Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 08

("Quid coniuratio est?")

February 1, 1995

"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths."

-- Isaiah 3:12

-+- Cultivating Hatred in the American Family -+-

What is commonly referred to as a "gender war", a division so deep that it destroys families, is no accident. This poison in our culture is actually the result of policies instituted to achieve division, with techniques perfected over the years, in many different countries. They are policies of the U.S. government enacted into law to come into compliance with United Nations mandates. Most Americans are not aware that such laws exist. How many are familiar with The Gender Equity in Education Act (1993) or how it conforms to The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women?

Americans understand even less about the web of deception that has been woven by those in the leadership of this cause as expressed in the American news media. It's difficult to explain how propaganda has been so successful in persuading Americans that the traditional role of wife and mother is oppressive to women. In a nation as great as America once was, where women were respected, provided for, and sheltered from any danger that might interfere with their right to raise their children in freedom and safety, feminism is a truly magnificent hoax.

The solution to this puzzle is not where one would instinctively look. The key to understanding what has happened to America is to see how feminists have successfully manipulated the natural inclinations of men and women. Men will shelter and protect women, even from the truth, if they believe women will find it offensive. Women are inclined to follow men who will provide for them and lead aggressively. Thus we have our present dilemma; a Marxist version of American history of oppression of women, resulting in laws and policies that attack men and destroy families, and men won't criticize them.

An open minded consideration of explanations that might, at first, seem a contradiction is necessary. There are a number of ideas that have been planted in peoples' minds that must be re- examined. The fact that American men are socialized to protect and shelter women is the very reason that men will not respond to charges that they oppress women, but grope further to find out what women want. Ironically, this phenomenon is precisely what has turned women away from men. Women expect men to get them out of this, to stand up for their wives and children and for their own place as providers, protectors, and moral leaders of the family. Thus far women have been betrayed by the insecurity of American men.

They have had little choice in that the only men offering security are those attacking the family, offering women preference for jobs and protection from their husbands. Feminism is not independence for women but dependence on men who can provide, men like Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton. Women have little respect for defeated men, particularly when they won't fight. A sad fact of warfare is that only males are vanquished; women survive as best they can, often as consorts of the victors.

Men who have watched government cross their threshhold, offering wives protection from their husbands and special privileges for jobs that destroy a man's God given role as provider and protector, and can only respond by trying to please women, are a pathetic sight. These men are, of course, confused. They are not prepared for a government that would actually conspire to destroy their families. Many will find it difficult to accept. It seems so far fetched. All that is necessary is to face certain obvious facts.

Look at this from pure reason, without the blind spots of culture, sexual attraction and hormones, and it becomes clear. The history of women in America that is fed to us by the ruling elite and the press is a pack of lies. Women in America were given by men the highest civilization ever known. We can only hope to recover that greatness as long as there are Americans old enough to remember a way of life that has been stolen from us and are able to look critically at Marxist slogans such as "women earn 71 percent of what men earn" or "today women have to work", neither of which is true.


It has taken years of carefully formulated propaganda to manipulate an unsuspecting public into accepting the Marxist position that husbands and fathers are oppressors. The concept that marriage is oppressive to women is Marxist. The U.N. plan, as is written in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, is to drastically alter something that really made America what it was, the American family. We are faced with a powerful, global elite that presumes to be a purveyor of proper attitudes, culture, and of correct roles for men, women, and children in society. They are determined to bring us around, with propaganda, with professional Marxist methods of agitation, and with laws.

This surely is a perfect hoax. It leaves men with a choice of either telling the truth and risk alienating women -- or submitting to something that is clearly wrong. It leaves women with only the enemy to turn to. Most women would give anything to restore America to what it once was. The plan is proceeding, and it is not the complaints of ordinary women seeking "equality", but a United Nations mandate, Federal legislation, laws that Americans know little about, but that reach into homes and families, places where Americans have always understood government had no business. Feminist legislation has altered our school system, destroyed families, left children without fathers, put innocent men in jail, and made it impossible for men and women to relate with the mutual respect that once existed between them.

Affirmative Action, a program of special rights for special citizens, is perhaps the most devastating of all feminist policies. Most commonly thought of as a racial policy, it benefits mostly women, 51 percent of the U.S. population. Many upper-class graduates of Smith College, Radcliffe, or Vassar are official victims according to this policy. Its goals, of course, are not fairness or equality, but intervention in families. According to the Marxist belief system, marriage in itself is discrimination against women. Preference for jobs is intended as an alternative to dependency on a "white male".

...No one is suggesting women can't work or use all of their talents and abilities. What must be opposed is preference for and the recruitment of women to achieve a distribution in the workforce that satisfies feminists and the United Nations. We must oppose the Marxist belief that marriage is an oppressive institution and their diabolical, persistent, determination to offer women a way out.

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