Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 36

("Quid coniuratio est?")

I received some info today from Debra von Trapp which I am passing along.

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#1) An Associated Press story, dated May 25, 1995 (6:53 EDT V0987), stating that Australia has discovered high-tech spying on some of its embassies. The Australian embassy in Jakarta was allegedly being spied on by an infrared beam directed from the Japanese embassy.

#2) The location of the March 20, 1995 subway gas attack in Japan was directly under the Japanese government's Parliament Building.


TRAPP/TECHNOLOGIES Debra von Trapp Irvine, CA (714) 857-2266 VOICE (714) 559-1899 FAX

IRVINE, June 28, 1995 -- PC Industry analyst Debra von Trapp was not surprised this morning when hearing of the FBI's latest ploy to instill fear in U.S. citizens by spreading terrorism threats.

The analyst has widely reported her knowledge of the FBI coverup of the real story behind the Oklahoma bombing. On the Palm Desert, California broadcast of the popular KESQ-AM Ron Fortner Talk Show yesterday, she predicted that the FBI would either advance a rumor of a new bomb threat or actually detonate another bomb in a building to divert public attention from their botched "Timothy McVeigh Theory" of the Oklahoma City tragedy last April.

True to form, the FBI released a wild story this morning in which it alleged that the well-known Unibomber, an elusive suspect for almost 18 years, had threatened the Los Angeles airport.

Apparently the FBI has not read its own profile and activity summary of the alleged suspect. The Unibomber is well-known to have never issued a threat in advance. He sends, or sometimes delivers, small packages with a homemade device which detonates in an area of a few feet. His targets are academically and....... [MESSAGE CUT OFF AT THIS POINT]

Hear the real interview between Chris Hansen of NBC's "newsmagazine" Dateline NBC and Debra von Trapp, a leading computer industry and media analyst on tape -- LIVE!

After NBC contacted reputable witnesses and authorities for a June 20, 1995 broadcast on the Oklahoma City bombing, under the guise of "informing the public", NBC instead aired a "theory" piece which falsely represented the interviews. NBC had an agenda -- the real producer of the segment was BENNO SCHMIDT, son of former Yale University president Benno Schmidt, the Alma Mater of George Bush (former CIA director), James Woolsey (CIA) and Bill Clinton. "Chip" John Foster Dulles Berlet is also known to have been CIA. What did NBC know that they didn't want you to hear? The Truth! Including -- Chris Hansen admits that NBC had Debra von Trapp's documents!

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