Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 30

("Quid coniuratio est?")


What is a "runaway" grand jury? The creature known as grand jury comes out of the British common law -- that is, principles of law, considered non-statutory, but accepted as fundamental just as if written on parchment or etched in stone.

The grand jury was to be an independent body, not under the control of the Crown or the Crown's prosecutor. The grand jury, as envisioned by British common law, are to meet in secret and investigate what criminality is being committed in the district and who, if anyone, is to be questioned by them under sworn oath as part of a behind-locked-doors probe. The grand jurors, headed by a foreman to be selected by themselves, could issue a report on crime; or, they can sign a "true bill", an indictment, which is the basic charge and accusation by them. (A "no bill" supposedly would be a secret badge of innocence or no crime suspected or charged.)

Common law items are only mentioned about twice in America's organic, written law, the U.S. Constitution. The Bill of Rights thereof states, in part, 5th Amendment:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury...

By this language, the Founding Fathers incorporated the historic operation and understanding of grand jury, designed to protect citizens against arbitrary power of a corrupt, unrestricted executive and judicial power. Who mentions these days that any citizen has the absolute right to locate the foreman of the grand jury, and offer directly to the grand jury, details of apparent crimes and documents thereof, and the names of possible witnesses and perpetrators. Of course, no one can knock on their unmarked grand jury room door, and ask what else is going on inside.

Despite the 5th Amendment adopting this historic apparatus as the fundamental law, grand jurors are seldom, if ever, told of the historic intention that they be independent. Usually ending up as a panel of 23, the grand jurors are to be selected from a cross- section of the population of the district. However, in some districts, they are selected from a list of illustrious citizens, hence the term, "Blue Ribbon Grand Jury".

Since the public is seldom, if ever, told about this, there has grown up a custom and practice, whereby the prosecutors control the grand jury as if the grand jurors have no fundamental duty to be independent, and a built-in power of their own. Prosecutors have come to play on the grand jury like a captive organ. Grand jurors are cowed and led around by the nose. The prosecutors have their own, non-statutory, sort of rule book, as to how to conduct grand juries. But the prosecutors' rule books are not the law, just arbitrary instruction manuals.

This, in violation of the historic background of the grand jury.

In the Whitewater affair, a special federal judge panel, by statute, appointed an Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr, supposed to be separate and apart from the Justice Department. Under the law, this was supposed to assure the public that there would be an "independent" investigation of possible high-level criminality, not a white-wash. Set up in the District of Columbia is one of several federal grand juries -- the others, in Little Rock -- with Starr as prosecutor. Harvard-educated, and being an assistant U.S. Attorney in Sacramento, California, Miguel Rodriguez was assigned to Starr's staff. Rodriguez was reportedly blocked by Starr and others from probing and calling independent witnesses, not necessarily FBI nor forensic experts beholden to a political agenda or sponsor. All this, in respect to suspicions that White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster, jr. was not really a suicide but murdered.

Contradictions and cover ups seem apparent. Was Foster dead near the White House and his body moved to Fort Marcy Park, Virginia, a federal area with civil war relics such as cannons? Did the Park Police, the FBI, the Secret Service, and other government and private persons engage in a giant cover-up? Rodriguez's supervisor, Mark H. Tuohey III, reportedly helped block Rodriguez. Tuohey reportedly is a member of a highly corrupt Chicago law firm.

Disgruntled at the apparent interference, Rodriguez resigned about March, 1995, and went back to Sacramento. Sources close to the Independent Counsel's Office contend that a sizeable portion of the office records "walked away" at the same time. Who did it? The FBI is in a box on this strange situation. They have been asked to surveil, and possibly round-up and arrest, some eleven high-profile private investigators, journalists, and researchers, who allegedly have access if not actual custody of these secret records. Some such data has been blabbed out in various forums: radio, small newspapers, newsletters, and major foreign press.

As to the supposedly "secret" records, incriminating as they allegedly are, the FBI, Starr, and others are near a checkmate crunch. To arrest new custodians of the purported records would blow the whole Foster cover-up into the public eye.

Every few decades, federal grand jurors realize they are supposed to be, in fact, independent, and they begin to assert that independence -- they demand that witnesses of THEIR choice, not the prosecutor's, be called; that the prosecutor stop interfering with who THEY wish to target for criminality.

In previous stories, this writer has outlined the Chicago connection to the Whitewater-Foster mess. Implicated in an apparent attempt to conceal the 47 million dollars missing from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, of Little Rock, has been Chicago-area attorney, John E. Gierum. His office is in the suburb of Park Ridge, same place where Hillary and her family, the Rodhams, are from.

In the presence of a witness, Gierum confessed to this writer, in January, 1994, that he is a close crony of Hillary and her family; that the Clinton White House is trying to "frame" Gierum for the secret transfer of 50 million dollars of a 58 million dollar contingency fund of the S&L bailout agency, Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC]. The fund had been parked by RTC with Household International, and their unit, Household Bank -- they are successors to the CIA-linked Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia. (Background: "The Crimes of Patriots", by Jonathan Kwitny.)

Starr and others on his staff are aware that Bill and Hillary Clinton have apparently committed, or are suspected of having committed, criminal offenses in respect to the disappearance of the 47 million dollars and the secret 50 million dollar transfer of federal funds was an attempted cover-up. A source close to the Whitewater probe confirms that the 50 million dollar transfer is the centerpiece and also that Small Business Administration [SBA] fraud is also at the center of the Arkansas mess. Some believe Gierum is deeply implicated and that it is no coincidence that he has been senior litigation attorney for SBA.

Gierum's confession is a matter of federal court record; he was served a copy and did not dispute the same. The court records are part of a complex scandal called the Joseph Andreuccetti affair. Andreuccetti is a defrauded suburban Chicago caulking contractor once represented by Gierum.

Those close to the District of Columbia Special Federal Grand Jury contend it has become, in fact, a "runaway" grand jury, asserting its independence. In an odd story in Investor's Business Daily -- not the type of story they usually run -- on the front page they headline "The Odd Death of Vince Foster", Tuesday, June 20, 1995 edition. With a stated circulation of 194,000, the newspaper details an apparent foot-dragging of details by the mainstream press that may show Foster was murdered. The article, an apparent joint project of very knowledgeable American and foreign investigators and journalists, states about Foster, Clinton White House deputy counsel "He was also the highest-ranking executive branch official to die violently since the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963."

The story refers to another crusading writer, Christopher Ruddy, attempting to break the media cover-up, who quotes a former Chicago federal prosecutor, Thomas Scorza, now a professor of legal ethics at the University of Chicago. Detailing the exact steps how the grand jury in the Foster matter can avoid being a "rubber stamp", Scorza is evidently already aware that the D.C. Federal Grand Jury is a runaway body showing its historic purpose and independence. The steps Scorza details are rarely, if ever, discussed in the press. Scorza is also reportedly very knowledgeable about the Joseph Andreuccetti affair.

Sources close to this runaway grand jury contend as follows:

(1) that they intend to call as witnesses former assistant independent counsel Miguel Rodriguez, presumably to detail what witnesses he believed needed to be called and how he was stonewalled by Kenneth Starr; and what needs to be done to get around the blockade purportedly done by Starr as part of a whitewash in the Foster matter;

(2) independent experts, criminologists and forensic and others, not dominated by either the G.O.P. or Democratic party apparatus or dominated by others interested in a cover-up of what happened to Foster;

(3) agents or officers of the Park Police, FBI, Secret Service, and other agencies for a proper grilling, not a prior rehearsed and arranged stage act.

The D.C. runaway federal grand jury has already indicated, considered, mentioned, or decided, to vote a true bill, indictments, against the following, among others:

---William Jefferson Clinton, President; ---Hillary Rodham Clinton;
---Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney General;
---the current head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as key other agents and officials of the Bureau.

They are charged or about to be charged with obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice in respect to the demise of a White House official, namely deputy counsel Foster, destruction and concealment of records, and perjury and sub- orning perjury among other federal agents and officials.

A secret caucus of Democrats have met recently and have more or less reached a consensus: that for the good of the country (cynically, actually to avoid destruction of the Democrat party), that Clinton should resign. They are urging the President to make public statements explaining the CIA's role in dope smuggling and gun running through southern states including through the airport at Mena, Arkansas. They want Clinton to publicly level with the American people: that the gun and dope running was set up for CIA by George Bush and Ollie North; that the CIA told Clinton, as Governor of Arkansas, to mind his own business, to stay out of it, and not interfere in any way with the covert operations group of CIA projects.

The Democrats are trying to send a delegation to the Oval Office, to persuade Clinton to say that Kenneth Starr, the purported Independent Counsel, has been selectively targeting Democrats and Starr has been standing on his head to blockade any investigation by Starr's office of prominent Republicans, in and out of office, past and present, including George Bush and Ollie North.

His own party functionaries want Clinton to accuse Starr of covering up for high level criminality of Bush, Ollie North, and other prominent Republicans in Congress, past and present.

A purported rationale for the Foster murder cover-up and whitewash, and foot-dragging by the mainstream press, involves his reported role as part of a super-secret project to use the "trap door" in PROMIS computer software to spy on central banks and other banks worldwide. Hooked into low-orbit satellites, the software was reportedly stolen from the copyright holders, INSLAW.

The theft of the PROMIS software, by the way, is tied, some say, to the strange death, believed murder, of freelance journalist Danny Casolaro. The INSLAW mess, some say, may be one of the biggest scandals in American history, involving theft of high technology and selling it to sworn enemies of the U.S. -- usually considered treason -- done by top officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations.

Before becoming part of the Clinton White House and also while there, Foster reportedly was the equivalent of a military general in the super-secret National Security Agency [NSA] -- spy satellites, code-crackers, and such. Was Foster snuffed out for so-called "national security" reasons? Hence, was a massive stonewalling supposedly justified to protect NSA, NSC, CIA, and their worldwide bank and other spying methods and projects?

Some foreign journalists who know a great deal about the runaway federal grand jury may have to consult their home country government top officials before running some of the foregoing details known to such reporters. The bank spying project targeted, among others, British and Italian banks, including their Central bank. Would British journalists, stationed or assigned in the United States, have to get a waiver or exemption under the British Official Secrets Act? In order to run a story like this or similar? And: is a similar situation true of the major Italian press, who know about some of the details of this story -- do they likewise need permission of the Rome government?

One of the reasons the British Official Secrets Act may have to be considered is, among other things, the National Security Agency of the U.S. has a joint secrecy agreement with its British counterpart. Also: a major British newspaper article stating U.S. President Clinton has been or is about to be indicted, may interfere with U.S.-British relations.

A similar circumstance exists as to the U.S. NSA and a similar group in the Rome government.

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Late breaking: reliable sources inform Mr. Skolnick that Democrat leaders have talked to Clinton and demanded that Clinton resign by July 29. These same sources say that Clinton will resign.

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