Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 81

("Quid coniuratio est?")

                       By Carol Moore
          To Be Published by Gun Owners of America
                         July, 1995

Just to give everyone an idea of the mass of information that exists regarding BATF/FBI crimes against the Branch Davidians, I am circulating the Table of Contents/Outline of my book. Diskette copies (plus graphics/xerox photos) will be available from me by the end of May. ($9 to Carol Moore, Box 65518-CM, Washington, DC 20035) To obtain book call Gun Owners in late June at 1-800-417-1486.

Please distribute this document widely, especially to all those FTP, WWW, etc sites that are carrying the January 1994 Committee for Waco Justice report version (also written by me) so that that readers will know the document has been updated.

Please e-mail me for copies of a short overview of BATF/FBI crimes, for the longer "Questions for Congress About Waco," or for "Branch Davidian Prisoners Speak Out"--their allocutions at trial.
Thanks! Carol Moore 202/986-1847


  1. Why BATF and the FBI Massacred the Branch Davidians

    Helicopter Attack Reminiscent of Vietnam Citizens' Investigations

    Early Efforts Government Reports Covered Up Crimes The Davidian Trial and Civil Suits Separating Fact from Fiction Government Crimes Against the Davidians The Davidians Are Scapegoats

  2. U.S. Government Against the American People

    Government's "Historic Interest in Breaking Up Armed Groups" America's Growing Police State

    The War On Drugs The Growing War on Guns BATF and FBI Crimes Against the Weaver Family

    The Eleven Day Standoff Weaver Acquitted and Prosecutors/FBI Fined Justice Department and FBI Coverup Government Reliance on Private Spies and "Cult Busters"

    FBI Forced to Dissolve "COINTELPRO" The Anti-Defamation League The Cult Awareness Network CAN and Rick Ross Targeted the Davidians Clinton and Reno Jumped on Anti-Cult Bandwagon CAN Critics Speak Out A Political "Cult" Fights Back

  3. The Branch Davidians and David Koresh

    The Early Branch Davidians Vernon Howell Became the New Prophet The "New Light" Drove Out Members Koresh Refined His Message Former Members Went to Authorities Koresh Predicted the End Was Near Non-Weapons Allegations Against David Koresh

    Alleged Child Abuse Alleged Sex with Minors Polygamy Alleged Physical Abuse and Involuntary Servitude Alleged Mass Suicide Plans Alleged Extreme and Violent Religious Views Listing of Branch Davidians

  4. BATF's Flawed Investigation and Warrant

    Chronology of Investigation and Raid Planning BATF By-Passed Local Authorities Davidians' Personal/Religious Reasons for Keeping Weapons BATF Ignored Davidians' Legal Gun Business BATF Found No Evidence Weapons Were Purchased Illegally "Probable Cause" Was Based on Biased Information About Intent Cult Buster Rick Ross Provided Information Former Members' Allegations About Koresh's Intent "Probable Cause" Based on Religious and Political Beliefs Other Irregularities in the February 25, 1993 Affidavit

    Stale Information Inaccurate Information Misleading Information Indefensible Probable Cause Theory Did Davidians Have Illegal Weapons?

    Davidians' Legal Weapons Allegedly Illegal Machineguns Allegedly Illegal Silencers and Live Grenades

  5. BATF's Ruthless Raid Plan

    BATF Ignored Davidian Attempts to Cooperate

    Koresh Had Cooperated with More Serious Investigations Sheriff's Statement on Another Service of Warrant Koresh Invited Sheriff to Inspect Weapons in 1992 Koresh Invited BATF Agents to Inspect Weapons in 1992 Koresh Complained to Sheriff About 1993 Surveillance Koresh Befriended Undercover Agent After Raid, Koresh Stated He Would Have Cooperated Questionable Grounds for a Paramilitary Raid

    Questions About U.S. Attorney Johnston's Role Buford Refused to Admit Real Reason for Raid Paramilitary Raids Are Preferred BATF Modus Operandi Publicity Stunt to Bolster BATF's Image and Budget BATF Paranoia and Hostility Desire to Punish BATF Critic Davidians' Perceived Separatist Tendencies BATF's Shoddy Intelligence Cult Busters Advised Against Simple Search Cult Busters' Mass Suicide Scare Stories Government Multi-Task Force Made for "Partners in Crime" Abuse of the Posse Comitatus Law

    False Drug Manufacturing Allegations Coverup of Original Written Plan Coverup of Illegal Training

  6. BATF Initiated Violent Raid

    February 28th Chronology BATF Agents Expected A "Shootout"

    BATF Commanders Warned Agents Davidians "Dangerous" Newsman Warned Davidian About Expected "Shootout" Most Agents Knew About "Loss of Surprise" BATF Agents Did Not Have or Announce Warrants BATF Used Excessive Force

    BATF Did Not Have a "No Knock" Warrant BATF Had No Plan To Serve Warrants Peacefully Agents Carried High Powered Weapons Agents Mounted Terrifying Attack Agents Threw Flash-Bang Grenades into Building Agents Shot Dogs Evidence Agents Shot from Helicopters

    Davidian Allegations Davidian Allegations on 911 Tape KWTX-TV Video Shows Shots Fired from Sky Attorneys' Statements and Testimony Helicopter Pilots Lied About Circling Mount Carmel Before Raid Did Helicopter Pilots Lie About Overflying Mount Carmel? Did Helicopter Pilots Lie About Shooting from Helicopters? No Real Investigation of Firing from Helicopters Evidence BATF Shot First

    BATF Agents Confused, Anxious and Excited Davidians' Allegations BATF Agents' Conflicting Testimony Non-Agents' Dubious Testimony BATF/FBI "Lost" Davidians Front Door Questionable Perry Jones Autopsy Suspicions About Unreleased BATF Video Tape Law Enforcement Allegations

  7. BATF Actions Led to Ten Deaths

    Davidians Had Legal Right to Self-Defense No Evidence Davidians Ambushed BATF

    Koresh Warned Undercover Agent "They're Coming" Cautious Koresh Warned Few Davidians Davidians Had to "Hustle" to Find Guns Photographs and Video Show Little Fire from Davidians Two Agents Killed Later in Raid Davidians Did Not Use "Tactical Advantage" Davidians Called "911" Questionable Evidence Davidians Used Machineguns or Grenades Evidence Agents Shot Indiscriminately

    Agents Admitted Indiscriminate Fire KWTX-TV Video Indicates Indiscriminate Fire Davidians Described Indiscriminate Fire Evidence Friendly Fire Injured or Killed Some Agents

    BATF Agents Admitted Friendly Fire on Roof Deaths on Roof of Agents LeBleu and McKeehan Deaths on Ground of Agents Willis and Williams No Attempt to Determine Source of Bullets Five Davidians Killed During Raid

    Perry Jones Peter Hipsman Peter Gent Winston Blake Jaydean Wendell BATF Snipers Killed Returning Michael Schroeder

    Did BATF Agents Shoot First? Did Agents Assassinate the Wounded Schroeder? Did Schroeder Have a Gun? Why did FBI Impede Texas Rangers' Investigation? Destruction of the MagBag

  8. BATF and Treasury Department Coverups

    BATF Coverup

    BATF Intimidated the Press BATF Spread Disinformation BATF Raid Commanders Covered Up Loss of Surprise BATF Officials Covered Up Loss of Surprise Treasury Department Disciplined Agents and Officials BATF Involved with Texas Rangers' Investigation BATF Took Koresh's Gun Dealer into "Protective Custody" Davidian Paul Fatta Charged After Press Interviews Parts Dealer to Davidians Arrested on Phony Charges Government Kept Warrants Sealed After Koresh Saw Them Treasury Department Coverup

    Ronald K. Noble Conflict of Interest Questions About Independent Reviewers No Testimony Taken Under Oath Treasury Department Attempted to Seal Investigation Records Treasury Department Report Demonizes Davidians Evidence of Coverup in Treasury Department Report

  9. FBI Imposed Militaristic Siege

    Siege Chronology Why Davidians Stayed Inside Mount Carmel

    Desire to Spread God's Word Angry at/Frightened of Federal Agents Desire to Protect Evidence Afraid of Losing Their Church and Home FBI's Self-Serving Motivations

    Anger and Revenge Against Davidians Desire to Spare BATF Agents from Prosecution Religious Hostility Possible FBI Racism, Anti-Semitism, Sexual Unease FBI's Violent Attitude

    Rules of Engagement FBI Predicted Violent Ending FBI's Purposeful "Bungling" Abuse of the Posse Comitatus Law FBI Controlled the Press

    FBI Restricted the Press FBI Intimidated the Press FBI Lied to the Press Press Repeated FBI Propaganda Press Practiced Self-Censorship

  10. FBI Sabotaged Negotiations Questions About President Clinton's Motives and Role

    Clinton, Altman and Buford Clinton and Hubbell Smerick and Young Advised Against Tactical Pressure Tactical Agents Over-Ruled Negotiators FBI Rejected Family and Third Party Intervention FBI Destroyed "Crime Scene" Despite Complaints FBI Relied on Experts and Cult Busters Urging Tactical Pressure FBI Did Not Take Theologians Seriously FBI Relied on Psychologists and Psychiatrists FBI Relied on Three Cult Busters FBI's Escalating Sabotage

    March 1-6--FBI Relatively Conciliatory March 7-21--FBI Increased Harassment March 22-April 19--FBI Escalated Harassment Despite Cooperation FBI Refused to Honor Koresh's Promise-to-Surrender

    DeGuerin and Zimmermann Visited Mount Carmel Drs. Arnold and Tabor Suggested Koresh Write a "Little Book" FBI Lied to DeGuerin and Zimmermann FBI Ridiculed Koresh Promise-to-Surrender FBI Lied After the Fire

  11. FBI Tricked Attorney General Into Approving Gas and Tank Assault Richard Rogers Gained Support for His Plan Attorney General Approved Plan After "Cursory Review" FBI Misinformed Reno about Progress of Negotiations Rogers Met with Reno Hubbell Conveyed FBI Disinformation FBI Withheld Koresh's Promise-to-Surrender Letter FBI Misinformed Reno About CS Gas Safety Dangers to Health Flammability of Gas Flammability of Solvent Dangers of Delivery Systems FBI Pushed Reno's Child Abuse "Hot Button" Child Abuse "Misunderstanding" FBI Lies About Davidian Water Shortage FBI Threatened to Withdraw Hostage Rescue Team FBI Suddenly De-emphasized Mass Suicide FBI Assured Reno "This is Not D-Day" FBI Withheld Evidence of Self-Defense Discussion Early Koresh Self-Defense Threats April 18th Self-Defense Discussion Evidence FBI Withheld Discussion from Reno Did FBI Trick Reno Regarding "Rules of Engagement"?

    Rogers' Early Assertions Reno's "Operations Plan" Not Shown to Ground Agents More Aggressive Rules Communicated to Davidians Clinton's Ignorance of Rules of Engagement Reno Granted "Tactical" Power to FBI

  12. FBI's April 19th Gas and Tank Attack April 19th Chronology Lack of Safety and Fire Precautions

    Reckless Tank Drivers Took No Precautions Fire Precautions Deemed Useless Social Workers Not Informed About Assault Parkland Burn Unit Alerted to Fire Possibility Fire Trucks Were Not On Stand-By FBI Surveillance and Communications

    Surveillance Devices Inside Mount Carmel Did FBI in Washington Have Live Feed of Surveillance? Aerial Infrared Video and Other Photography Communications with Agents in the Field FBI Agents Hostile Towards Davidians FBI Intended This to Be "D-Day" FBI Alleged Davidians Shot at Tanks

    Agents' Testimony Agents Not Afraid to Leave Tanks Davidians Deny Firing at Tanks FBI Applied New Rules of Engagement The Gas Attack FBI Refused to Negotiate

    Davidians Did Not Throw Out Phone Tank Broke the Phone Line FBI Excuses for Not Negotiating Who Was in Control After Reno Left FBI Operations Center? Fatal Decision to Escalate to Demolition

    FBI Expected Demolition Would Be Necessary The "Apparent Deviation" from the Plan Why Did FBI Speed Up Demolition? Justice Department and FBI Deny Demolition Decision Demolition Trapped and Killed Davidians Inside Building

    Tank Collapsed Stairwells, Smashed Exits Tank Attack Killed Davidians in Concrete Room Tank Debris Blocked Entrance to Buried Bus Jurors Shocked By Evidence of Demolition Government Denied Davidians Were Trapped

  13. FBI Tank Attacks Led to Fire and Death Building Was a Well-Ventilated Tinder Box

    House Ran on Flammable Fuel Gas Grenades and Tanks Dispersed Fuel Flammable Gas and Solvents Saturated the Building Tank Damage Increased the "Flue" Effect Evidence Tank Attacks Started Fires

    Evidence Tank Started Gymnasium Fire Evidence Tank Started Chapel Fire Evidence Tank Started Dining Room Fire Evidence Tank Started Second Floor Fire Theories FBI Intentionally Started Fires

    Theory Pyrotechnic Devices Started Fires Theory FBI Purposely Injected Flammable Solvents Theory FBI Purposely Created Flue Holes Dubious Evidence "Flame Thrower Tank" Started Fires FBI Allegations Davidians Started Fires

    Testimony of FBI Agent Alleged and Actual Statements of Fire Survivors One Discussion of Fiery Self-Defense Indistinct Surveillance Audio Prejudicial Transcripts of Surveillance Audio Suspicions FBI Tampered with Surveillance Audio FBI Continued Attack Despite Known Dangers Smoke, Fire, Snipers and Tanks Trapped Davidians

    Smoke, Fumes and Fire Fear of FBI Snipers Tanks Rammed Building, Blocked Escape Davidian Survivors Barely Escaped Fire Drove Some to Suicide Speculation FBI Agents Shot Davidians

    FBI Rules of Engagement Permitted Shooting Davidians Davidians and Agents Outside the Building "Systematic" Gun Fire Heard During the Fire Justice Department's Immediate Claim Davidians Shot Questions About Some Autopsy Results Alleged and Actual Fire Survivor Testimony Attorneys' Speculation Autopsy Results

  14. FBI-Justice Department-White House Coverup FBI Post-Fire Disinformation

    Ricks and Jamar Disinformation FBI Official Disinformation Accusations FBI Practiced "Public Relations" Reno/Clinton Disinformation After the Fire

    Reno Disinformation Clinton Disinformation Why Have Reno and Clinton Supported the Coverup? FBI and BATF Crime Scene Coverup

    April 19th Destruction of Evidence FBI and BATF Really Controlled Crime Scene May 12, 1993 Bulldozing of Remaining Evidence July, 1994 Clean Up of Property Fire Investigation Coverup

    Head of Team was BATF Sympathizer Gray Misrepresented Nature and Flammability of Gas Gray Withheld Evidence from Other Investigators Fire Report Asserts Davidians Not Trapped In Building Fire Report Implies Flammables Present for Purpose of Arson Fire Report Asserts Accidental Fire Impossible Fire Report States Separated Points of Origin Mean Arson Fire Report Downplays Breaching's Role in Spreading Fire Gray Falsely Claimed Buried Bus Was Usable Justice Department Coverup

    Possible Coverup of Clinton's Role Justice Department Attempted to Forgo Full Investigation Review Team and Outside Expert Conflicts of Interest No Testimony Taken Under Oath Review Team Withheld Information from Outside Experts No Fault Finding for FBI and Justice Department Errors or Crimes Evidence of Coverup in Justice Department Report Misrepresentation of Koresh's Promise-to-Surrender Letter No Justice Department Report on Tampering with 911 Tapes Possible Promotion of Prosecutorial Misconduct Failure to Recommend Prosecutions in Weaver Case

  15. Congressional Coverup Congress Read the Polls Bi-Partisan Coverup Senate Judiciary Committee Canceled Hearing April 22, 1993 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice, State and Judiciary Hearing April 22, 1993 House Ways and Means Subcommittee On Oversight Hearing April 28, 1993 House Judiciary Committee Hearing May 19, 1993 Webster Hubbell Senate Confirmation Hearing June 9, 1993 House Appropriations Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government Hearing Will Congress Investigate?
  16. The Branch Davidian Trial Continued the Coverup Federal Prosecutors' Record of Misconduct Davidian Prosecutors' Motives Suspect A Prejudiced Judge Under Investigation Charges Against Davidian Defendants Three Davidians Cooperated with Prosecutors Selective Prosecutions

    Prosecuted Not Prosecuted Judicial Constraints on Defense

    Judge Insisted "Group Trial" Judge "Gagged" Defense Attorneys Judge Improperly Restricted "Jury Wheel" Judge Manipulated Choice of Jurors Judge Restricted Press Judge Permitted Prejudicial Phrases and Photos Judge Forbade Mention of Self-Defense Judge Restricted Defense Questions Judge Restricted Defense Evidence Judge Restricted Defense Witnesses Judge Denied Defense Motions Prosecutorial Misconduct

    Prosecutors Withheld Evidence Regarding Illegal BATF Shooting Prosecutors Withheld Evidence Regarding Defendant Fagan Prosecutors Withheld Evidence Regarding April 19, 1993 Fire Prosecutors Withheld Evidence Regarding "Star Witness" Kathryn Schroeder Prosecutors Intimidated or Unduly Influenced Witnesses Little Evidence of Alleged Conspiracy Closing Arguments

  17. The Trial Verdicts and Unjust Sentences Count One--Conspiracy to Murder Federal Agents

    Judge's Instructions Jurors' Verdict and Reasoning Count Two--Aiding and Abetting Murder of Federal Agents

    Judge's Instructions Jurors' Verdict and Reasoning Count Three--Using or Carrying Firearm During/In Relation to Crime of Violence Judge's Instructions Jurors' Verdict and Reasoning Judge's Reaction to Jurors' Error Instructions, Verdicts and Reasoning on Other Charges

    Counts Four, Five and Six--Aiding and Abetting Attempted Murder of Federal Agents, Use of Firearm in Act of Violence Counts Seven and Eight--Possession of and Conspiracy to Possess a Grenade Counts Nine and Ten--Manufacture of and Conspiracy to Manufacture Machineguns Reactions to the Verdicts Reinstatement of Count Three Weapons Verdict Sentencing Commission Recommended Maximum Sentences Davidian Allocutions

    Livingstone Fagan Jaime Castillo Renos Avraam Kevin Whitecliff Paul Fatta Brad Branch Graeme Craddock Ruth Riddle Defense and Prosecution Final Statements The "Cruel and Unusual" Sentences Appeals for True Justice

    Fagan's Non-Cooperation with Appeals Grounds for Relief

  18. Justice for the Branch Davidians Federal Non-Action Against Agents and Officials Potential Criminal Liability Agent Rodriguez Sued BATF, Raid Commanders Families and Survivors' Civil Suits

    Cause Foundation Lawsuits Caddell & Conwell Lawsuits Ramsey Clark Lawsuits Political Activities Conflicts Over Mount Carmel Memorial

  19. Preventing Another Massacre BATF and FBI "Reforms" After Waco Future Challenges to the Federal Government Millenialists and Survivalists Second Amendment Activism and the Militia Economic Unrest and Resistance Secessionists and Separatists How Citizens Can Prevent More Massacres "Waco, Never Again"


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