Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 74

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Yes, it's that time again: hysteria time in America. Time once more for one of those good, old-fashioned hysterias that we love so well in this country.

Our first big hysteria occurred in Salem during the 17th century. At that time, certain persons saw that some others had land. These persons coveted that land. What to do? Why, create a hysteria! So they got a witch hysteria whipped up, got the property owners hauled away and killed, and then they took their land.

You remember that other great hysteria, don't you? The USS Maine, sunk in Havana harbor by those dirty Spaniards? "Remember the Maine"? So the dirty Spaniards torpedoed the Maine so naturally we were forced to go down there and grab Cuba. Of course, when the hysteria had cleared, it turned out that we weren't actually sure just who had sunk the Maine.

Then there were the Palmer raids, that other great hysteria of the post-World War I era. Wasn't that a fun time? Of course, a lot of innocent people got rounded up -- but who cares?! Hey! It wasn't me!

Oh and let's not forget that great WWII Japanese-American round- up: Yahoo! Round up the "Japs" and put them in concentration camps! Just don't deny to us our fu**ing baseball!

And who can forget that other great hysteria of hysterias, the McCarthy era red scare hysteria? Yep, commies are everywhere so vote for me and I'll take charge of the matter.

Then there was the Waco hysteria, with those evil cultists: get those tanks, surround the building, blast the sound of rabbits being slaughtered -- all this "for the sake of the children". The press can circle their recreational vehicles, relax, and have a cook-out! And the FBI will feed them all the "news" they need -- just like they are doing now with the Oklahoma bombing!

The Oklahoma bombing; here comes the next hysteria: one Timothy McVeigh, not yet tried and found guilty in a court of law, had a tenuous connection to a militia group -- one militia group. (Of course, that group didn't want anything to do with him and soon expelled him.) And that's it! McVeigh, not yet tried, has a slim connection to one militia group. That's all we know so far!

Have you been noticing what I have? That night after night, we are getting juxtaposed, on the evening news shows, stories of the tragic Oklahoma bombing immediately followed by militia footage? Night after night, by "coincidence", stories about the Oklahoma bombing are being followed by stories about so-called "hate groups". Guilt by association; trial by mass media. It is indeed true what Sherman Skolnick says:

Many people sit there, passively, in front of the TV. And the thing goes into that portion of the brain which is not the intellectual portion. And that, of course, has been documented by others, other than me. It is not like reading a newspaper: the images from the television go into the subconscious portion of the brain and create different types of reactions than reading a book.

In the old days, the unthinking public went to the Nuremberg Rally; now, just by turning on the television, the Nuremberg Rally comes to you! Right into your living room! And Billy Boy Clinton can huff and he can puff and he can do the old "zeig heil" Billy Boy right at you, right in your living room! And he can hint that there is this thing which he calls "hate speech" that you'd better not say anymore! And then you can sneak around and turn in your neighbor -- just like somebody turned in John DiNardo!! And, just like in all those other fun mass hysterias we've had in the past, most people are going to look the other way. I mean, even the elaborate poseurs that we find on the college campuses are being strangely silent on this one.

Billy Boy Clinton, the boy who stood up to his drunken father and defended mama; Billy Boy Clinton, who when Jerry Brown mentioned the "Mena word" became very angry and yelled that Brown had better stop picking on his wife; Billy Boy Clinton, who now bravely tells his opponents to shut up because they are baby killers -- Billy Boy Clinton, perhaps not the veriest scumbag I have seen, but for sure the slimiest one. And yes, Billy Boy, I do hate you.

So here we go, just like in the past, another mass hysteria.

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