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An Investigation and Discussion of that Part of the United States Government Which We Did Not Elect, Which Is Not Accountable, Which Is Unconstitutional, Which Is Engaged In Unlawful and Unconstitutional Activity, and Then Hides Behind the National Security Act of 1947



39. Thompson, Linda, Waco, The Big Lie Continues (aka Waco II), American Justice Federation, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1994. Thompson is an attorney and researcher into government corruption. Summary: Documents government complicity in the murder of the people at Waco, Texas and examines why the government lied in their official independent investigations of Waco.

A photograph of the front door of Waco the morning ATF arrived shows there is a child outside, close to the front door as the ATF began wildly firing. The facial "features of the child were deliberately blurred by someone" in order to prevent recognition. The child has been identified as probably David Koresh's eight-year-old little boy. "After the raid these agents were captured on film running with a small body to an ambulance."

"Other children were killed that day, too, as a helicopter fired down into the house." One of the grandmothers testified to this. Children who lived through the raid drew pictures for the psychiatrists showing many bullets coming through the roof.

Dick De Guerin, the attorney who had entered during the siege, said he had seen the room and bullet holes where the helicopter had fired down, killing a nursing mother and children. But he, nor his former college classmate, FBI Director William Sessions, shared any of this with the public until after Mr. Carmel had been destroyed with fire and bulldozed over.

The 911 recordings between the Branch Davidians and Sheriff's Deputy are evidence of the Branch Davidian's frequent references to the helicopter firing in on them. "They are clearly terrified of them." In these 911 tapes and in a radio interview, David Koresh said that "the ATF killed his children."

A photo of one of the helicopters used in the raid clearly shows a 308 machine gun mounted in the doorway. The words "United States Army" are marked on the helicopter tail. The government said that the three helicopters used in the raid "were unarmed National Guard helicopters."

"The [Treasury Department] report admits that Janet Reno lied when she told us that David Koresh had refused to send out video tapes showing the condition of the children." The report also admits Koresh did send out a tape and the government was concerned that if the public saw this tape that "Koresh would gain much sympathy."

Two men from Indiana drove day and night to bring baby food and chicken feed requested by the Branch Davidians. Despite their peaceful mission, they were arrested. "Their crime? Bringing baby food to Mt. Carmel. This occurred only three days before Janet Reno claimed that the government assault with tanks was out of 'concern for the children.'"

A tank, which had been stationed over the outdoor underground tunnel, had "agents getting in and out over the underground bunker....Smoke was pouring from the underground bunker less than five minutes before a tank smashed the end of the house," collapsing it down over the trap door to the bunker. "Anyone in the bunker was trapped. No one in the house would be able to run to the safety of the bunker to escape the deadly gas and flame."

Autopsies of the children showed that many of them died from blunt trauma. Coroner Rodney Crowe said that large chunks of concrete from the bunker had fallen on these people. Twenty-one died from gunshot wounds and the rest died of smoke inhalation and suffocation from being buried in debris when the bunker collapsed.

"So now we know why the Treasury Department, the White House, the ATF, and the Justice Department were so desperately lying to us all along." The government repeatedly claimed that their attack on Mt. Carmel, the gassing, the raid, and the destruction of evidence was all because of their "concerns for the children."

Lloyd Bentson is head of the Treasury Department, which is responsible for the ATF. This is the same man who chose three supposedly independent investigators to analyze what happened in the "police firebombing of the headquarters of a group called Move in Philadelphia." Yet the three investigators he chose had each been directly involved in either the planning, execution, or cover-up of this disaster which ended in a fiery situation similar to Waco.

Similarly, his investigation of Waco also contains flaws. He had promised a report that would be a thorough and vigorous investigation of events leading up to Waco. Instead the title of his report is "Investigation of Vernon Wayne Howell."

Within this report, they persist in calling the Davidian home "'a heavily armed, fortresslike compound' even though we've all seen by now that the house was a simply constructed masonite exterior frame home."

The report begins with a page devoted to the memory of the four deceased ATF agents. This is clearly biased reporting.

In an internal Treasury Department memo the government's perspective is that the "'agents will be raiding a Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventist Church.' It doesn't get any plainer than this....The military set out to conduct an assault on a church." The memo goes on to say they will be assisted by "local, state, and military authorities" in their military terroristic assault on one hundred forty men, women, and children in a church.

The Treasury Department report berated ATF for not cancelling the raid once they lost the element of surprise. ATF Director and others were forced to resign, with full pensions.

The ATF tried to make it seem as if they were admitting to error by losing the surprise element. But, in fact, they had had the Branch Davidians under surveillance for a month from the house across the street and knew the land surrounding the Branch Davidians was totally flat. Having hundreds of ATF agents arriving in cattle cars visible for miles away was a plan that held no possibility of surprise.

Also, the report admits that ATF's own public relations person contacted several TV stations several days before the raid. So, the claim that they lost the element of surprise seems ridiculous when it appears they never wanted it in the first place.

The lie that the element of surprise was lost was aided by the media repeatedly playing a very edited piece of film showing an ATF agent being fired upon. But later it was evident that he was fired upon by his own men.

Within a week after Mt. Carmel was burned to the ground, NBC aired the government's official propaganda as a film, depicting Branch Davidians waiting at the windows for the ATF and greeting them with a hail of bullets. Yet the report admits that U.S. Special Forces planned the raid and trained the agents. And, the Army's Psychological Operations Training Manual, "a how-to on propaganda, says that making a movie is an important element of military occupation."

Another lie in this report is that the ATF rescheduled its raid from March 1 to February 28. But the warrants weren't signed until February 25, expired on February 28, and were not even filed until March 1. The raid was never moved up a day. "The ATF is lying when they say they moved the raid up a day so as not to lose the element of surprise."

A TV reporter, a cameraman, and an initial Associated Press release all reported that one hundred ATF agents stormed the front door at Waco throwing grenades, with no mention of any hail of bullets being sprayed at them or Branch Davidians waiting for them at the windows in any of these first reports.

The Branch Davidians reacted in the normal way any American citizen would react if their home was invaded by armed terrorists - they called 911. Eyewitnesses and the 911 recording show the terror of these Branch Davidians. The Treasury Report itself admits David Koresh came to the front door, opened it, and yelled, "What's going on?" The report claims agents knocked at the door, told him they had a warrant, and yelled, "Freeze. Get down." Yet the plan for the raid shows nothing with this in the plan. Instead, it outlines "dynamic entry," wherein ATF teams were to burst through doors and windows with no announcement whatsoever.

The report claims that gunfire from the Branch Davidians "was so great that the door bowed outward." Yet photographs at the time show no bowing in the door and bullet holes going inward only, not outward. "There are no Branch Davidians at any of the windows" either.

A TV station's video shows scenes of the raid when ATF claims Branch Davidians were supposedly creating a barrage of gunfire from all the windows at the agents. Yet the video shows no bullets hitting any agents, kicking up dust near the agents, nor breaking any windows of the cars the agents were hiding behind.

Another piece of video shows many agents climbing ladders onto the roof of the home. Many agents are carrying sub-machine guns and no one is shooting at them, nor are there any Branch Davidians at the windows here either. According to the ATF plan this event was to have happened within thirty-three seconds of the beginning of the raid. Once on the roof, several agents take quite some time breaking into a second story window. During the entire break-in, no Branch Davidians came to the window or shot at them.

The ATF claims no helicopter had guns during the raid. But in each segment of film wherein a helicopter approaches the house, "we also found a cut in the tape footage," as well as many signs of heavy sound altering at crucial places on the tape. "The sounds do not coincide with what can be seen." Despite the fact that six different kinds of fire arms are shot from so many different directions, the sound of each bullet is virtually the same, background sounds cut in and out, and there are places on the tape with total silence, "all signs of heavy editing."

The trajectory of some of these bullets prove they came from almost directly above the roof, straight down, evidence that helicopters did fire down through the roof.

Individual agents' stories do not coincide with the official ATF story. And the official ATF story keeps changing.

One agent was probably shot by his own men. Three of the four agents shot that day had been presidential body guards, admitted by Clinton. All these agents killed were never treated at a hospital, but by a private physician. Not only did they all have multiple wounds, "but three of them had virtually identical wounds, a shot to the left temple that exited through the rear of the head, professional execution-style." In addition, the autopsy on one of them recovered a bullet fragment consistent with the kind of bullet used by the helicopter machine guns.

The coroner in charge of the autopsies of these agents, Dr. Peerwani, has been sued numerous times, once for leaving someone on the table an hour and a half before realizing they were still alive, and another time for losing a portion of the body most crucial for the strangulation death being investigated at the time. What one doctor thought was a field tracheotomy hole, Peerwani thought was a bullet hole. Yet, he was the one chosen that the whole case rests upon and the one to testify at trial.

The report describes an incident where one ATF agent had staggered to where three other agents were pinned down behind a shed and collapsed on them. Then one of the three agents administered first aid to the collapsed agent's arm until the cease-fire ninety minutes later. But, video of this incident shows that "these agents are not pinned down," nor are they dodging bullets. "The agent on the ground is half-in, half-out of a body bag. He did not stagger to that position from anywhere wearing a body bag. He is simply laying there stone cold" with no one attending him, while the other agents attempt to hide him from the camera.

According to the report, agents were supposed to already be in the chapel. Then, as video shows, other agents threw grenades and shot firearms into that chapel. It's no wonder their agents were killed, shot, and that so many received shrapnel wounds.

Tape recordings of conversations between the police department and the surveillance house across the street indicate someone named Starleen Riddle was acting in the role of surveillance at the house across the street. Two women and one man who had lived at Mt. Carmel were all named Riddle. What are these connections?

The report lied again when they said the police department recorded the call when it came in on 911. The recording clearly contains the sounds of the Branch Davidian punching in the phone number 911 while they were initiating the call before there was any connection. This could have only come from a phone tap. But, they had no warrant to do so, a violation of law.

Two Branch Davidians were gone, but heard about the raid on the radio, and tried to return home. Troopers, instead of searching them or arresting them, "allowed them to pass the roadblock and walk towards home." According to autopsy reports, one of them was killed with seven bullets in the back, wounds consistent with distant sniper bullets. Yet, the report claims these Branch Davidians began firing at ATF in an attempt to escape Mr. Carmel.

Two of these ATF agents were indicted by the government for conspiracy to commit murder in this case, based on another ATF agent's statement. But the ATF is still trying to cover it up by staying with their press releases that say these Branch Davidians opened fire first in an attempt to shoot their way out of Mt. Carmel. It makes no sense that Schroeder, one of the Branch Davidians in this case, was trying to shoot his way out, when, in fact, he was trying to get home to his wife and child inside Mr. Carmel. Schroeder's body was left right where it fell for a full five days before a helicopter finally came and carried it off on a grappling hook "like a side of beef on a meat hook."

"In reading the report, each time the ATF is criticized for something it did not do but should have done, it appears to be merely a cover-up of what they did in fact do (i.e., the ATF is criticized for losing the element of surprise, which is not even an issue; the ATF is criticized for not using helicopters that had the ability to fire live rounds, but they did; the ATF is criticized for not using any automatic weapons, but they used plenty; and, the ATF is criticized for not using a Delta Force consultant, but they did).

"Has it come to this in the United States of America, that federal agents investigating a tax violation are complaining because they needed machine guns, special forces military training, and tanks to raid a church?"

Conveniently, the local newspaper began a series of well organized propaganda to smear and scandalize the church, namely that Koresh abused children, had many wives, and thought he was God. The source for all these stories were "always the same handful of people:" -Victoria Hollingsworth, from England, who was in Mt. Carmel during the siege, but was allowed to leave with no harm coming to her while the siege was still happening.
-Lisa and Peter Gent from Australia.
-James Thom and his wife from Australia. -Robin Bunds, a former Branch Davidian who had a child by David Koresh, a child who is "Koresh's only known surviving heir, standing to inherit Koresh's sizable estate."
-Jeanine Bunds, Robin's mother, also claimed to be one of Koresh's lovers. Robin and her mother are the primary sources that Koresh had many wives.
-Marc Breault and his wife, "originally from Hawaii but living in Australia." Marc was the original source claiming child molestation. He said he had personally seen a young girl leaving Koresh's bedroom. But Marc Breault has been legally blind for a long time. -David Jewell became a supporter of child abuse allegations when a child custody battle came up between he and his wife, a member of the church. Marc Breault had approached David Jewell and volunteered to help David get custody of his daughter.

Breault originally called the State Department and the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) and made his allegations. CAN "targets religious groups around the country for hate campaigns in the media." Regardless of which religious group, CAN always has the same allegations to make, "perverted sex, child abuse, and brain-washing."

The Anti-Defamation League provides funding for CAN. "The Anti-Defamation League was recently indicted in California and in Virginia for illegal spying on United States citizens and engaging in covert information gathering activities in conjunction with law enforcement personnel. By saying what CAN wants to hear, disgruntled members quickly enlist CAN's aid and the media's ear."

The County Sheriff of Waco said that child abuse charges are totally baseless, since he had already investigated them initially.

Rick Ross, a convicted jewel thief and presently under indictment for kidnapping, is a self-proclaimed expert on deprogramming with no known credentials. Yet, he had continual access to FBI negotiators, who allowed him to advise them but ignored "advice from numerous theologians and genuine psychological counselors."

NBC has had Attorney Linda Thompson's first video, Waco, The Big Lie, since Thompson mailed it to them the day the video was completed. Instead of showing it, NBC is committing fraud in an attempt to discredit the video. "We have a press that cooperates with the government and lies to us."

During Waco there were three instances uncovered so far where the government used unlawful force and deadly force to keep the press out. In one instance, a video shows a reporter being beaten by one government agent, while another government agent screams, "Get that camera out of here." In another instance, Attorney Linda Thompson was detained at a road block when leaving Waco. An ATF agent kept a sub-machine gun pointed at her head, while he kept his finger on the trigger. Then, her car was illegally searched with no warrant. These are examples of "how the government deals with the press that aren't hand-picked to tell you lies."

If, after having their phones illegally tapped, their home broken into, grenades thrown at them, their children killed, their families gassed, their windows broken, their home rammed by tanks, being fired upon by helicopters, their babies burned, and their pleas for food, help, and justice go unanswered, "did finally fire back, they have Texas law on their side." The law says that resisting arrest is justified if done for self-protection because the arresting officer uses greater force than necessary in order to make the arrest.

The government cut off all Branch Davidians' communications and sealed them off from the rest of the world, "making sure the world would not know the Branch Davidians' side of things." Yet, they had no warrant to do these things, thereby committing a felony. The only way the rest of the world knew what was happening was through an FBI agent's selective telling at a daily press conference, where only the FBI's hand-picked press were allowed to attend.

"The Department of Justice Report admits many of the things Americans saw with their own eyes in Waco, The Big Lie." It admits that Branch Davidians were tortured for fifty-one days; that Peter Gent, a young boy, was shot on top of the water tower and left there for days, while the government repeatedly refused the Branch Davidians' requests for his body to be cared for properly; that Branch Davidians were told by the FBI negotiators they could not come out, while simultaneously the American people were being told the Branch Davidians would not come out; and, that those Branch Davidians who did come out had grenades thrown at them.

The Justice report was supposed to be another objective report prepared by yet another independent investigator. The man selected, Attorney Edward Dennis, had other cases pending before the Department of Justice and represents the government on other cases. This is a clear conflict of interest. He did not even do his own investigation, but admits in the report that he relied primarily on the information gathered by the Department of Justice.

A SWAT Team video was obtained by Linda Thompson. In it they admit to preparing for a "helicopter assault" wherein they will "supply air cover."

"Was the FBI posture one of 'concern for the children?' We found this candid interview with an FBI agent the morning of the fire particularly insightful." In it, the flip agent arrogantly describes himself as "honed, honed to a fine edge, honed to kill."

The tactics used on the Branch Davidians are "well known brainwashing techniques," involving cutting off all food supply, all communication with the outside world, all utilities, and subjecting the Branch Davidians to extreme stress, perpetual Tibetan chants, propaganda on loudspeakers, noise, lights, charging tanks, and transmitting key words hidden within music or white noise in order to force them to obey.

"In November Janet Reno was a speaker at a secret conference on this type of mind-control weapon and other so called non-lethal weapons, including weapons such as laser guns designed to blind, extremely low-level sound waves that can cause violent debilitation, and microwave radiation weapons. This in the United States of America. How many of these weapons were actually tested on the Branch Davidians?"

On the day of but prior to the fire, why did the government prepare a fire break all around the Branch Davidians' home? "A fire break is a clear area, free of brush and debris to keep a fire from spreading outside the cleared area." Why did they prepare it when they did unless they were expecting fire?

CS gas, a gas banned for use in war-time by a treaty signed by the United States in 1993, was used in copious amounts by inserting it inside the Waco home. The manufacturer says it should never be used indoors, ever.

An FBI sniper nest had been set up in the barn outside the Branch Davidian home. Sand bags lined the walls. Rifle turret holes were made in the walls for firing out at people. "Someone has made marks on the wall like you might see made when a gunslinger makes notches in his gun for each kill." A special ammunition used by snipers was found on the floor of this barn. The FBI SWAT Team film stated that in this barn were three sniper positions.

Throughout the day of the fire "reporters announced that up to twenty people had been seen escaping before the fire. Twenty-one people were found shot." During the fire, shots were heard in several different videos being fired at the house, not from the house.

The supposedly independent fire investigator was not independent at all. His wife works for the ATF; he himself had had an office in the ATF building for ten years; he carries a business card that says ATF Fire Investigator; and, he attended the funeral of one of the ATF agents. Not surprisingly, he concluded that people inside the home started the fire.

Several flame-throwing tanks are shown withdrawing from the home with flame still coming out of their nozzles. Fire and smoke erupt a few minutes later in the same places that the flame-throwing tanks had been just minutes earlier. One tank in particular, after withdrawing from the front of the house while still shooting flame from its nozzle, then moves to the side of the house. "As the tank withdraws, it appears to have a human being speared on the end of its gun, which it quickly shoves back into the building. As it withdraws the gun again, boards snap off obscuring what appears to be a body from view. Notice that the board and the back of the body, or whatever it is, are on fire. It is the driver of this tank who testified, not surprisingly, that he saw a Branch Davidian inside start the fire."

In a private interview conducted later at the remains of Mt. Carmel, one of the National Guardsman who drove a tank on the day of the fire said he saw what he thought was an FBI agent inside the house, someone dressed in all black (like the other FBI agents) with three letters on his back that looked like FBI. Both the interviewer's and the National Guardsman's identities are known to Linda Thompson, but that information has to be kept confidential because their lives are on the line.

Another tank "can be seen through the trees shooting flames to light a portion of the building that isn't burning."

In what has become standard operating procedure, Janet Reno publicly stated that Combat Engineer Vehicles (CEV) One and Two had no flame-throwing equipment and had been examined by investigators. Incredibly, what she neglected to mention was that CEV Two had broken down and was replaced by yet another CEV.

"The Department of Justice report says this CEV was not equipped with tear gas, but fails to mention what it was equipped with. The report never even mentions the other tanks, CEVs and other equipment they were carrying that day, either."

Military experts have identified as one of the tanks present the day of the fire as being an M67 flame-throwing tank. One of its characteristics "is that it has a fake barrel extension on the end of the gun to disguise the flame thrower." One video shows this tank sitting near the edge of the remains after the fire. It has charring on its front.

In reaction to Attorney Linda Thompson's first video, Waco, The Big Lie, there have been numerous Waco protest rallies held throughout the country. In a Department of Justice press briefing, a spokesman for the Department of Justice said they had seen the video and it raised their eyebrows. They submitted the video for expert analysis to the University of Maryland. The University's preliminary analysis said what you see is perhaps either light, dust, a defect in the video, or the dispersal agent falling to the ground.

At the request of one reporter, other military experts viewed the film and concluded that the CEV "was not a conventional vehicle," but had been "jury-rigged" for its particular mission at Waco. The reporter asks the spokesman if he thinks that is flame at the front of the CEV. The spokesman said he didn't know what it is.

The nagging trail back "to special forces just keeps popping up." Soldier of Fortune magazine said the supposed flames were mere reflections. The principal advisor to this magazine is the founder of Delta Force; its editor is former Delta Force. Reed Irvine of the Washington Inquirer told the bald-faced lie that the Waco video had been "doctored." He refused our offer to have the video analyzed. He, too, writes for this magazine.

The claim that the flames are merely a reflection are refuted by the fact that one video shows the flames while the tank is in the shadow of the building. "No reflection can create a light source in shadow."

Some of the government's own footage shows the flames from the flame-throwing tanks. Even the government's infra-red pictures used to explain away the idea that the government started the fire are presented with a fraudulent explanation. "So who has a motive to cover-up here?"

Under the Posse Comitatus Act, it is illegal to use the military against U.S. citizens. After release of Waco, The Big Lie, some Congressmen sent questioning letters. The answers to the Congressmen cited another law which made military participation legal, but not direct or active participation. They were assured that there was no direct or active participation and that no military equipment was used that had operable weapons systems. Yet, example after example of video footage shows: A tank delivering a forty millimeter round with the supposedly inoperable weapons system; mortar rounds that could have been delivered only by an experienced member of the military; a U.S. Marine standing with an FBI agent saying, "We're just here to help" and the FBI agent replies, "Here to take over;" active duty military re-fueling the tanks and preparing to get in the tanks the morning of the fire; active duty military flying the Army evacuation and FBI helicopters; and, active duty military emerging from the tanks after the fire.

Many of these active duty military "are wearing dark maroon berets, just like those consulting Seventh Army Special Forces from Fort Bragg wear."

Portable flame-throwers were "used in World War II and Vietnam, particularly to blast underground bunkers." Several scenes show agents wearing them on their backs, while one shows a good view of an agent with a portable flame-thrower getting out of a tank.

"In this scene two agents obviously are dragging what appears to be a body, but this does not appear to be a rescue. As they reach the far side of the tank you can see that one of the agents has a portable tank on his back and engages in a spraying motion. Suddenly fire flares up."

There is evidence that agents used incendiary bombs after the fire to destroy the contents of a concrete structure that used to be inside the home. As the agents leave, an explosion can be heard and flames erupt from inside. Yet, the agents do not run or take cover, as they would be expected to do if this were an unexpected explosion.

Preservation of evidence is treated as sacred at any crime scene. Yet the crime scene at Mt. Carmel was treated very differently. Tanks constantly pushed debris into the fire, underground tunnels were filled in, and after the fire was out, the whole area was bulldozed. "And continuing to show the same careful regard for preservation of evidence as demonstrated earlier and with a total lack of respect for the humanity lost at Mt. Carmel, an agent relieves himself in the ashes beneath one of the tanks that was used to destroy the Branch Davidians."

Ironically, the Branch Davidians were attacked fifty years to the day after the Nazis attacked the Warsaw Ghetto.

Also, the Branch Davidians were burned to the ground fifty years to the day after the Nazis burned the Warsaw Ghetto to the ground.

[ be continued...]

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