Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 38

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Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America on Friday, June 30, 1995 was David Hall, formerly head of KPOC-TV in Ponca City, Oklahoma and now devoting his time to investigating the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Why the delay in trial? Why has the prosecution asked for more time? "We thought it was 'cut and dry'," says Valentine. "Well it isn't 'cut and dry'. There's a lot of things in the picture of the Oklahoma bombing that don't get out."

Amen to that. Why in the name of God is the American media devoting so much of their attention to the less relevant O.J. Simpson trial? Why aren't our media "watchdogs" baying at the heels of the official investigators and demanding answers?

Thankfully, some, like Radio Free America, Sherman Skolnick, Debra von Trapp, Ted Gunderson, and The Spotlight are, indeed, pursuing the truth on this matter. Yes, they disagree in some areas -- but they, unlike many "professional" journalists, are at least asking the tough questions.

And now, due to an apparently widespread distrust of the federal investigators by a majority of Oklahomans, it appears that the state of Oklahoma will soon be mounting their own, private investigation into the tragedy. A bill, soon to be introduced into the Oklahoma legislature, asks "that a private investigation, outside of the federal government, get involved -- basically, state supported -- and investigate the bombing... They're not satisfied at all with what the FBI is telling the public and is telling them," states Hall.

And, it now appears that, indeed, there will soon be a separate state investigation. This is confirmed by Debra von Trapp, in an interview by Conspiracy Nation (See CN 5.37):

Stay tuned for Edye's father and the victims of Oklahoma being able to publicly announce that they have been empaneled, along with some state senators, to investigate this bombing and have subpoena power to do so. And that should be the next big step that we can make in the progress of getting to the heart of what actually happened here, when they have the ability to subpoena myself and Ted Gunderson to speak publicly, unedited, on-record, in front of the citizens of Oklahoma and tell them what we know.

Hall also has found out that there was apparently no urgent need that the Murrah Building be demolished so soon after the tragic event of April 19th. An architect who had inspected the building soon after the bombing had said there was no immediate danger. But, according to Hall's information, this architect was later "persuaded" to change his opinion.

The building was subsequently demolished, then, the rubble itself was hauled away and buried! Literally, a cover-up!

How many blasts were there on April 19th? According to Hall, there were two:

TOM VALENTINE: You have established that there were two blasts.

DAVID HALL: Without a doubt. Without a doubt.

So why aren't we hearing this from Dan Rather? Why are they not championing the truth on this one? Doesn't CBS News care about the people of Oklahoma?

How about this one? (Somebody wake up the "news" team at CBS.) "Now the FBI has said that that bomb was put together north of Harrington, at a lake," notes Hall. "And that virtually would not work. Scientists that deal in this thing know all about it. And that bomb would get all of 5 or 10 miles in these barrels, mixed and everything. The fertilizer itself would settle to the bottom, much like what water and oil does, and you would have no ignition at all when you tried to set it off. It just can't stand the vibration, because it separates."

So who did bomb the Murrah Building? Hall seems to think it was an ATF "sting" operation gone wrong:

TOM VALENTINE: Your thesis has been all along that this is a sting operation that went awry.

DAVID HALL: That's right. And we still believe that, and believe that even more today.

I don't believe, Tom, that the ATF wired the building and blew it up. I do not believe that. I have not been able to support that theory. I do believe that they knew that there was going to be a possible bomb threat to the building, because they had set it up themselves, with their informants and different people they were working with. And somebody really slipped it to 'em.

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