Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 10

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[CN Editor -- I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all of the following. It may or may not be true, I just don't know. However I consider Skolnick to be an honest and careful investigator.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts [CCCC]." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 South Oglesby.

Behind the scenes, a fight has broken out between U.S. Treasury and the Justice Department.

Under Clinton, Justice has retained a large percentage of Bush appointees. Justice, however, is determined to cover up several crimes committed jointly by Clinton, Bush, and Ollie North. An example is the dope smuggling through the airport at Mena, Arkansas. The dope money has been laundered through Arkansas banks and through ones in Chicago, such as Garfield Ridge Trust and Savings Bank, owned and operated by former congressman Dan Rostenkowski and their gang.

Also acting as a dope money laundry has been the highly corrupt, highly political, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

On the other hand, long-time career employees of the Treasury are determined to bring out in the open crimes committed by Democrats as well as [by] Republican hot-shots.

ITEM: The Treasury is aware that Clinton has tens of millions of narco-dollars deposited in Swiss and other banks under the code name, "Chelsea Jefferson" -- "Chelsea" being his daughter's name, and "Jefferson" being his middle name. The Treasury has other code names and numbers as well, and amounts -- all traced back to the Columbian dope connection.

Aware of all this, so-called "new" Democrats want Clinton to quickly resign. The GOP, on the other hand, wants to use Clinton as a scandal-ridden punching bag over several months. The big- money crowd will decide when to throw "Sludge Willy" to the wall.

Can Clinton deal with the growing crisis of currency, huh!? The Mexican peso debacle as well as the money crash in Spain, Sweden, Brazil, and Argentina. The news fakers kept urging know-nothings to invest in so-called "emerging markets" outside the U.S. They should be called "submerging markets". Clinton is too much of a wimp to deal with a run on the mutual funds in the wake of the foreign currency crash.

Justice is trying to block the Treasury Department from bringing out in the open the "China White" scandal, the high- purity heroin pouring in and flooding in from China through Joliet, just south of Chicago. Reportedly implicated are former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson [a.k.a. "Big Jim"] and his gang. He's now chairman of the world-wide, Chicago-based law firm of Winston and Strawn. Treasury claims that "Big Jim's" law firm is being used to coordinate huge "China White" shipments -- all to bail out the Rockefeller banks, such as the First National Bank of Chicago that loaned billions of dollars to deadbeat China. ("Big Jim" all along has been a Rockefeller agent.)

Three partners of the law firm and eight support staff confirm: internal documents tend to incriminate "Big Jim" and his gang, and his puppet, Illinois Governor Jim Edgar [a.k.a. "Little Jim"].

Both the Treasury Department and the Justice Department are nervous about the secret transfer of a $50 million contingency fund of Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC]. It was sent, from Chicago to Little Rock, to cover up $47 million reportedly embezzled from a Little Rock savings and loan by Clinton and his wife. Interwoven in the transfer details is the murder of White House aide Vincent Foster, jr. He and Hillary worked crooked savings and loan bailout deals in the Chicago area for RTC -- which is headquartered here inside the law firm of Hopkins and Sutter.

In the Treasury/Justice Department fight, you can expect more bodies to fall off of buildings, such as happened to a senior investigator expert of the Resolution Trust Corporation. He wanted to go further into the Clinton White House scandals.

In Chicago, see us on cable tv, channel 21, 9 pm [cst] most Monday evenings.

(312) 731-1100 is our main message. Donations appreciated.

Citizens' Committee to Clean-up the Courts, 9800 South Oglesby, Chicago, [Illinois], 60617. For the latest on courts, banks, espionage agencies, political assassinations, and the news media. On 24 hours a day, that's the Citizens' Committee to Clean-up the Courts.

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Brian Francis Redman "The Big C"

Coming to you from Illinois -- "The Land of Skolnick"