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INTERVIEW WITH SHERMAN SKOLNICK -- JUNE 30, 1995 I spoke by phone with Sherman Skolnick in the late evening of June 30, 1995. The following is what he said. Note that I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the following. Persons mentioned in the interview are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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And this data...

Was sold to a foreign country.

Okay. To Israel? Or to some other country?

I'm being purposely vague, okay? But it's based on a secret, government report that came into my possession, from very reliable people that I've known for over 30 years. And for reasons that I can't go into, there is every possible reason to believe that this is a genuine report.

Something happened at the publisher. They were supposed to go to press with it [Skolnick's article]. Those that I dealt with at the publisher said it had gone to press. But it... somethin' happened. It got stopped at the printing plant.

And somebody stole a copy, or the negative, or a fresh copy, and got it on Internet as if I put it there -- which I did not. (Anything that gets put on Internet, as you know, gets put there through your tremendous efforts in the public interest.) And now, it seems to be known all over the United States that there is such a thing.

I don't know whether the terrorist attack on my house was related to this. The police asked me a lot of foolish questions: "Do I have the name and address of the people that did this?" "Do I have a description?" They asked me everything other than if I knew the social security number of those that attacked my residence. Obviously, I don't. I was lying down. I was not near the window. And it takes me about an hour to assemble myself. And by the time I could've even assembled myself, they were gone. (That was the first time they attacked my place. The second time, I was not here.)

So it's rather foolish for the police to ask me such questions.

I believe that... Oh! Then, a policeman who apparently once followed me home from the TV cable station -- I thought it was an accident that he showed up late at night outside my door and began questioning somebody that drove me home. That same person that drove me home ran into this policeman, elsewhere, just within the last 24 hours. And that policeman started saying terrible things about me. So...

Such as what?

...I don't know. I'm only stating the circumstances. Did the police condone this attack on my residence, knowing that I'm a defenseless person? (I am a paraplegic. I must face those facts. I don't like to think of it, but it is what it is.) And then when the police, all the way up to the Superintendent's Office, would not raise a single finger by way of offering to do anything to assist me in this situation, I must assume that the police, in some way -- including the Superintendent, who I have criticized on a previous cable show as being involved with dope traffickers... Uh, I don't know whether it's because of the dope traffic show months ago, or the current story that I described and got stopped on Thursday, in production, which was supposed to go, be finished, off the press, early Thursday afternoon. And a few hours thereafter was this attack upon my residence.

So I don't know if the two events are connected. I'm trying not to jump to conclusions. I'm only stating a few facts on what occurred.

Okay, so you're getting a lot of heat lately.

Well other things are happening, and they're trying to get me to suppress the story. I did not put it on Internet.

But were the story to be distributed worldwide, on a big basis (which was my original intention), then this other spy that's been sent away for the rest of his life, Jonathan Pollard, they most likely would have to re-open his case and bring Hillary Rodham Clinton to some kind of a trial, or investigation, upon the re-opening of the case, in that it appears, from this secret, government report, that Hillary and the late Foster were involved in treason on the highest level in the history of the United States.

I'm not a Republican, or some opposing political party. I'm independent. And I'm very disturbed that the "King" and "Queen" of this country -- that is, the President, the First Lady -- are involved in some horrendous criminality and that the First Lady, apparently, prior to the time she was in the White House, was involved in some horrendous, apparent treason, with the one that is now dead (which some people felt was murder) -- that is, Vincent Foster, jr.

Okay. And gettin' back to the Debra von Trapp, where she had said that you had confirmed her information. But she didn't specify, or it wasn't specified...

All right. That is on a somewhat different subject, but I will go into it.

Before I go into it, I must admit: my nerves are completely shot. Because of this story I worked on, because of the fact that I have the possession of this secret, government report which comes from an agency the acronym of which, I think, it is unlawful under the National Security Act to even publish the acronym of this other agency which guards the possession of the nuclear secrets.

Now, whether that caused the publisher to back off, and caused these other events, I don't know.

As to Debra von Trapp: we have the statement of the former key official in the White House who confirms, like 200 percent of what Debra von Trapp says about the spying, and says that her story doesn't begin to say how horrendous and across-the-board the spying and such has been, regarding the Clinton White House. Which tends to give credibility to the interview which, apparently, I... I think I was about the first journalist, or free-lance journalist, to interview her, for about 45 minutes. We used 5 minutes of that on our recorded commentary. And then I played the tape of the entire interview to you, for your report. And you ran it in segments, as I understand, on Internet.

But the main thing, the bottom line is, I, as a journalist, because of the verification of her allegations, feel confident of her allegations, feel confident that her story has tremendous credibility and, in most every respect, is correct.

Okay. And that interview that you did, on May 5th with Debra von Trapp, that is in that information area that I've been workin' on [see below], which I sent ya some information on.


Did you see that?

Considering all the commotion I've been through the last 48 hours, I honestly, without checking a few things, wouldn't know how to answer the question.

Okay. But just, what I'm sayin' is that that interview is out there constantly now. It's not... You know, normally I would just post an interview...

Some knowledgeable persons have told me that they have seen the story about secret government records relating to the nuclear secret treason, that somehow got on Internet in some category. I wouldn't know what category. I don't have a computer. And people that do, claim that there was some category that ran that, and that it is widely distributed, and widely known that I have the possession of that tremendously important government record regarding treason.

Yeah, "Mr. Royce" had asked me to check for that, and I looked... I told... "I can't search the whole Internet." You know? I looked around for it. I didn't see it.

It coulda' got yanked, ya know?

I don't know the answer. People in a position to know claim that my story, about Foster and Pollard, somehow got on the Internet. I didn't cause it in any way to be there.

I did talk to some people in the editor's office of this publication. And from the gist of the conversation with them, it appeared to me that maybe the government or somebody was standing them on their very head.

I would say this, also: that the other story I did, which was pretty controversial, about the runaway grand jury, that others are confirming the same thing -- such as Christopher Ruddy, of the Philadelphia Tribune-Review, I believe.

I was on a radio show, right following him, on one of the largest stations in California -- a major station in Glendale, California -- and I heard the interview with him, because they had me piped into the station, right behind him, so to speak. And I heard him say that he had been invited before the DC Whitewater grand jury, and that he told them exactly how runaway grand juries should act. And apparently, that's how they're acting.

[ be continued...]

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