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By Sherman H. Skolnick

Israel brokered the purported dealings that have come to be known as the "October Surprise". That is, negotiations, in 1980, in various places in Europe and elsewhere, to delay release of the American hostages held by Iran, to sabotage Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election as president and to put in the Reagan-Bush ticket. The hostages were released just as Reagan was being sworn in as president on Inauguration Day, January, 1981.

Some contend Israel both brokered the deal as well as being facilitators and spectators at the secret meetings. One purpose was for Israel to use Iran against Iraq, a bloody enemy of the Jewish state, in the then-ongoing war between Iraq and Iran starting in the fall of 1980.

Part of the deal -- called treasonous by some Americans -- was to secretly ship arms to Iran, by way of Israel, starting on or about February, 1981, or even earlier. Some of the weapons and supplies were taken from NATO supplies stored in various places in Western Europe.

Thus developed a secret linkage between the Reagan administration and Israel. U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger himself reportedly had a financial interest in the weapons business. As later became clear, Vice-President (and later as President) George Bush at the same time received personal financial benefits from arms sent from the U.S. to Iraq. Part of the Saddam Hussein/George Bush private joint business ventures, as secret partners, were part of suppressed bank records in the Chicago federal court case involving stopping the release of records of Banca Nazionale Delavoro [BNL], Italy's largest bank owned in part by the Vatican. This author was the only journalist reporting on the federal court proceedings, particularly the federal appeals court.

Bush, together with attorneys Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and Hillary Rodham Clinton, on behalf of Jackson Stephens and the Rose Law Firm, arranged for the BNL-Atlanta, Georgia branch to launder some 5 billion dollars of Iraqi weapons funds plundered and disguised as U.S. Agriculture loans. Foster and Hillary were instrumental in enabling BNL to penetrate the American market along with Bank of Credit and Commerce International [BCCI]. Congress has never seen fit to investigate the strange goings-on of the Chicago branches of BNL and BCCI. One reason: BCCI- Chicago financed both political parties' presidential candidates in 1988 -- Bush and Dukakis. The Massachusetts governor, however, was restricted in his bid for president when his TV campaign ad funds were cut off when the Reagan Justice Department and other Reagan federal agencies jointly seized and closed down BCCI- Chicago on Columbus Day, just before the 1988 election. Dukakis was moreso damaged by the fund cut-off than Bush.

As described in Part One of this article, Foster had the equivalent rank of a military general in the National Security Agency [NSA]. As secretly authorized by both Vice President Bush and Caspar Weinberger, Foster, as part of the linkage with Israel, made secret nuclear missile data, tracking and targeting codes, and similar top secrets available to Israel, via a Naval Intelligence analyst, Jonathan Pollard. The idea was to enable Israel to be a nuclear power, as a buffer against the Soviet Union, at a time when Israel was not yet proficient in such matters.

At the hearings after Pollard pleaded guilty, Weinberger was particularly bloodthirsty against Pollard, demanding that he be dealt with by the rope and the gallows or similar means. Some speculated that the "Mr. X" in the Pollard case was an unidentified Jewish-American businessman. There may have been, in fact, a "Mr. X", a "Mr. Y", and even a "Mr. Z". Among those previously unidentified persons was Foster.

The secret report, referred to in Part One, under the authority of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, was the net result of massive compilation of data showing the apparent treason of Bush, Weinberger, and others in their circle, using Foster as their instrument, and Foster, in turn, using Pollard. The profound damage to the U.S., referred to by Weinberger in the Pollard court matter, was actually done by Weinberger himself jointly with Bush. Foster was a major player, who later paid for his deeds by apparently being murdered {1}. Pollard, on the other hand, was, at best, a minor player; more a puppet on a string than a treasonous Benedict Arnold.

Little known to the American people are super-secret federal agencies whose very acronym is forbidden to be mentioned in the press. One such agency has a subsidiary with vast authority to guard plutonium-producing facilities and similar. Anyone trying to interfere with nuclear secrets is perceived by the subsidiary as an enemy of the state, not entitled to due process of law. One way of dealing with such a purported "enemy of the state" would be to crudely murder him and dump his body near the high fence of a nuclear-producing facility; and then, release a quiet report that the dead person was shot while attempting to scale the fence.

A version of this apparently was the manner authorized by the operation of the subsidiary to deal with Foster. That is, to murder him in or near the White House and dump his body in a federal park, location of Civil War relics.

What is, indeed, puzzling, is that the U.S. Secret Service on occasion uses groups of both criminologists and retired gangsters as consultants on assassinations and attempted assassinations of high federal government officials. Congressional testimony in the 1950s, seldom known or referred to, brought out that when the President is to visit a large city, the Secret Service consults with local mafia-types to see if they know of any "loner" assassins who may be plotting injury to the president. Marketing experts call such groups or meetings, focus groups. According to the participants of one such group in late 1993, the Secret Service set forth the "theory", to be discussed and explored by the group, that White House aide Foster was murdered in or near the White House and his body dumped in a distant park -- federal parks being notorious for covering up murders as so-called "suicides" because the park police are not well-trained in investigating such matters.

Several participants of such a closed-door meeting came away with the impression that the Secret Service knew a lot about the demise of Foster and that they offered the "theory" as a cover-up of the role of the Secret Service.

The secret document does not entirely answer the following questions:

(1) Did Israel, in fact, blackmail Foster through the secret coded accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere, coded to the name of Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and with a beneficial interest in such accounts being for Hillary Rodham Clinton?

(2) OR: Did some other person or entity set up those coded accounts, purportedly with deposits supposedly from Israel, to blackmail both Israel and Foster?

On the other hand, it seems clear from the report, abstracted in this article, that George Bush and Caspar Weinberger benefited to have the focus put on Israel and Foster, and Pollard, and away from Bush, Weinberger, and their confederates.

The report details various happenings which require profound related knowledge to correlate and comprehend. For example, on behalf of the National Security Agency [NSA], from 1983 up to his death, Foster operated an NSA proprietary in the Grand Caymans specializing in gold bullion transactions with the aid of members of the London Gold Pool.

Acting as a buffer or cut-out between NSA and Systematics, specializing in bank software services, are three NSA proprietaries including LSI Financial Group, Inc., of Little Rock. Some contend Systematics is an NSA proprietary and spies on banks overseas. By the way, the National Security Council, through a spokesperson, contends it is not a crime for an American firm to spy overseas; a Justice Department official says about the same. (It becomes a lint-picking episode whether the spying data violates any laws if brought back to the U.S.) Can Systematics rightfully deny spying actually moreso done by cut- outs or buffers between Systematics and NSA? Systematics through a spokesperson vigorously denies Foster and Hubbell assisted it in any spying on foreign banks, but remains apparently silent on whether Hillary Rodham Clinton assisted Systematics in some nefarious activities.

As to LSI Financial Group, Inc., they reportedly help launder dope and gun smuggling loot, disguised as loan servicing, for Household International and their unit, Household Bank, a successor to the CIA-linked Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia. The 50 million dollars of Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] funds, parked with Household in the Chicago area, has been secretly transferred to Little Rock. Purpose: to attempt to cover-up the 47 million dollars missing from Madison Guaranty S&L, for which some are prepared to blame Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary's crony, John E. Gierum of Park Ridge -- same place Hillary's family is from -- is a lawyer who in January, 1994, confessed to this writer that the Clinton White House is trying to "frame" Gierum for the secret transfer which apparently went further through LSI. Gierum's confession is a matter of federal court record in the Joseph Andreuccetti affair; Gierum was served a copy of the same and did not dispute the same. Funds from LSI are washed, in turn, reportedly through Fuji Bank.

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Since 1963, Mr. Skolnick has been founder/chairman, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, investigating judicial bribery and political murders. Updates of the group's work are on a 5- minute recorded phone message (a regular phone call): (312) 731- 1100. He is also, since 1991, part of a very popular public access cable show in Chicago. Mr. Skolnick's comments and disclosures also appear on Internet and other computer networks. Office (8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days): 9800 So. Oglesby Ave. Chicago, IL 60617. Phone: (312) 375-5741. Call before sending fax. Donations for their non-profit work are appreciated.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} Was Foster murdered? Conservative Consensus (July 3, 1995) reports that Foster's neck may have suffered trauma before he was killed. According to the newsletter, original Polaroid photos never used by the Fiske Investigation show what "appears to be a wound, puncture or other trauma" to Foster's neck. This may have been a small caliber bullet hole. [Conservative Consensus, PO Box 17912, Seattle, WA 98107.]

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