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On May 17, 1995, I interviewed, by telephone, Mr. Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens' Committee to Clean-up the Courts [CCCC]. The following is my summary of that interview. (Note that in the following, I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or some of Mr. Skolnick's statements.)

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What's going on these days with Whitewater?

What's happening is, there's a statute of limitations deadline, that's May 25th, '95, to do something about White House aide Bruce Lindsey. He's mentioned in different stories as having been fingered by uh -- Neal Ainsley, I think the name is? So, many expected that he was the next to be indicted. And he occupies the office, in the White House, between the oval office and Al Gore. So he's not a "nobody".

So, if between now and the 25th, Kenneth Starr causes Mr. Lindsey to be indicted, then, the way the dominoes are falling, the next one would fall on the oval office: Clinton himself.

And so, it may be that there's a great deal of nervousness now in the White House.

One thing I've always noticed is, sometimes, on your recorded commentaries {1}, you'll say "Our chairman", okay? You'll say, "This person was interviewed by 'our chairman.'" Who's "The chairman"?

Well, that's me. The point is, I don't like to talk in the first person, 'cuz I'm a spokesman for the group, and this isn't a personal commentary. I don't know if it would sound right if I said "me", "I", and stuff like that. I talk in the third person so that, irrespective of who is delivering the commentary to the recorded tape, it would sound more objective.


I wanted to get into this idea of "The New World Order". For somebody like me, that I, essentially, I come from the "left", as my background (although, recently, I've been reading a lot of different sources; not just from the "left") -- but I can understand where, somebody from the "left" would automatically respond to this idea of "The New World Order" as...

Well, you know, when I used to give speeches in front of colleges several years ago, I had this favorite saying that some of the students understood. I says, "You know, they try very hard (the press does, and the FBI and the rest of 'em) to see to it that there's no genuine left wing in the United States. So that, if the United States was an airplane, it'd be the only airplane of its kind in the world, that flies with only one wing! -- and it ain't 'left.'"

That used to help the students try to understand that.


But my idea for, say, some readers of... that maybe think that this, "The New World Order" is kind of a crazy thing: you know, one way of looking at it is (this is from something that Noam Chomsky wrote in a small booklet called The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many {2} ):

Throughout history, the structures of government have tended to coalesce around other forms of power -- in modern times, primarily around economic power. So, when you have national economies, you get national states. We now have an international economy and we're moving towards an international state. {3}

Okay? And that's right from Noam Chomsky!

Yeah, but let me say something.

I know that you're skeptical about Noam Chomsky.

Well... Here's the problem. There's various commentators, some of 'em right-wing, some of 'em mainstream, who talk that "Big Brother" is "leftist". And they even say that Ted Kennedy, the Senator from Massachusetts, is "liberal" and "leftist", and that "Big Brother" is... the right wing likes to call it "socialist".

What's wrong with it is, none of 'em ever bothered to check the definition. Socialism means the working people, the common people, the common folks, owning the instruments of production and communication. And it has nothing to do with these other interpretations that these right-wing radio announcers put on it, and so on.

I mean, one of the things that's little-known is, early in his career, J. Edgar Hoover, as the head of the FBI, saw to it that no "lefties" were allowed to own a radio broadcast license.

So when these other right-wingers and such that say that the news media is "left wing" and "liberal" -- I really don't know what they're talking about. If labor activists, trade union activists -- true "lefties" -- are, historically have not been allowed to own and operate radio and TV broadcast licenses in the United States, then what is this idea that the media, you know, headquartered in New York, is "left wing", "Big Brother", "socialist" agenda?

Yeah! I agree with you. I think there's a real confusion in terms, as far as -- you know, they're calling people "from the left" like, as you say, East Coast liberal, ivy-league types. These are the same people that, they've never really worked. I mean, I've had tons of professors that, I've talked with them, and they've said that, basically, they just went to college and became professors. And they've got no connection with the average, working-class person.

Yeah. And the media and others often describe "what the working people are all about," what... They use the word out of Orwell: "Big Brother". And basically, George Orwell (that's another thing that they don't go into) -- Orwell, in writing his book, 1984, with all these names that he created -- "Big Brother" and all that -- he basically was trying to put down the left wing. And so right-wingers, and narrow-minded types, and rednecks, and all these other types that don't want to be sophisticated: whenever there's something that helps ordinary people, they right away say, "It's 'Big Brother'! We've gotta put an end to it."

It's like now, the current issue of Time magazine has got a hatchet on the cover, and "Cut The Budget". What do they want to do? I mean, they want to cut food stamps. And yet, they don't point out that the whole food stamp program wouldn't pay for one nuclear aircraft carrier.

Yeah! That's somethin' else: that, whenever it comes to where people say, "Let's reduce the size of government," they always go after women with babies, or anybody that's...

Or they talk about "the welfare system" -- where it's mostly rural whites. They never like to put on the television the rural whites in the state of Maine that are absolutely impoverished. Or the rural whites in southern Illinois. But they point to the black population in the major cities as if all of them are on welfare!

And the other thing: you know, I like to, I like to get into these things. Because I'll tell ya why: the blacks are some of the hardest-working people in the world. And I live in an all- black neighborhood, myself. (And, you know, I'm livin' here, since the neighborhood is here and I didn't move away. Some of my other neighbors and such, they moved away to the prosperous northwest suburbs.) But the point is, 5 o'clock in the morning, all the lights go on; everybody is gettin' up, to go to work. This idea that blacks are all on welfare and are lazy and are not working is a terrible, terrible, erroneous stereotype. They do among the hardest work in the post office, and in the back departments of the hotels, together with the Hispanics. I like to tell this joke that, if they don't stop beating blacks on the head, their mail isn't gonna arrive! You know what I'm saying?

And who punches out most of the checks, the percentage of blacks that are working in the Social Security Administration. I mean, they're operatin' the machinery, they're doin' the hard work. I don't understand these people, that want to beat these people on the head!

Well, you know what it is: it's because they're the least powerful.

[ be continued...]

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} Recorded commentaries from the Citizens Committee to Clean-up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, chairman, can be heard by dialing (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.

{2} The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many by Noam Chomsky. Berkeley: Odonian Press, 1993. ISBN 1-878825-03-8

{3} Ibid., page 7, my copy.

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