Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 41

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[CN Editor -- I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all of the following. It may or may not be true, I just don't know. However I consider Skolnick to be an honest and careful investigator.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts [CCCC]." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 South Oglesby.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a long history. Started early in the 20th century as the "Bureau of Investigation", the first director was Bonaparte -- like his namesake, Napoleon, a dictator. Because it was notoriously corrupt, it was re-formed as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Its long-time head, J. Edgar Hoover, was likewise a corrupt dictator.

As known to old-timers, Hoover took bribes from certain bank robbers to evade prosecution. You saw in the movies what happened to those that did not pay off!

Then and now, the FBI has rotten specialties:

ITEM: The FBI specializes in blocking pro-labor activists from ever owning a broadcast license for radio or TV.

ITEM: The FBI likes to frame-up union organizers and trade unionists, setting them up to go to jail on false charges of violence and bombings.

ITEM: With their secret agent provocateurs, the FBI infiltrates dissident political groups, urging them into confrontations with the police. The FBI's black bag experts break into such movement offices, stealing records of membership and donors, and then using the same to terrorize supporters at their schools, offices, and shops. (In the view of the FBI, as America's secret political police, anyone standing out from the harmless mainstream is bound to be a subversive and domestic terrorist!)

ITEM: The FBI uses faked-up video tapes to frame-up local officials they don't like. It happened to several Chicago aldermen who were outspoken for human rights -- considered, thereby, to be "reds" by FBI!

ITEM: The FBI covers up political assassinations, such as that of President Kennedy -- well documented in Mark North's huge book, Act of Treason.

ITEM: The FBI turned a blind eye to the traditional mafia. The underworld blackmailed, with secret pictures, "Gay Edgar Hoover's" homosexual escapades with another top FBI official. See Anthony Summers' book, Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of [J. Edgar] Hoover. (Also, gangsters like those who owned and operated booze maker Schenley(sp?) Industries bribed the FBI through a crooked foundation front.)

ITEM: In large cities, like Chicago, upwards of half of the FBI agents work "counter-terrorism". What it means: they sit all night watching the back window of the home of Palestinian- Americans, on the false theory that all such are dope traffickers and terrorists through their grocery store.

Who is next on FBI's "dirty target list", huh?

Never mentioned: no federal statute provides for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Unlike CIA, the FBI has no charter authorizing its existence. The FBI was simply "created" out of the mists and vapors of a would-be police state.

The monopoly press has been heavily infiltrated by both the FBI and CIA. Savvy folks call Chicago's WBBM radio and TV "Your local FBI station". WMAQ-TV, channel 5, sub-contracts for FBI work, processing undercover video at unmarked downtown offices. Tribune-owned WGN-TV sub-contracts for FBI counter-terrorism work, as well as Military Intelligence, undercover.

ITEM: The FBI compiles dirt on the private lives and finances of other federal officials, particularly federal judges. Purpose? So that the FBI's boss, the Justice Department, has no problem in winning civil and criminal cases in court.

In Chicago, see us on cable tv, channel 21, 9 pm [cst] most Monday evenings.

Play it again: "The Corrupt Center of the World: Chicago". (312) 731-1505.

New message Saturday; we change it several times a week.

Donations appreciated. Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 South Oglesby, Chicago, [Illinois] 60617. For the latest on courts, banks, espionage agencies, political assassinations, and the news media. On 24 hours a day.

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