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By Sherman H. Skolnick

This is the story of two brothers and a federal office building in Chicago. John C. Kluczynski was born 1896, his brother Thomas E., 1903. Starting in the 1920s, they and their family ran a restaurant in the Windy City, on Milwaukee Avenue. It was a criminal enterprise -- gambling deals and arranging bribes to public officials.

John became a member of the State legislature in the 1930s. By 1950, a Congressman. Thomas became a judge in 1950, starting in Cook County Circuit Court. He went on to Chicago's highly corrupt Illinois Appellate Court, 1st District. By 1966, he was on the Illinois Supreme Court.

Thomas used old-time mob methods to avoid having his phone calls overheard by wire-taps. He had a big-old rumbling fan with a switch right near the phone. When the phone rang, even in the middle of winter, the noisy fan made it hard to eavesdrop.

Called "Klu" for short, the brothers were interlocked with gangsters that had the food and beverage concessions in the Park District and such.

Tom Klu became a stockbroker in and consultant to the United of America Bank, formed jointly with CIA and mafia money to launder funds for the CIA's 1961 plan to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. Fellow stockholder in this small, closely-held bank was gangster- mouthpiece Irv Kupcinet, gossip columnist for the Chicago Sun- Times. Patriarch of a large, corrupt law firm, Albert Jenner, jr., was a director of the bank. He was a member of the infamous Warren Commission, whitewashing CIA's role in the assassination of President Kennedy.

In 1969, our group touched off the largest judicial bribery scandal in the nation's history -- half the judges of the Illinois Supreme Court went to the wall. As their defense counsel, Jenner failed to protect all the judges except Thomas E. Kluczynski. Tom Klu's national security role with the mafia/CIA bank was enough to let him walk away from the mess. After all, the judge was also tightly wound into the Cook County Sanitary District, site of uncorrected corruption for decades and decades. Benefitting for many years with the Kluczynski brothers from the Unsanitary District rip-offs was Henry Crown, infamous head of a family fortune started in cement and gravel, Material Service Corp., based on massive bribery of judges and such. The Crowns were major stockholders of war monger, General Dynamics.

A former top Justice Department official confirmed to us that Judge Kluczynski on a rather regular basis had breakfast on Saturday mornings in a restaurant in Lincolnwood, a Chicago suburb. Usually meeting there and negotiating business with him were known gangsters. When the judge retired, he became a "fixer", corruptly hushing up wiretapping scandals as a so-called "consultant" for Illinois Bell Telephone Co., now part of Ameritech. As we have told you in exclusive stories, the phone company has a crooked past -- just like these Kluczynski brothers.

So, it should come as no surprise, when they built the second federal office building in Chicago, they named it, naturally, the John C. Kluczynski Federal Building. To some, it was the same as calling it the Al Capone Building. 230 So. Dearborn St., site of the IRS -- top IRS officials there, named as corrupt in a 1989 Congressional report, were not removed but promoted. The building is also the headquarters of the Treasury's stormtroopers, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire-Arms, booze bandits, cigarette stamp thieves, and gun-grabbers.

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Mr. Skolnick is founder/chairman, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, since 1963. Since 1971, editor, HOTLINE NEWS, recorded message, on 24 hours/day, (312) 731-1100. Since 1991, regular panel member on "Broadsides", popular public access Cable TV Show, Chicago. Office (8 a.m. to midnight): (312) 375-5741. 9800 So. Oglesby, Chicago IL 60617.

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