Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 77

("Quid coniuratio est?")

We've Made The Papers!

Be sure to check out this week's Time magazine with cover story: "How Dangerous Are They? An Inside Look At America's Antigovernment Zealots". Inside I have found.....

** About the only decent critique of conspiracy theorists I have seen. The article, "Psst! Calling All Paranoids" does not contain the word "anti-Semites" at all! (Note to Berlet: read this article for an idea of how a decent critique is written, i.e. using logic instead of unfair smears; the majority of "conspiratologists" are not anti-Semitic and resent being unfairly called such.) Of course, that said, I don't agree with the article. For example, the author, Christine Gorman, writes "Often these aggrieved people fall in with others sharing the same point of view." What happens when there are tens of thousands who share this point of view? They can't all be "crazy"; it's not that simple. Still, the article is a major improvement over the usual baloney.

** A picture of Lawyer Thompson! She doesn't look too bad; get it enlarged and she can be the "Conspiracy Pin-Up Girl".

** The article "Enemies of The State" by Jill Smolowe states, "What is most perplexing is the vague intersection between those so-called patriots who merely spread the word Paul Revere-style, those who are arming themselves in anticipation of a fight to defend their rights, and those who are already taking aim at perceived enemies." Hey, Jill: Are you suggesting there is a conspiracy? You should do an "institutional analysis". Then you'll see that these groups are each reacting independently to the federal Frankenstein.

Hey, Jill: Don't be paranoid.

Surprisingly decent coverage of the militia movement and conspiracy theories. However I must fault Time magazine for ignoring a key ingredient in the lively, ongoing conspiracy dialogue: i.e., solid and convincing evidence of government corruption that is being woefully under-reported by media outlets such as Time. Time magazine is, after all, one of those that praised the ridiculous Posner book, Case Closed, to the skies. Anyone who has read just a little bit into the matter must, as do I, consider Time magazine as -- generally -- not to be trusted.

Still, relatively speaking, the coverage is much better than most of the drivel I come across that poses as serious rebuttal.

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