Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 20

("Quid coniuratio est?")

Part of statements made by Tom Valentine, host of Radio Free America (shortwave, 5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst), on Monday, June 12, 1995. {1}.

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Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Radio Free America.

And as I have already observed in the first hour of this show -- by the way, this show comes in three 1-hour segments. As I've already observed, this week is like a huge balloon that is being filled up: they keep blowin' it up and blowin' it up, increasing... pow! It's gonna bust out all over. Things are, just seem to be: something's gotta bust.

For example, the Oklahoma bombing story is so incomplete. And there's misinformation coming out now, and I'm tryin' to get it straight. But we know, thanks to David Hall and KPOC-TV in Ponca City, Oklahoma, that John Doe #2 is alive and well in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they could go arrest him any time. But they won't.

And, we know for a fact that Tim McVeigh and Mr. Nichols, who are being held on these charges, of this bombing, didn't have the wherewithal -- ten grand or so [$10,000] -- to rent the truck, and stay in the motels, and build the bomb. Where'd they get the money!? Could it have come from John Doe #2?

And now I understand, from a caller in the first hour (I don't know this, but some of you might be able to fill me in on it later), the Oklahoma City television is saying that John Doe #2 is an Iraqi! I think that's mis-information. We will find out. I've gotta get a call in to David [Hall] and see what he thinks of that. And I will.

But John Doe #2 did, for a fact, two years ago, serve as an informant for the ATF. The plot is thick. It can't get a heck of a lot thicker. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald had his Jack Ruby, what will we have now, on the Oklahoma bombing story?

And of course the media, except for the Oklahoma City television and the Ponca City television and the Spotlight (Mike Blair) -- the media's not really doing its job. And you know there are journalists out there that are chomping at the bit to tell the story, and they're being suppressed.

It's just like that balloon! It just keeps fillin' up with air, the skin of the balloon gets thinner and thinner, and then, finally -- kapow.

And then we have the other one! We have the hearings, scheduled again. The hearings on the militia and on terrorism in America and on what's wrong. We wanna hear. And we're gonna hear, of course, from the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] and all of their set-up organizations that have so much influence with law and so forth. But we're also gonna have to hear from the militia people themselves. That includes John Trochman from the Militia of Montana, and Bob Fletcher, and John DeCamp, attorney, who's arranging it all. And, of course, Mark Koernke is supposed to be there, they tell me. And our man LeRoy, from Springfield, Massachusetts, is supposed to be there. They have re-scheduled it -- maybe -- for this coming Thursday [6/15] -- again -- the Arlen Specter Committee -- on again, off again. (These guys haven't got the kind of money to keep flying to Washington for nothin'!)

So, anyway, I haven't talked with John DeCamp directly. But they are scheduled, they are tentatively scheduled, for this Thursday -- again -- on C-Span. We shall see.

I keep getting letters from Mark Soames(sp?), who's been a guest on this show. He's out in San Diego. And he's watching this like a hawk, and has been for years, ever since the ADL spied on him and wire-tapped him with the FBI's help -- and for no reason. (He told the whole story here on the air.) He says that Orrin Hatch seems to be "the fly in the ointment." Senator Orrin Hatch doesn't want these hearings: doesn't want Waco hearings, doesn't want Ruby Ridge hearings, on Randy Weaver. Doesn't want things to come out. Why!? I thought Orrin Hatch was a good guy! That he was the "help freedom act" guy. I think all of the people out there ought to start calling [phone: (202) 224-5251; fax: (202) 224-6331] and writing Orrin Hatch and saying, "Are you the reason we haven't had good hearings!? Are you the one that's holding this back? Why!? How come Arlen Specter's trying to hold a hearing and you keep sticking your... fly in the ointment!?" (Well not his fly, but a fly, in the ointment.) I think we ought to let Orrin Hatch know that we're on to him. Orrin: straighten up.

I'm Tom Valentine. This is Radio Free America.


Now. One more thing before I go to the phones. We had... In the first hour, I had a caller who talked about the KFOR in Oklahoma City coming out with this great story about John Doe #2 being an Iraqi. And I... The first time I heard it, I said, "It smells, to me." For two reasons: one, David Hall has been a guest on this show and he's with a different television station. He didn't say a word about this guy being an Iraqi. And it just smells. Because Iraq is such an easy demon for the American propaganda mill. It's like Goebbels is working for the FBI right now.

And then, in the last hour: excellent caller from Oklahoma, Sue, pointing out that this KFOR really was doin' a good job and they had all the details on this guy and photographs and...

But during the news break, I made a phone call. And I chatted about it. It seems that the FBI leaked that story to KFOR. Well, I'll guarantee you it's a lie. I'll guarantee you that KFOR has been used; that the real story is the one that David Hall has told us: that John Doe #2 is in Tulsa and is not this guy that the FBI has handed to KFOR, and that they're tryin' to get a cover story as fast as they can.

Now isn't that awful? To sit there and look at your own federal police, the great FBI that we all grew up thinkin', oh, the "G- men" -- what was his name? {2}. The television guy. And all the FBI stories they've had on television. We always thought the FBI "always got their man" and everything else (sort of like the Royal Canadian Mounties). And to have our own FBI, leaking stories as dis-information to the public, at taxpayer expense, has to somehow really churn your stomach.

This government is so corrupt. And they wonder why the people are [unclear]. It's because we've had enough! Like I said in the first hour: this is the balloon. And circumstances have been blowing the balloon bigger and bigger and stretching that skin ever thinner. And it's got to pop.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} Sherman Skolnick had been tentatively scheduled but did not appear. I spoke to Mr. Skolnick this morning and inquired about as to "What happened? I thought you were supposed to be on Radio Free America?" His response was that it had slipped his mind.

{2} "...the 'G-men' -- what was his name?" May mean Efrem Zimbalist, jr., from the old TV show called "The FBI".

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