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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the following: -- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-chief

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6. The strange death of Vincent Foster, jr. -- some continuing to contend murder -- and the overlapping involvement of both the Clinton and Bush factions. For example, some of the reported money laundering and espionage activities go through the Washington, D.C. office of Chicago-based, 400-member law firm, Winston and Strawn. A key lawyer in the D.C. office of the firm is Foster's brother-in-law, Beryl Anthony, former Arkansas Congressman who, some say, should have been indicted along with Rostenkowski in the House Bank/Post Office scandal. The chairman of the law firm is Jim Thompson, close business associate of Bush and Reagan, formerly chief federal prosecutor in Chicago, and former Governor, for 14 years, of Illinois. In the death of Foster, should Anthony point an accusing finger at Clinton or Bush? Or both of them? Some contend Winston & Strawn, financially-interlocked with the GOP and Bush, are very involved with Systematics' spying.

Some with one faction or the other are engaging in either blackmail, or the rooting out and compromising of news sources through counter-intelligence. Some examples:

Jim Norman, Editor of Forbes magazine, the financial glossy publication, is known as investigating Systematics and their reported spying on central and other banks as a reputed National Security Agency (NSA) proprietary, using the "trap-door" software mentioned. Some hard-nosed journalists and investigators who intersected with Norman believe they should buy him either a crying-towel or violin for his gypsy-scam melodies. Norman says he wants his supposed blockbuster story on Systematics to be used by his publisher, Malcolm Forbes, jr., but Norman lacks actual documents and further sources. (Norman alleges he has some four or more present or former CIA people who confirm that Systematics has been a reputed NSA proprietary and that Foster, apparently, was actually some kind of NSA agent or operative.) Norman would have some believe that, absent these further documents and sources, that his boss will order all the notes and records Norman has supposedly gathered to be destroyed; that Norman supposedly will thus become unemployed, if not unemployable, in the mainstream journalism/publishing industry as a consequence.

Norman would have you believe that maybe Kenneth Starr has the documents Norman/Forbes magazine needs to go to press with the Systematics story. And: that Norman wants other investigators/journalists to turn over -- please -- their sources to Norman so he can confront Starr. That would work, Norman alleges, because a Congressional Committee, he says, is soon to hold hearings on foreign banks and such, and such hearings would bring in the issue of Systematics and their reported bank spying.

Is Norman for real? Is someone at Forbes trying to blackmail Israel and others who reportedly bribed NSA operative Foster with a 2.7 million dollar account in a bank in Switzerland, for Foster to leak NSA/Systematics spying data to Israel?

Or: Is Norman/Forbes working a counter-intelligence scheme to compromise those with inside data about Kenneth Starr/ Systematics / Inslaw and such? That is, playing his journalist-about-to-be- unemployed gypsy violin, are they trying to burn down bridges so the Systematics story cannot really come out altogether?

And the journalists and private investigators who reportedly are confronting Starr with details -- inside stuff -- so as to force Starr to "go the whole distance" -- burning down Hillary, Bill Clinton, Ollie North, George Bush, the whole gang, both parties: What about them? Apparently Starr senses that this group who are confronting him have somehow stolen copies of his inside records, and are, in effect, saying:

"Look, Starr: Here are your own records -- what are you going to do, arrest us for swiping your records?"

Their purpose is apparently two-fold, or one or the other of several situations:
-- to force Starr to cause the unsealing of the reported sealed two-count indictment against the First Lady. Are the indictments somehow considered legally "defective", and therefore, the Chief Judge would quash them and never unseal them, and therefore, splitting hairs, some could say "the indictments do not exist"? -- to force Starr to take certain action, on or off the record, that would point the accusing finger in a forbidden direction, against GOP crooks like Ollie North and George Bush? Mena, gun running/dope, the whole shot, a la Terry Reed's book, Compromised?
-- to force Starr to take such action, on or off the record, that would resolve certain situations to the benefit of certain clients of certain private investigators that have been either aiding Starr or trying to use him?

Another part of the blackmail scenario is the Clinton-forced-to- resign card. Some contend Starr wants to bring out only enough details and indictments to benefit the GOP, the Christian Right, the Hawks in Congress, and such, to force Bill Clinton to resign at a time and place convenient and useful to the GOP, etc. Not too early and not too late. To do that, Starr has to torpedo all investigations by his team of Mena, narco-terror funding through Arkansas bond brokers/banks, Chicago banks and markets, and such. Those tormenting Starr et al., saying "We either have your secret documents or have abstracts and summaries of the specifics they contain, and you'd better shape up and fly properly," -- may be causing Starr et al. to lose a lot of sleep.

Funny thing, not enough financial hotshots have got into the middle of this -- you would suppose they would have an interest to find out all this, so as to get their clients out of the stock/bond markets before a Clinton donnybrook. The up an eighth/down an eighth crowd don't yet see the significance of all this pushing/shoving, blackmailing, and counter-intelligence. Some public-interest types, however, are dedicated to exposing the whole mess, and let it all hang out or fall down.

With a foot in both GOP and Democrat camps as well as various banks is the story about the mysterious 50 million dollar transfer, to Little Rock from Chicago, of a Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] contingency fund, to cover up Bill and Hillary Clinton's complicity in the downfall of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association. The secret transfer involves Household International, a successor of the CIA-linked Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia. Details [are] contained in our stories about the Andreuccetti affair in Chicago and the murder of RTC senior investigation specialist Jon Parnell Walker.

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Mr. Skolnick is chairman/founder, since 1963, of the public- interest group, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, which has for more than 3 decades touched off some of the most profound bribery and similar scandals in American history. Since 1971, he has been editor, Hotline News, a 5-minute recorded phone commentary (a regular phone call): (312) 731-1100, changed about 3 times/week, on 24 hours/day, heard each week by many thousands. Since 1991, a regular panel member on a public access Cable TV show in Chicago, viewed by hundreds of thousands in Chicago and suburbs, 1 hour/week. His commentaries run on Internet, Prodigy, and similar computer networks. Office (8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days/week): (312) 375-5741. 9800 So. Oglesby Avenue, Chicago IL 60617. Call us before sending FAX please.

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