Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 29

("Quid coniuratio est?")


I received a phone call from Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts this evening. Basically, he just re-hashed what he had talked about last evening on Radio Free America (5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst). There are, however, a few new items. One of them is that, according to more than one of his sources, there is a strongly-felt intuition that "all Hell is about to break loose" between now and June 28th.

The June 28th date is key because (1) Webster Hubbell is scheduled for sentencing on that day and (2) June 28th is also the deadline as to a decision in the looming trade war with Japan.

I told Skolnick that I, too, had the view that next week, around June 28th, something big could very well happen. However I pointed out, and Skolnick agrees, that the "powers that be" could very well just sweep things under the carpet for awhile and the situation could defuse.

For those who missed Skolnick's message on Radio Free America last night, here is a summary of our just finished conversation. Items in quotes are directly from Skolnick, all else is my own paraphrasing of his statements:

"Wednesday is a day of preference for prosecutors. They like to release indictments on a Wednesday. Not Mondays or Fridays, because it's not good for the news media."

"Some of us expect that Wednesday, June 28th, may be an important day. Of course, please don't fault me if Wednesday, the 28th, passes and nothing happens!"

Hubbell did not destroy records from Vince Foster's office, but led Hillary to believe that they were -- so, if true, then here we have a possible obstruction of justice charge.

"Some of our very good, long-time sources have said, 'Skolnick: watch out! There is some Hell that's gonna break loose, possibly, between now, the 21st of June, and the 28th."

"Reliable sources have told me that a secret caucus -- in other words, a secret meeting -- of Democrats, in the beltway area, in the vicinity of the District of Columbia, have met and have reached a consensus -- privately -- that they're gonna ask Clinton to resign."

Skolnick points to this alleged secret consensus as a further indication that something is up. The Democrats demanding that Clinton step down, possibly under some pretext such as "ill health", shows that at least some highly-placed party members may in fact know that an indictment against Hillary is about to happen.

"However. Some very knowledgeable sources that know a lot about the White House and know Clinton's past history say, regardless of what happens, Clinton is not resigning. He is not leaving the White House. In effect, the only way he'll leave is if they carry him out."

"The caucus wanted to send a delegation to the White House and say, 'Look. We in the Democratic Party, we are the leaders. Resign.... Get the heck out of the White House before you destroy the Democratic Party."

The Republicans, allegedly, want to keep Clinton in the White House and use him as a "punching bag" so as to destroy the Democratic Party.

"I get the impression that we should re-print tickets for the ship H.M.S. Titanic and give out these tickets to some of those [press] that cover the White House and so on. Because, I mean, they want to keep dancing to the music despite all these things."

"One of the most ominous things that I've seen since the Whitewater scandal has broken is, a newspaper that is not inclined to cover politics [Investors Business Daily] on June 20th ran on the front page... "The Odd Death of Foster".

[Relevant excerpt from "The Odd Death of Vince Foster", Investor's Business Daily, June 20, 1995:] "But the vacuum left by the aggressive Rodriguez could be filled by the grand jury in Washington. [Christopher] Ruddy quotes Thomas Scorza, former Chicago federal prosecutor and professor of legal ethics at the University of Chicago, who says a grand jury can, of its own power, assure that it not become a 'rubber stamp.'"

Skolnick is of the opinion, based partly on his analysis of the article in Investors Business Daily, that the DC federal grand jury, under Kenneth Starr, has become a "runaway grand jury." This means that it has asserted its independence and now may even, in fact, subpoena Starr himself as a witness. If true, this is a positive development in that the grand jury, on its own and unrestrained, may become quite aggressive in its investigation.

I asked Mr. Skolnick if he could give any specific example as to just exactly what sort of "Hell" might break loose. "A number of citizens' militia people have been rounded up. And some in law enforcement say that they will not keep these people in custody... Their public relations people in the militia have sent out nothing about this, and they probably won't confirm it. But a number of people have been rounded up!... Supposedly, it's in the works now. And yet, the militia people -- somehow -- have been able to persuade some in law enforcement that this is an unlawful order, by a criminal President. I don't know how you're gonna be able to confirm this. So far, nobody in the militias will even talk about it. Maybe they feel thankful that they were rounded up and released. I don't know!"

"Understand that, with the high technology, the stock market could 'turn on a dime' -- go up, and then suddenly collapse. Events could 'turn on a dime' overnight."

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