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By Sherman H. Skolnick


Almost all in the press ignored the story that the Federal Reserve was investigating Hillary and Foster in respect to money laundering [of] illicit funds through foreign bank arrangements.

Were the deals with BNL Chicago and BNL Atlanta arranged by and through CIA? With the aid of former CIA Director George Bush and CIA darling Hillary? A host of circumstantial details, enough to fill several books, tend to prove that.

Then there is the case of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the mysterious fifty million dollars. Some background gives the context.

Pending since 1984 have been a slew of state and federal cases in the Chicago area that together have come to be called the Andreuccetti Affair. Named for Joseph Andreuccetti, a west suburban caulking contractor pushed, he says, into involuntary bankruptcy by massive fraud of several banks and savings and loans. One such S&L [was] taken over by Household International, parent of Household Bank, together successors to the CIA-linked Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia. (See: Jonathan Kwitny's book, The Crimes of Patriots.)

Because of large, pending claims by Andreuccetti against the defunct S&L, the federal bail-out machine, Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC], set up a 58 million dollar fund parked with Household. One of Joe's [Andreuccetti's] attorneys more or less supervised the fund, John E. Gierum. In January, 1994, Gierum, of suburban Park Ridge, confessed to this writer, in the presence of Andreuccetti, about Gierum's troubles. Gierum has been a close crony of Hillary's family (originally from Park Ridge), the Rodhams. The White House, Gierum confessed, is trying to frame Gierum for the secret transfer of 50 million dollars of that contingency fund. The fund was transferred to Little Rock, to make good some 47 million dollars gone from Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan; some federal sources blame the President and First Lady for the missing 47 million dollars, talking darkly of mis-appropriation or bank embezzlement.

Gierum knew this writer from a probe of the Andreuccetti Affair by a court reform group headed by this writer. Gierum said he did not think he could prevent from getting "framed" for the mysterious 50 million dollar transfer.

"You're a skilled lawyer, you should be able to defend yourself," Gierum was told. The attorney explained mournfully that the powers that be, that is, the Clinton White House, have the matter set up, and the usual defense of the law and the facts cannot help Gierum.

Reliable federal sources told us some 32 bookkeepers were unable to locate or figure out how the 50 million dollars disappeared from Household and RTC Chicago. By the way, is it just coincidence? Former CIA pilot Terry Reed, in his book, Compromised, telling how he flew CIA dope into the airport at Mena, Arkansas, also mentions a mysterious 50 million dollars.

Other senior federal sources contend part of the 50 million dollars was funneled to the Grand Cayman Islands, with the reported help of Fuji Bank, and then, on to Switzerland. A Swiss bank reportedly has part of the money, mixed in with other illicit funds gathered for Clinton, part of it reportedly dope loot, under the code name "Chelsea Jefferson" -- "Chelsea" being the name of Clinton's daughter, and "Jefferson" being Bill's middle name.

In the Andreuccetti cases, the details of Hillary's crony Gierum's confession are a matter of court record. Gierum was served a copy and he did not dispute the same.

RTC investigators have known about the 50 million dollar fund secretly disappearing and secretly transferred to Little Rock, to cover up the reported Clinton embezzlement. One RTC senior investigation specialist was looking too deep into the matter: Jon Parnell Walker. He was "suicided", that is, murdered, by being thrown off a building in Arlington, Virginia. His friends, family, and co-workers all agree on one fact: Walker was not depressed; maybe just impulsive. In any case, Walker's demise was to show other RTC people it is unhealthy to look into such things as the 50 million dollar mystery.

Another mess involving Hillary and Foster involves the Chicago operation of RTC. For several years, RTC's major outside attorneys were the Chicago-based firm of Hopkins & Sutter. So important was the law firm, RTC's offices were actually inside Hopkin's Chicago office. Hopkins & Sutter, for RTC, arranged for two members of a distant law firm, namely Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vincent Foster, jr., of the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, to work the clean-up details of a defunct savings and loan of a west suburb of Chicago. The S&L, owned by former Illinois Governor Dan Walker, sr., went under in part because of corrupt bond deals done with the Clinton business crony, Dan Lasater. Part of the fall-out resulted in Dan Walker, sr., going to prison.

Hillary and Foster did a cover up job. And, is it just another coincidence that Hopkins & Sutter partner, Jay Steinberg, is also the bankruptcy trustee in the Andreuccetti Affair; Steinberg himself reportedly involved in the mysterious 50 million dollar transfer to Little Rock?

Hillary and her law partner Foster were also reportedly implicated in arranging the transfer of illicit funds resulting from the cocaine shipments by CIA pilots into Mena. Here is how it reportedly worked:

  1. The dope loot was washed through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority [ADFA], a state creature originated by Bill Clinton as Governor.
  2. From there, the dope funds were transferred, in part, to Arkansas banks and bond brokers who transferred the loot to Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago. That is a small, closely-held bank; the owners include:

    *** Dan Rostenkowski, owner for more than 20 years of the bank;

    for more than 30 years a Congressman; now a scandalized former Congressman; *** Dan Shannon, once board chairman of that bank; he and his

    family closely linked to the illicit financial operations of Mayor Richard J. Daley, who ran Chicago City Hall for 21 years, and his son Richie, Chicago mayor since 1989; *** And, the most important owner, reportedly, as to this

    context, Hugh Rodham, Hillary's brother who went to law school with Gierum and is the White House connection.

Federal investigators contend they have been investigating the Garfield Ridge Bank for the last 2-and-a-half years, as to the dope money trail from Arkansas.

From that bank, the dope loot was reportedly transferred, in
part, to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which also helped cover
up Hillary's mysterious 100 thousand dollar windfall on commodity
speculations. Several traders on the "Merc", although contending
they are not personally involved, admitted to this writer that
they expect a horrendous scandal because of the washing on the
"Merc" of Mena dope money.

From the "Merc", the dope loot, in turn, was reportedly washed
through offshore accounts, reportedly, again, by Fuji Bank, for
the benefit of the Clintons.

Some of the Arkansas dope loot was disguised as fraudulent or non-existent "loans" of the U.S. Small Business Administration [SBA]. Although the Chicago regional office of SBA does not include Arkansas, the funds were washed through Chicago. Is it just another coincidence that White House crony John E. Gierum has also been senior litigation attorney for the Small Business Administration?

As more and more details pile up, you can see why Gierum's undisputed confession takes on such significance.

What were some of the purposes of the dope money? Some 18 sizeable businesses have reportedly been financed this way, including, reportedly, Tyson Foods, J.B. Hunt Trucking, and Wal- Mart. We understand that Wal-Mart officials vigorously deny dope funds played any part in the spreading out of their Arkansas- based firm, nationwide. Perhaps someone never told them.

State and federal law enforcement authorities contend that Tyson Foods and Don Tyson, the boss until recently, have long been implicated in dope trafficking. Is Don Tyson, who stepped down as head of the firm, evading a federal grand jury subpoena by way of his extended vacation to the Cayman Islands? Some think so.

Then there is the circumstance of San Jacinto Savings & Loan, once located in a Texas town with the same name. Federal investigators contend somewhere between 15 and 150 million dollars disappeared, by way of non-existent home loans to Arkansas, and that Hillary is involved. A senior federal bank investigator, returning from his work in Texas, said cryptically, "Hillary is going to prison."

Unanswered questions:

  1. Did Bill and Hillary Clinton benefit from all the apparent embezzlement of savings & loan and other funds?
  2. Did they only partly benefit personally?
  3. Were they, either together, or each in a different project, fronting for CIA covert fund activities, such as at Mena?
  4. Is the really big secret about all this -- Mena, Little Rock, Chicago, Atlanta -- that the illicit activities of the Clintons overlapped the covert and illicit doings of George Bush and Ollie North? And that this is what is causing both Democrats and Republicans to be hung up, not wanting to really finger the Clinton White House?

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