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Why was he dead? And was he murdered? Those are questions about Clinton White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.

As a private lawyer, Foster was also the equivalent of a military general in the super-secret National Security Agency [NSA], satellite spying and code-cracking. He headed up an espionage project to target banks worldwide -- using low-orbit satellites and the computer software stolen from Inslaw -- theft that intersects so many other matters, it is the mother of all scandals. Involving "October Surprise", Iran-Contra, the dope and gun smuggling through Mena, Arkansas and Joliet, Illinois, the Whitewater affair [L'affaire Whitewater], and spying on political activists.

From 1983 to his violent death in July, 1993, Foster ran a series
of banks in the Grand Caymans. They were NSA and CIA
proprietaries -- that is, actually fronts for the U.S. government
clandestine dealings in gold bullion smuggling -- aiding were
seldom-publicized members of the London Gold Pool and the Vatican

Even before being in the White House, Foster travelled hundreds of thousands of miles -- supposedly a lawyer yet ticketed in the category of a top federal official.

His confederates in all this were Hillary Rodham Clinton and Webster Hubbell. Together, they ran the foreign bank spying project.

Remember the "October Surprise"? That was secret dealings in October 1980 by vice presidential candidate George Bush, to delay release of the American hostages held by Iran. Purpose: to screw Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election. Of course, Israel was brokering the deal to arm Iran in its war started in 1980 against Israel's bloody enemy, Iraq.

In later years, Bush owed Israel a favor. So he and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger authorized Foster to release top nuclear missile secrets to Israel -- used was a pliable analyst in the Office of Naval Intelligence, Jonathan Pollard.

The purpose was to make Israel a nuclear power before their own research would have. Sort of a buffer against the Soviets. It was a violation of the espionage laws, and when the deal unraveled, Pollard was made the patsy and got life in prison. Weinberger, secretly himself in arms smuggling, demanded Pollard get the gallows or the firing squad.

Secret deposits in foreign banks were made under codes linked to Foster and Hillary. Did Israel really make those pay-offs? Or was Israel being framed and blackmailed? Was Foster being framed by Bush and Weinberger? Hillary was a beneficiary to all those accounts.

Just before his death, Foster was told by Hillary he has been fingered for treason. To shut up matters, Foster was murdered -- as apparently authorized under little known provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and by the subsidiary of a highly clandestine agency that guards nuclear secrets (a unit of the super-secret Defense Industrial Security Command [DISC], the police and espionage agency for the U.S. munitions makers. In the past, the address for DISC has been 3990 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio; field office for the Command was located at the old Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The Security Division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA]; headquarters for this group has been DISC at Muscle Shoals Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. Defense Industrial Security Command. There is reason to believe that units of DISC and the Security Division of NASA have been implicated in other political assassinations.)

Because of so-called "national security", the FBI and other federal agencies are stonewalling inquiries of how and why Foster met his end {1} -- he was the highest ranking official to die violently since the assassination of President Kennedy. Even Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr cannot permit the truth to come out.

The monopoly press has lied to us from the murder of President Lincoln to date. Those demanding the truth are labeled crackpots and conspiracy peddlers.

A new inquiry into the Jonathan Pollard affair may blow open the whole mess.

This article is based in part on a secret government report.

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Mr. Skolnick, since 1963, is founder/chairman of a public interest group, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, researching and investigating judicial bribery and political murders. Updates of the groups work is on HOTLINE NEWS, of which Skolnick is editor -- 5 minute recorded commentary phone message, (312) 731-1100, on 24 hours/day (a regular phone call). Since 1991, he is a regular panelist on a hugely popular public access cable TV show, "Broadsides", in Chicago and suburbs. His comments appear on various computer networks, such as Internet, Prodigy, and others. Office (8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days) (312) 375-5741. 9800 So. Oglesby, Chicago, IL 60617. Call before sending FAX.

A few highlights of past disclosures of the group: biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history, collapse of the Illinois Supreme Court, 1969. Investigation of sabotaged Watergate plane crash, Chicago, 1972-1973. Vice President Spiro Agnew bribery mess, 1973. Bribery charges and jailing of 7th Circuit Federal Appeals Judge Otto Kerner, Jr., 1973. Touching off "Operation Greylord", 20 local judges, 40 lawyers jailed for bribery, 1983-1992. Investigations of 41 federal grand jury witnesses murdered during pendency of Inslaw probe, 1991-1992.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} From the Washington Times, National Weekly Edition, July 3- 9, 1995: "Mr. D'Amato said his committee's investigation would not be looking into the Foster 'suicide per se,' but at what the late White House aide was working on at the time of his death and how records contained in his office were handled by other White House personnel after he died in a Northern Virginia park in July 1993." ("Whitewater Hearings Set To Go" by David R. Sands).

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