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David Hall, general manager and owner of KPOC-TV, Ponca City, Oklahoma, was the guest on Radio Free America (5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri) this evening, June 6, 1995. Ponca City is about 90 miles from Oklahoma City and KPOC was able to have a television crew at the Murrah Building, site of the tragic April 19th bombing, by about 10:45 a.m. that same day.

According to Hall, the authorities at first stated that they had a video showing what turned out to be Timothy McVeigh and 1 other getting into a brown Ford pick-up truck the day of the blast. Hall says KPOC has a taped interview of authorities stating this.

Also, according to Hall, an All Points Bulletin (APB) went out that morning for a late model, brown Ford pick-up. Hall stated that he has an audio tape of the APB but that when he asked authorities about it, the authorities denied that there was any such APB. Hall adds that he then played his audio tape of the APB, and that the authorities then switched their subsequent statements on the matter to "No comment".

The OKC bombing took place on Wednesday, April 19th, yet there is discrepancy and disagreement as to when McVeigh was finally arrested. Officially, McVeigh was arrested at about 10:20 a.m. on April 19th, about 80 or so minutes after "the" bomb went off. Officially, McVeigh was speeding on Interstate 35, travelling at 85 m.p.h. in a Mercury(?) (not a Ford pick-up) with no license plates. He reportedly was carrying a loaded gun in a shoulder holster. Supposedly, when McVeigh was pulled over, he immediately gave himself up, saying that he had a loaded handgun under his jacket -- this last based in part on arresting officer Charlie Hangar(?) who arrested McVeigh at that time but who since has clammed up and is not talking. BUT, Hall states that McVeigh's arrest actually appears to have occurred on Friday, April 21, at about 1:30 pm.

There is doubt as to how McVeigh could have made it to where he was officially arrested in so little time; i.e. how could he have travelled so far to where he supposedly was arrested, just 80 minutes or so after the OKC bomb blast.

Hall raised the question of finances: how could McVeigh, whose work records show him as having worked just 25 hours at minimum wage during the previous month, have come up with what Hall calculates as at least $10,000 needed to carry off the supposed "fertilizer bombing" of the Murrah Building? Where did McVeigh get the money? Hall says he thinks he knows the source of McVeigh's alleged funding, but he doesn't wish to go public with that information at this time.

Were ATF personnel present in the Murrah Building at the time of the blast? It appears not. ATF says 5 agents were killed, but one ATF agent has informed Hall that no ATF were present. One secretary was there, but she, reportedly, was not hurt. The 5 agents who are supposed to have been killed were, Hall says, up all night on surveillance and went home that morning at about 6 a.m.

Seismograms indicate 2 explosions. It appears increasingly doubtful that the second seismographic "event" was concrete falling, a "sonic boom", et cetera. At the time of the final demolition of the building toward the end of May, the much greater amount of falling concrete did not affect the seismograph.

Because KPOC was on the scene early, they have video of an OKC Fire Dept. spokesman reporting 2 undetonated bombs and a rocket launcher as having been found. But since those initial reports, "mum's the word".

Hall has problems with the stories being put out by the FBI. For one, he has doubts that either of the Nichols brothers were involved. He thinks, unless new evidence appears and/or is fabricated, that neither Nichols brother will be indicted. Neither Nichols is, at this time, seriously linked to the bombing. Hall believes that McVeigh was involved, but that he is basically a "patsy". I would add that they may try to put McVeigh on ice by somehow getting him to be found "crazy"; that way, no trial, no fair and open public inquiry, and they can say that the case has been more or less "solved".

Hall and Radio Free America host Tom Valentine pooh-pooh the Debra von Trapp thesis of the bombing having been committed by Japan in retaliation for the March 20th gas attack in a Japanese subway. Valentine speculates that von Trapp may have been deliberately handed disinformation so as to confuse the case. I don't buy that: why are The Spotlight and Radio Free America, normally so courageous, shying away from the possible Japanese connection?

Look for a video entitled (tentatively) "The Bombing", available by calling 1-800-474-2861, to be released in about 6 weeks.

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