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[From The 700 Club, April 18, 1995]

Joining us now, from Washington, is James Davidson, who is the editor of the Strategic Investment Newsletter, which is one of the more vocal critics of the Foster investigation.

And thank you very much for joining us, Mr. Davidson.

My pleasure.

Every detail, ad nauseum, of the O.J. Simpson case is front- page news, seemingly. Why does it seem that the death of a top White House lawyer has almost dropped off of the media's map?!
You've asked one of the most puzzling questions, which I think historians, in the future, will ask about this crime, which in my mind is clearly a murder which has not been reported. And in many cases, prominent people in the press know that a cover-up took place.

And I'll give you just an example, which I think is incredibly important: On April the 4th of last year [1994], the Wall Street Journal ran an article by a woman named Ellen Pollock(sp?), which claimed that the Fiske investigation of Foster's death would determine that he was a suicide. And they quoted, by name, a Mr. Langler(?), who was the deputy to Fiske.

Now what makes this very, very incriminating is that the Senate Banking Committee, many months later, detailed a chronology of when the Fiske investigation interviewed the witnesses, obtained the FBI lab reports, and got the independent pathology reports. Basically, the evidence was only gathered after they had already told the Wall Street Journal that they were going to declare he was a suicide.

It's just as if [Judge] Lance Ito and the jurors in the Simpson trial had granted an interview to the Wall Street Journal a month before the trial began, and told everybody what the verdict would be! That is indicative of a very substantial perversion of the process of investigation.

Mr. Davidson, if Foster's death was not a simple suicide, what other potential scenario may have occurred, in your opinion?

Well I'm not in a position to explain why he was murdered, or by whom. But I can certainly tell you that the evidence that has been gathered does not make any sense. You saw parts of a tape that has been prepared, which we invite anybody to look at (and I hope that many, many people do.) Because we need to bring pressure, right now, on the current investigation. Because Mark Touhy(sp?), who is the assistant special prosecutor under Mr. Starr, has been compromising this investigation. Three of the top investigators who are working on this case have resigned, recently, because they were frustrated and [were] refused permission to call witnesses before the grand jury and collect evidence.

I think we're in the process of having yet another cover-up of this man's murder.

And the evidence that he was murdered is really overwhelming -- the forensic evidence. This is another thing: when we talked about the press, and why they haven't reported this -- seven or eight of the top forensic experts in this country have testified that the pattern of powderburns on Foster's fingers is not consistent with suicide. Nysad Hyub(?) of the Lethal Force Institute said, "Inconsistent with what both experience and logic show us to be true of a suicidal person."

Dr. Richard Mason, who is a pathologist for Santa Cruz, California, says, "It doesn't make any sense."

Martin Thatchler(sp?), head of the U.S. Army's Wounds Ballistic Laboratory for many years, said, "If you have to ask, 'Is this an indication of foul play?'" He says, "Yeah. Maybe it is."

Robert Tawber(sp?), who was the firearms expert for the FBI SWAT team for many years, said, "I never heard of anyone gripping a gun like this."

You go down the line: very, very powerful forensic evidence shows that he [Foster] could not have fired the gun.

There are other, very strong bits of evidence that have been testified to, under affidavit. An Arkansas State Trooper named Roger Perry has testified in an affidavit and told the English press that he received a phone call from the White House at 5:30 [p.m.] Arkansas time [6:30 p.m. Washington, DC], on the day Foster died, from a woman who is Chelsea Clinton's nanny, who was hysterical because, she said that Vincent Foster was dead in the parking lot of the White House!

Now these are very important clues that need to be investigated.

There was a photograph that was released, on ABC News, that showed Foster's hand, in a gun, with the trigger guard caught around his thumb. And it shows, clearly, a lot of thick vegetation around Foster's body. Yet the positioning of his body in the police reports and in the Fiske report put his body in a place where there was no vegetation. Experts have gone to that, to the park, and examined the vegetation photographed in that photograph. And they testified that no vegetation like that grows anywhere near where the police said his body was found!

You go down this list of anomalies: Why is his body covered, head to toe, with carpet fibers? There were no carpets on that park!

I think that the evidence is very clear that he was murdered, and his murder is being covered up for reasons of political convenience. And this makes the O.J. Simpson trial pale down to the size of a pimple, as compared to a cancer. This is a very, very important issue, and every American listening to this broadcast should write to your congressman and insist that the truth be told, regardless of what the consequences are in terms of political fallout.

Mr. Davidson, let me ask you just one final question here (we're running out of time). But I just... There are people who say that this is simply more of the conspiracy-type theories, and you ought to let the man rest in peace. And some of your critics say you're simply inventing conspiracy theories about Foster.

Would you please respond to that, in about a minute?

I'd be glad to debate anybody who claims that they have evidence that Foster is a suicide, and just look, specifically, point by point, at the evidence. If Fiske, in his report, or Touhy, in his current cover-up, were to come forward with explicit, rational answers for the amazing anomalies and evidence that show that he was murdered, then I would say, "Well fine. Then he was murdered... if he was a suicide, that is."

The reason that I'm upset about this is because I believe we're seeing happening to the United States what has happened to Mexico and other countries: where prominent people, even top government officials, can be murdered if they know something that compromises somebody in power. And that's it! They just cover it up and they go on about their business as if it never happened!

Mr. James Davidson, thank you very much. We've interviewed the editor of the Strategic Investment Newsletter. Thank you for being with us. It was a pleasure to have you with us today.
My pleasure.
Very interesting.

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