Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 65

("Quid coniuratio est?")


On April 20, 1995, I interviewed, by telephone, Mr. Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens' Committee to Clean-up the Courts [CCCC]. The following is my summary of that interview.

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Before beginning the summary of my recent interview, a late- breaking item I got via shortwave (penetrating the cone of silence over Champaign, Illinois) has it that, according to a seismograph at the University of Oklahoma, two "seismic disturbances", coinciding with the Oklahoma City bomb blast, were registered. The two "seismic events" occurred seven seconds apart and are indicative of there having been two bomb blasts. (Note: Do not be intimidated by typical knee-jerk denials, disguised as intellectual techno-speak and designed to confuse us mere mortals.)

The info on the University of Oklahoma seismographic data was broadcast on WWCR, 5.065 Mhz, 7 pm - 8 pm cst, on a show called "Intelligence Report".

After monitoring Skolnick's recorded commentary on the Oklahoma bomb blast, I phoned the offices of the Citizens' Committee and was fortunate to talk with Mr. Skolnick himself.

According to Skolnick, a demolition-type charge was designed to take out the nine floors. He has consulted with engineering experts who confirm this.

The building was almost entirely unprotected. "Someone could have got in there the night before and drilled some holes [in] the concrete-reinforced pillars and put in some plastique." There are indications that someone blew up the pillars.

Was there a parking garage in the building? If so, a vehicle could've got in there -- a car or a truck bomb.

The April 19th date of the blast provides a false trail to the Branch Davidians and/or to militia groups.

I asked about possible Arab involvement. "I think that's another smokescreen," replied Skolnick. So, whoever did this has got two false trails, leading to two potential "patsies": Arabs and "angry white males".

According to Skolnick, if the Iranians are involved, they could get away with it because former President Bush's people still comprise 70 percent or more of the Clinton Justice Department. Because of the October Surprise imbroglio, the Justice Department would be likely to act to protect Bush as well as other people still holding high office in the U.S. government. "If Iranians did it, George Bush forces would be inclined to cover that up," claims Skolnick.

Clinton is a stooge for larger financial interests. So, "in order to keep him there and use him for their financial gain, they do certain things... They apparently have an interest in some of this violence [for example, the murders of witnesses connected to the Whitewater behemoth of scandals]... And Clinton is a puppet. He knows who's pulling the strings... But the one's who are pulling the strings don't necessarily tell him, 'Look. We're gonna have to commit some terrible violence to change around the focus of America away from the falling dollar, and the hang-up in Congress, and all this budget problem.'"

Skolnick adds that, "Financial experts that I talk to (that see your stories, worldwide, by the way, and have gotten to know me), they claim that we're reaching a possible 'panic point' with the drop of the dollar as against the yen and the deutschmark. And that, therefore, all these things seem to be converging."

Skolnick's sources inform him that April-May is often a particularly volatile period in the financial markets.

"Whoever is behind the bombing has got a number of things. And like the murder of JFK in Dallas, there are a number of false trails; they may come up with one or two 'patsies' who quickly will be either jailed, or murdered in the jail."

"I mean," continues Mr. Skolnick, "there's Rush Limbaugh stirring up people; I heard him on the radio today. He's saying, 'Well, if some other country authorized this -- even if we're not sure about it -- we should bomb them away.' Geez. I mean, we got weirdos out there that are trying to direct foreign policy. And Clinton is powerless and so the country is going, like, without a captain."

Who benefits? "The bombing does tend to get people patriotic and support the central government."

"They're coming to a decision, soon, whether Hillary is or is not going to be indicted. And so right while that's boiling, this federal building blows up."

"Various people are wondering what Constitutional rights we will have to surrender, in order to feel 'more safe' in public buildings, you know."

And, in fact, the Intelligence Report [WWCR, 5.065 Mhz, 7 pm cst] suggested this same thing on their April 20th broadcast: that there will be a push toward a national I.D. card so that we can "protect our borders". Like in old movies out of World War II, the secret police will be demanding, "Where are your papers? You know, you must have your papers!"

Nothing new under the sun: "There seems to be a vast cover-up (I'm sorry to say)," says Skolnick, "similar to the murder of Kennedy. They're searchin' round for a patsy; they're gonna deliver him up to the television in time for the evening news or something."

"They're trying to put this image in the public mind that, you know, that 'Arab-Americans are dangerous.' And some Arab- Americans have gotten on the radio, and so on, and said that they are as loyal as any other American."

"The other thing is, remember what the fire chief in Oklahoma City said. And the press -- the TV used it, but they didn't make anything of it. And he said that, on the Friday prior to the bombing, that he and the police chief and the FBI people in Oklahoma City all knew, from certain sources, that three or more 'mideast types' were on the way to Oklahoma City to do some, something that might be dangerous. In other words, terrorism. Yet, there was no precautions made."

The media stories are not put together to make any sense. "They're like a 'big blob'; some 'mysterious force' out there is threatening all Americans. And I guess they want it like that, so that Americans will approve of some 'iron fist', some repression against them."

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