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I grabbed the following off alt.conspiracy. Note that the author does not mention his source for the information, as to whether it was published somewhere, or whatever. It also has a "to be continued", and I will try to grab further posts and forward them. The information, if accurate, does tend to support statements made by Sherman Skolnick.

Note that I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the following. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to bigxc@prairienet.org for probable distribution.

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          Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and 
                 Banking Transactions Spying, Part V

                        by J. Orlin Grabbe
        But before we continue with the litany of Charles O.
        Morgan's denials, it is time for intermission, for soda 
        and popcorn, for stretching cramped legs.  The following
        screen fodder is a meditation, an illumination, and
        none of it is factual.

                       BEGIN INTERMISSION
        This is not a story about who actually pulled the 
        trigger on Vince Foster.  For in any case, Vince
        Foster is dead.

        This is not a story about any specific company, such
        as the allegations against Systematics, for if no
        such company existed, then the NSA would create one.
        Or several.
        It is not a story about money-laundering in Mena,
        Arkansas, because money-laundering doesn't alarm
        me. Anyone who has read my essay "The End of Ordinary 
        Money" (currently in two parts) knows that I think the
        money-laundering laws are an odious intrusion into
        financial privacy, and should be abolished.  

        It is not a story about Charles O. Morgan.  But the
        accuracy of Morgan's assertions is relevant to under-
        standing what has happened and is happening.  Even 
        though Morgan is a fine lawyer and a man of impeccable 
        character, his research mistakes could lead some to 
        erroneously conclude that he is a fool or a paid liar.

        This is not a story about any particular foreign power:
        whether Russia, China, France, Germany, Israel, or the
        United Kingdom.  But any country that has shit on the
        carpet deserves to have its nose rubbed in the evidence. 
        There are no privileged foreign powers.

        This is not an attack on the NSA monitoring of foreign
        missile and nuclear programs.  The acquistion of information
        for self-protection is a fundamental human right, and those
        who don't exercise this right often end up dead.  But I 
        just want to know what the fuck NSA's doing in my
        checking account.

        This is not a story about Cap Weinberger, BUT HOW AND

        This is a story about the uses of propaganda, whereby
        appeals to "terrorism," "money-laundering," "child 
        pornography," and other handy bugaboos are cited by
        the Overlords of the Surveillance State as an excuse 
        to send jack-booted thugs to "protect us,"  to monitor 
        our every action to make sure we toe the current 
        political line, and to create vast financial data 
        bases to ensue we get taxed to pay for all of the 
        This is a story about hypocrisy, whereby the friends
        of Bill Clinton and George Bush may launder millions of
        dollars at will, but the hoi polloi are prosecuted for   
        "structuring" two $7500 cash payments.

        It is a story about a corrupt and evil judiciary
        system that has filled 60 percent of prison space with
        minor drug offenders, with a resultant overcrowding causing
        early release of murderers, rapists, and other violent
        criminals in order to make more room for marijuana

        It is a story about a "war on drugs" conducted to
        increase monopoly profit margins, to provide a cash 
        flow for widespread political payoffs, and to 
        provide continuing employment for psychotic law 
        enforcement officials.

        This is a story about a political equation which says
              "investigative body" = cover-up commission
        whereby one conducts a thorough investigation into 
        the evidence or witnesses that have been left laying around,
        so that the evidence can be burned, and the witnesses
        silenced or killed.

        This is a story about the media participation in this
        process, whereby promoted stories are referred to as 
        "well-researched and well documented" while suppressed 
        stories are labelled "conspiracy theories."  In a recent 
        extreme case, a major news organization elicited witnesses 
        and video-taped them for "an expose on Mena," then later 
        killed the story.  Meanwhile, copies of the video tapes were 
        turned over to goons who subsequently killed some of the 
        same witnesses. 

        This is a horror story that made me toss and turn at
        night, until I recalled the words of my friend Jack Wheeler,
        who told me:  "We created a doctrine to do in the Soviet
        empire.  And it worked.  It's now time to do in the
        Washington empire."  And reflecting on these words, I fell 
        peacefully asleep.  And I had a dream.
                       END INTERMISSION

[...to be continued...]

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