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("Quid coniuratio est?")

INTERVIEW WITH SHERMAN SKOLNICK -- JUNE 30, 1995 I spoke by phone with Sherman Skolnick in the late evening of June 30, 1995. The following is what he said. Note that I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the following. Persons mentioned in the interview are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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In a recent interview, Debra von Trapp has said that an ex-White House official who is still with the government has stepped forward and signed a document for Sherman Skolnick which "confirms my information". Has von Trapp's information...

Her information is 200 percent correct. Not only 100 percent correct. There's a lot more to the spying than she even knows about.

Okay. If you've got a minute, I've got the tape recorder going. I'd appreciate any info you can give me.

Well, the other thing is, I've had probably the most horrendous couple of days of my life.

I'm not a youngster; I'm gonna be 65 soon. And I've been doin' this work since 1958. I've had a lot of things happen of a scary nature that I don't talk about, because it tends to scare some of the newer members of our group that are volunteers. So I don't talk about all the things that have happened to me.

Such as the 10 times I've been put in jail -- not for criminal offenses, but contempt of court, by judges who later ended up in jail for bribery, but meanwhile they used their power to try to stop me.

But what happened over the last week is, we have come into the possession of a secret, federal agency report on the death of [Vince] Foster that is probably one of the most horrendous and important documents that I've ever come across. And I wrote a story about it for a newspaper of a medium-sized circulation. And they were supposed to go to press with it Thursday. But, things have happened.

On Wednesday -- since I'm a disabled person, and I don't like to talk about the fact that I'm disabled because most of the time it's not pertinent to anything, whether I'm an able-bodied or disabled. I'm a paraplegic since I'm 6 years old. I get along with braces and crutches. I can walk on braces and crutches for maybe 50 feet. And beyond that, I use a wheelchair. Most of the day I'm laying down, because I can't be up and around that many hours.

And while I was laying down on Wednesday, a car pulled up on my drive, people got out and attacked my house with rocks. I didn't call the 911 emergency, because I thought, "It's an isolated event, and it may not happen [again]."

While I was away with some friends on Thursday, however -- and that would have been yesterday. While I was away, eating lunch, I came back and my house had been the subject of a terrorist attack of some kind. A large picture window in the front of the house was crashed-in. My front bedroom window was crashed through, through and through. Things outside my house were put upside- down. My mail had been gone through, may have been stolen from my mailbox.

I called the police. I live two blocks away from the 4th District Police in Chicago. And they seriously refused to consider my situation. I yelled on the phone that "I'm a helpless cripple." (I don't like to use the word, because it's a very severe term.) But I said something senseless -- you know what I'm saying?


And they wouldn't take down my report.

So I called the Police Superintendent of Chicago, Rodriguez is his name.

Now it is true that we did a TV show on him last year, on him being involved in the dope business. So I have criticized the Police Superintendent.

I called his office, and I spoke to his chief assistant. And they refused to do anything for me. He says, "We're overworked, and we haven't got time to defend people like you."

So I screamed on the phone (because I was quite upset. I suddenly felt very defenseless.) I says, "Look. I'm a poor cripple. I hate to say it, sir. But I cannot defend myself. And my parents made me promise not to take to the gun. But if these terrorist attacks on my house continue, the police won't lift a finger to defend me, I have to take this gun and shoot whatever it is that's going to attack me, I must."

Anyway, it took me an hour of arguing on the phone, with various police officials -- "brass", they call 'em -- before anyone would take down my report.

So, my friends are gonna do certain things (that I don't wish to describe here)... They're gonna make my house a fortress.

Now the medium-sized newspaper that was -- they have about 300,000 circulation. And they were supposed to publish, probably, one of the most important stories of my life: the fact that White House aide Vincent Foster, jr. -- according to the report -- was involved in stealing and selling nuclear secrets of the United States, together with a known spy who has since been punished and sent away for a very long time to jail. But during this other person's trial, there was a "Mr. X" mentioned, and never identified. That, apparently, was Foster.

And this would've been Jonathan Pollard, the other one, right?


Okay. I know that from talkin' with "Mr. Royce" [not his real name]. "Mr. Royce" called.

Okay. Yeah.

Now. Somebody, apparently... Now when I arranged with this publication to publish the story, I gave them exclusive rights to it, of course. And I wouldn't put it on Internet because it would be reneging on the exclusive arrangement. And they were going to donate a small amount to our organization. I'm not a commercial writer, and I don't write stories just for money. As most people know me, most of my stories don't bring a single penny. And I'm not complaining. We're dedicated to the public interest.

But somebody, apparently, stole the story after it had been set in, what they used to call "set in type". Nowadays, with the type of ways that they set up offset printing, it's not proper to call it "set in type". But let's just call it that. It was set in type. It was supposed to be the front page story.

Somebody stole the story... Somebody may have threatened the publisher. Because there is tremendous national security problems with this story. And apparently involved in this treason was not only the late Foster, who is dead, but a person who is not dead, and that's Hillary Rodham Clinton -- involved in treason of the highest level in the history of the United States: nuclear missile targeting data.

[ be continued...]

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