("Investigate Mena", p. A12):

The betting around here is that L.D. Brown and others in the Arkansas State Police know a lot more about the matter -- including what the feds were up to -- than they are letting on. State police officers are starting to show up all over the Mena story.

And what about First Lady Hillary? What's going on there? Says Nichols: "Hillary Clinton. They got her, Tom. They got her on Flowerwood. They got Hillary Clinton, no matter what anybody says."

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} Media Bypass magazine may not be available at your local library and/or your local magazine retailer. To subscribe, phone 1-800-4BYPASS. When last I heard, they had a special offer available for a 4-month subscription at $10.

{2} For a good look at Clinton's Arkansas and "Big Daddy" Stephens, see "The Name of Rose" by L.J. Davis. (The New Republic, April 4, 1994)

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