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I grabbed the following off alt.conspiracy. Note that the author does not mention his source for the information, as to whether it was published somewhere, or whatever. It also has a "to be continued", and I will try to grab further posts and forward them. The information, if accurate, does tend to support statements made by Sherman Skolnick.

Note that I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the following. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

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          Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and 
                 Banking Transactions Spying, Part II

                        by J. Orlin Grabbe

        Upon hearing of the alleged connections between Vincent
        Foster, the NSA, and its subsidiary Systematics--since 
        renamed ALLTEL Information Services (4001 N. Rodney Parham Rd.,
        Little Rock, Arkansas 72212-2496, phone 501/220-5100)--
        ALLTEL Corp. (1 Allied Dr., Little Rock, Arkansas 72202, phone
        501/661-8000) hired a San Francisco libel attorney named
        Charles O. Morgan (450 Sansome Street, 13th Floor, San 
        Francisco, CA 94111-3382, phone 415/392-2037) to threaten
        journalists who made such allegations.

        ALLTEL feared the economic consequences of the charges made
        against its private subsidiary: "Banking and financial 
        institutions are clients of ALLTEL. The irresponsible and false 
        statements . . . have and will cause my client substantial damage" 
        (letter from Charles O. Morgan to Agora Inc., March 28, 1995).

        Published news articles in the American Banker and elsewhere show 
        that Systematics' (ALLTEL Information Serivces') customers have 
        included Home Bank, Manufactuers Hanover (now merged with Chemical), 
        Vboss, Southwestern Bell, various overseas military bases, 
        City National, California Federal Bank, Federal Home Loan Bank 
        of San Francisco, Guaranty Federal Savings Bank, River Forest 
        Bankcorp, First Busey Corp, Decatur Federal Savings and Loan, 
        Republic National Bank of New York, Anchor Savings Bank, Integra 
        Financial Corp, Banc One, Nations Bank, Citicorp, Vermont National
        Bank, CNB Bancshares, Liberty Bancorp of Oklahoma City, First Union, 
        First National Bank of Maryland, Amcore Financial, Horizon, Oxford 
        First Corp, Navy Federal Credit Union, People's National Bank, Drung 
        Thai Bank Ltd., Bank of Commerce Berhad, Unisys Corp, Corestates 
        Financial Corp, Novorosiysk Industrial Commercial Ecobank, Royal
        Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, United Overseas Bank (Singapore),
        Soneri Bank Ltd (Pakistan), Banco National Ultramarino SA
        (Macao), BMJ Financial Corp, Security Bank (Arkansas), 
        Hiberia National Bank, Glendale Federal Bank, First Alabama 
        Bancshares, Union Bank of Manila, First Pacific National    
        Bank, Pine Bluff National Bank, Consolidated Bank (Miami),
        Citibank of Australia, Savings Bank of the Russian Federation,
        Family Bank, Sabine State Bank & Trust, Central Bank, Chemical
        Bank, Citibank, Moscow Savings Bank, National Home Mortgage
        Company, Barclays Bank PLC, Keycorp, Bank IV Kansas, Borel
        of California, Dime Bancorp, and Bellsouth Cellular Corp.

        According to John E. Steuri, Chief Executive Officer, President,
        and Chairman of the Board of Systematics:  "Today, we have
        banking, financial services, cellular telephone and hospital
        clients in thirty-six (36) countries outside the United States"
        (memo from John Steuri to Jim Norman, March 8, 1995, with the
        subject listed as "Systematics").
        Attorney Charles O. Morgan sent threatening letters to, among others, 
        Agora Inc., publisher of Strategic Investment (824 East Baltimore 
        Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-4799), to David Fondiller and Jim Norman 
        of Forbes (62 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011), and to Bill Hamilton
        of Inslaw Inc. (1125 15th St. N.W., #300, Washington D.C.
        20005-2707, phone 202/828-8600).

        In denying various allegations, Charles O. Morgan makes personal 
        claims of knowledge that border on the supernatural.  For 
        example, Strategic Investment had written in its March 22, 
        1995, issue:  "Several years ago, investigative reporter Danny
        Cassalario [sic] spent many months investigating the Inslaw
        case.  He told associates that his probe had revealed an  
        astonishing tale of corruption that he intended to reveal in
        a story entitled 'The Octopus.'  He was days away from
        completing his story when he was found dead, allegedly a
        'suicide.' "

        In his March 28, 1995, letter to Agora, Inc., Charles O. Morgan
        makes the blanket assertion:

        "Systematics was not in any way involved in any investigation
        by Danny Cassalario [sic]" (page 2).

        How could Charles O. Morgan possibly know what topics Danny
        Casolaro, a private journalist, was investigating at the
        time of Casolaro's death?  

        Was Charles O. Morgan in close communication with Danny
        Casolaro at the time of Casolaro's death?

        Did Charles O. Morgan examine Casolaro's papers and notes
        following Casolaro's death, to determine if there were any
        references to Systematics?

        Or did Charles O. Morgan rely on statements by the FBI/Justice
        Department regarding the topic of Casolaro's investigations?
        If so, he was relying on a biased source, for according to
        the "Executive Summary" of a document supplied by Inslaw to
        each member of the House Judiciary Committee:

           The Office of Special Investigations' (OSI's) "publicly-
           declared mission is to locate and deport Nazi war criminals.
           The Nazi war criminal program is, however, a front for the 
           Justice Department's own covert intelligence service, 
           according to disclosures recently made to INSLAW by several
           senior Justice Department career officials.  ....

           "According to written statements of which INSLAW has obtained
           copies, another undeclared mission of the Justice Department's
           covert agents was to insure that investigative journalist
           Danny Casolaro remained silent about the role of the Justice
           Department in the INSLAW scandal by murdering him in West
           Virginia in August 1991.  INSLAW has acquired copies of two 
           relevant written statements furnished to a veteran investi-
           gative journalist by a national security operative of the U.S. 
           Government, several months after Casolaro's death. ..."

        Finally, did instead Charles O. Morgan simply rely on Sytematics'  
        assertions that it was not the subject of investigation by
        Danny Casolaro?  If so, why would Systematics make such an
        assertion?  Who would suppose there was a connection between 
        Systematics and the death of Danny Casolaro?

        Charles Morgan's denials suggest to me that an important part of
        the Kenneth Starr investigation into matters related to Whitewater
        should focus on the relationship between the death of Danny Casolaro
        and the death of Vincent Foster.  

        And Kenneth Starr should question Charles O. Morgan with respect
        to his personal knowledge of the topics of Danny Casolaro's
        investigation which lead to Casolaro's death.

                        [to be continued]

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