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INTERVIEW WITH SHERMAN SKOLNICK -- JUNE 30, 1995 I spoke by phone with Sherman Skolnick in the late evening of June 30, 1995. The following is what he said. Note that I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the following. Persons mentioned in the interview are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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Apparently, there was a joint project with different journalists which then became the June 20th front-page article in Investors Business Daily about how the mainstream press is dragging their feet in the strange death of [Vince] Foster.

But in respect to the runaway grand jury thing, I found out that one of the problems was national security. Foster was the equivalent of a military general in the National Security Agency [NSA], before he got to the White House, and while he was in the White House. And, that the British counterpart of the NSA -- I forget what their acronym is, right offhand -- but they apparently invoked the British Official Secrets Act, and have stopped two of the largest papers in the world from printing stories, that they have apparently confirmed from their own sources, that a so-called "runaway" federal grand jury in the Whitewater affair, in the District of Columbia, has indicted, is considering to indict, or is about to indict, the following persons for high crimes: William Jefferson Clinton, who is the President; Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is the First Lady; Janet Reno, who is the U.S. Attorney General; and William Freeh, who is the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are charged with obstruction of justice and suborning perjury, that is, arranging perjury to be done by witnesses as to the circumstances under which Foster was found dead, where his body was found, and whether he was or was not murdered.

Okay. You know, as far as your gettin' a little bit of, or a lot of heat: I'm gettin' some heat. I got Chip Berlet now, makin' noises like he's gonna sue me.


I want to thank you for giving me Debra von Trapp's phone number, 'cuz I was able to call her and interview her. You saw her on the recent Dateline program...

That program was not fair! It showed her, sitting on a park bench, [and it] didn't allow her to say very much. And sitting on a park bench is not news. I can't understand how, all the money they spent, ended up not allowing her to say much.

They called me (Dateline NBC), their, one of their chief people, Benno Schmidt. And I told them, the one that invented that super-duper type of bomb, that Ted Gunderson says was used on the Oklahoma building, was Michael Riconosciuto. And I spent four-and-a-half months as a voluntary paralegal, interviewing him, as he was awaiting to testify before the Inslaw grand jury in Chicago, in '92.

So I know a lot about that type of bomb, because some of the details got into the civil record in the federal court in Chicago. And that was in '92, and that was three years before this tragedy in Oklahoma City. So I have a working knowledge of that. It's not an explosive, it's a sub-nuclear device. It's not exactly a dynamite bomb. It's an EHT -- Electrostatic Heat Transfer weapon. Sub-nuclear. It's just below a nuclear bomb.

In talkin' with Debra, she taped her interview with Dateline. Apparently the interview ran, actually, as long as two hours or so.

Right. And she is offering a -- if somebody reimburses her -- to supply an audio copy of the tape of her interview with NBC Dateline, which they only used a few seconds of. And the whole thing shows that they suppressed a great deal. [CN -- For more info on how to get a copy of the audio tape, send e-mail message to]

Now they showed Riconosciuto in the jail. And I told them how they might interview him, there in Estill, South Carolina. They showed him walking with a cane, as if he's infirm. (I don't know if he is or not. He might have slipped on a bar of soap in the jail shower.) But they went to a great expense to get to the jail, get permission from the warden, and video him. And on their 14-minute segment about this thing, about the citizens' militia and the bombing in Oklahoma, they didn't play a single word that may have come out of Michael Riconosciuto's mouth! That's very poor journalism, as far as I'm concerned.

But the point is... In other words, Debra von Trapp has got proof that NBC is a pack of liars.

We now have the written statement of an important former official in the White House, showing that she is very credible and that her story is believed to be 200 percent correct by those that were direct eyewitnesses to certain spying, by the Japanese and other governments, on the Clinton White House.

All right, she's correct as far as the spying. But what do they say about the bombing? That it was contracted...

Well it was part of an overall thing that they believe is also correct. It's not a separate group of things, it's a group of inter-related situations. And the whole thing, apparently, is quite correct. In other words, there's strong reason to believe that her allegations, which seemed very extreme when they first came out, are, upon careful consideration, and interviewing important witnesses that are in a position to know, that her allegations appear to be quite correct.

Okay. Have you heard that the State of Oklahoma, that they're gonna be pushing through a bill calling for an independent investigation by the State of Oklahoma? That, apparently, a lot of people are dissatisfied with the federal investigation?

I... I don't know anything about it, but I encourage such an independent thing.

Okay, this was on... I was listening to Radio Free America [5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst] tonight, and they had, David Hall was on it. And, according to him, they're gonna be pushing through legislation for a state investigation into it -- which I think is great. You know, when they were sendin' all these "teddy bears" down there, right after the bombing, I was thinkin' "Why don't they, instead of buyin' 'teddy bears', buy a private investigator?"

You know, there's so much with that bombing, so many discrepancies. And it's really sickening to turn on the "news" at 5:30 pm and see them reporting on the O.J. Simpson trial.

Look. The point is that this secret report shows that there was nuclear treason at the highest level, and one of them that was involved is still around and not dead -- that's Hillary.

So, you know, you're pretty much of an expert on Whitewater. How do you see things unfolding in the coming days and weeks?

Well, one White House reporter, I believe, has already sent out a bulletin to the radio stations that she's a correspondent for, and has made the statement that Democrats have told Clinton he must resign by July 29th -- which would be about two weeks after D'Amato, the Senator, starts with his Whitewater investigation and whatever he's investigating is, involves Hillary and Bill Clinton.

So you had told me before that a source had confirmed to you that Clinton will resign by July 29th.

No. No. That's not quite correct. He is being asked, demanded, by the Democrats, who are threatening that they may themselves start an impeachment proceeding against Clinton for what they perceive as criminal offenses. Because if Clinton stays in office, we will end up as a one-party system, with the complete destruction of the Democrat Party.

However. Those that are, Washington correspondents have told me that they have inquired into this, and that Clinton let it be known (but not at a press conference) that, even if Hillary gets indicted, he absolutely will not resign. {1}.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} The idea was floated, by part-time CBS Sunday Evening News commentator Joel Klein (July 2, 1995 broadcast) that the U.S. is going to have to send in troops to Bosnia in order to help our allies withdraw from Bosnia. Here we go again! How do you withdraw troops? Answer: by sending in more troops, this time U.S. forces. How convenient for a certain pot-smoking, cocaine- snorting, womanizing commander-in-chief that this should occur just as Whitewater and Waco investigations are heating up. Just so long as those Serbs aren't shooting at you, right Billy Boy?

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