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MORE RADIO FREE AMERICA -- JUNE 12, 1995 (Excerpts) [Radio Free America, 5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst]


I have a story I want to tell tonight, before I get to the open phones. It's one about a friend of mine. He's a medical doctor. He's been a guest on this show -- I've been around 7 years now, and he's been a guest 2 or 3 times. He has a M.D. And he was a guest after this happened to him; he described what happened to him, on this show.

His name is Larry Taylor... a medical doctor. Larry Taylor is now in San Diego. And in my magazine [Media Bypass], I told his story. Back when it happened... On the 26th of March, in 1993, about 10 in the morning, this guy was hit by a SWAT team and so was his home. His wife and his aged mother were at home, and -- get this: (This is a lot like what happened to Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby West.) The SWAT team went in, and they started going through these tins, as if they were looking for dope in some kind of a crack house, and not in the home of a medical doctor.

And... the man is 70 years old. Larry Taylor is 70 years old. Very mild, mild-mannered guy. Direct descendant of the number-3 Mormon, John Taylor. So he's a very strong Mormon. And the tins were filled with what Mormons believe they have to have as survival food. And these guys start rippin' these tins open and ruining them: this set away, set aside food. And there was no reason for it, whatsoever.

He was led away in chains, by the SWAT team. He was charged, by the California Medical Doctors Examining Board, with daring to treat cancer with methods other than those approved! Hadn't hurt anybody. Had helped a lot of people. But you see: the powers- that-be guard their [medical/pharmaceutical] monopoly jealously. And when a doctor dares to say that "the treatment that we give to our cancer patients doesn't work," "I have other things that I'm going to try," -- they go after ya. And they did.

Now that was awhile back. Now. In May, of this year [1995], almost a full year later [sic], after many thous... oh, maybe 100,000 dollars in court costs, -- (See, that's how they break you.) -- Larry Taylor faced his trial. Had 43 Counts, violations. All hokum...

[...commercial break...]

What was that that the National Rifle Association said, that got all the media up in arms? About "jack-booted thugs"?

Well these "jack-booted thugs", you see, charged in on a 70-year- old medical doctor who dared to treat cancer with methods that they don't approve. Never mind that you're free, as a doctor, to treat people as you see fit, because you've taken an oath to do so. And as long as you "do no harm", there should be no foul.

Dr. Larry Taylor, 70 years old, was dragged off in chains. His mother-in-law {1} and his wife were treated very, abused by these police as they ransacked the house. And there were 43 charges, and they were all dropped.

It cost him a quarter of a million dollars to defend himself. Let me put it in his words: "It is over one year since my arrest. And the cost of not working, and paying for defense, has cost me over a quarter million dollars." (Larry didn't have a quarter million dollars. Let me tell you that.) "I have not calculated the cost to the State, to the Medical Board and the Attorney General's office for these arrests and investigations, nor the cost to the city nor the taxpayer, who is forced to foot the bill for these expensive errors."

Error, my foot. It is sheer, government, jack-booted thug terrorism! And they went after this guy, and all 42 Counts are dropped!

How did he get out of it? He had to plead guilty to two misdemeanors, in a plea bargain, in order to drop it. This is your government with your tax dollars... And the judge, the judge says, "You know these are made up, trumped up charges, don't you? That you're pleading guilty to?" The guy says, "I have no choice! I can't continue the fight, financially."

Here's Count #42. I want you to listen closely to this. After rousting him -- a million dollar bail, they had a million dollar bail the morning they dragged him off! Ah, these guys. "On, or between, June the 29th and September the 13th, in the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, State of California, a misdemeanor was committed by said defendant, who did maintain or commit a public nuisance or did wilfully omit to perform any legal duty relating to the removal of such public nuisance, in violation of Penal Code 372... Section 372."

That's it. He accepted that he was a public nuisance, to plea bargain out of this. Now, he can't sue them for a false arrest.

This is just... [sighs] America.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} "...his mother-in-law..." Before he had said "mother", so I'm not sure which it was, mother or mother-in-law.

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