Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 71

("Quid coniuratio est?")


On April 23, 1995, I interviewed, by telephone, Mr. Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens' Committee to Clean-up the Courts [CCCC]. The following is my summary of that interview.

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[CN -- I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or portions of the following. Statements by Sherman Skolnick are in quotation marks, all else is my own paraphrasing and/or my own comments.]


"I'll tell you what the government is doing: there is a category in one of the on-line services called... I think it's 'a.atf' or something like that [alt.atf?], where they keep track of all those that access. And it's an exchange of information on explosives among ordinary people."

"And that is the latest version of an FBI project. Ten, twelve, fourteen years ago, the FBI had a project -- which was exposed -- of keeping track of all of those across the country that withdrew books on certain subjects. It got to be a topic at a meeting of librarians, who opposed it under the first amendment. But the FBI was keeping track of all of those who withdrew books on explosives, and dynamite and things like that. And I interviewed a chief librarian myself on this subject some years ago. I'll have to re-play the interview, remind myself of everything."

"But the point is, the FBI has gone to the latest technology. And now, on one of the on-line services, they are the originating force behind this thing of keeping track of everybody that gets access to that. The letters 'atf' are part of the code of getting access to that on-line service. I don't have the full, uh, 'entry code'. But I think you can find..."

My sixth sense on this is, I think their plan to have this bombing be a prelude to a huge crack-down on militias -- to me, they have failed in that, for the moment.

"I hate to predict violence: I don't like it; I don't encourage it. But it seems to me, to carry out their Reichstag fire type of scenario, that the powers that be in this country are prepared to assassinate; to bomb other public and private buildings; to get the public into such a state of anguish and 'psyche them out', that they will agree to suspension of the rights that many of us -- not me -- but many people take for granted, that they have these rights, spelled out in the Bill of Rights and so on. They may find out that they don't have that anymore."

As you predicted, they delivered up a "patsy" on the evening news.

"Yeah. 'Lee Harvey Oswald' McVeigh."

"I talked to broadcasters that I know all over the United States. A few of them are very knowledgeable about the militia in their area. They have supplied me the names and anecdotal information that would indicate to any reasonable person that understood provocateurs that 'such and such leaders' in 'that' particular area of the country, of the militia, are in fact undercover FBI and so on. I have a list of these names, and they are the ones that have, in the past, gotten the most news coverage of starting up with the local law enforcement, or federal law enforcement, or whatever. And I've asked these broadcasters (off the record, of course) whether they would go on the air, in their talk show segment, and say any of this. And they says, 'You gotta be crazy, Skolnick! They'd come here, bomb our radio towers, or take a big hook or something and pull 'em down, and claim that they're promoting the truth thereby!'"

"None of the broadcasters that I've talked to are willing to go on the air and mention rather specific information that would convince others that heard it that the ones they're talking about are, most likely, government-sponsored provocateurs acting as leaders of the militia in that particular state or locale. No one is prepared to go on the air or in print (so far; that I've talked to). I've talked, off-the-record, with various alternative publications, broadcasters, and so on, and they're aware of the problem of agents provocateurs acting as leaders. Not just the dupes! I mean, the dupes are innocent! It's the leaders -- some leaders, not all! -- of the militia, that are cranking up this situation. And then the government is gonna come in with a propaganda blitz, promoted by the mass media, and round up their own provocateur leaders of the militia! [laughs]"

"I mean it's... I don't know why I'm laughing. But it's a dangerous situation to the Bill of Rights. Very dangerous. Because the ordinary people will say, 'Yeah. These are the people that are white supremacists. They went and bombed the nursery and the building there, and killed, among others, blacks. Yes! Round 'em up! Round 'em all up! Them and all their followers!'"

"Hey. You'd have a massive situation, which would be a national emergency. And at such a time, they'd wave the flag and 'Support Clinton', and 'Don't criticize your President', and things like that. And it's a strong psychological move, to stop the grand jury indictment of the First Lady from being un-sealed."

Have you heard anything more, as to technical aspects of the bomb blast?

"Well the problem is, they started out with 1200 pounds of 'homemade bomb'... 1500... Now they say 4000 pounds, which is just short of 2 tons. Can you imagine a 20-foot panel truck, trundling up with 4000 pounds of chemically volatile 'homemade bomb'? Which is hard to predict when it'd be ready to detonate it? Bouncing around on streets? My opinion is that a homemade bomb is hard to set for a [specific] time: it may go off at 9:15; it may, more likely, go off at 12:15 or 4:15 or the next day! It's not like a military powder or plastique or some other bomb. And explosives experts have looked at the pictures and have said that it looks like there might have been additional explosives used on the reinforced concrete pillars! Especially in the basement."

Anything further you wish to say?

"I am just now working on the Hillary indictment story. And the sources we have for it are very good, and I feel that that is the situation. And when you tie that in with the Wednesday bombing, and all the other things, it seems to be a pattern of events."

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