Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 02

("Quid coniuratio est?")


ITEM: From New Federalist, 2/13/95, "New Intensity in Brit War on Clinton" by Scott Thompson: "Writing in the Times of London Feb. 6, he [Lord Rees-Mogg] titled his piece, 'Even Watergate was small beer compared to this: Despite a phony calm, President Clinton is besieged by investigations into his dubious past.'"

"Claims Rees-Mogg, 'As soon as one starts to talk to Washington insiders, one realizes that President Clinton is trapped by a process of inquiry from which he would be unlikely to escape, even if he were wholly innocent of any wrongdoing. And he is far from that. There are at least six separate processes, each of which could be fatal to the President.'"

Lord Rees-Mogg "throws the kitchen sink at Clinton: allegations of drug-trafficking and money laundering; the Whitewater business itself; sexual harassment of Paula Jones; the 'suicide deaths' of a host of people, like former White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster, and so on. His lordship concludes: 'Arkansas is corrupt, like Mexico is corrupt... It may have been impossible for Bill Clinton to keep his hands clean, but his great mistake was to think that he could go from being Governor of Arkansas, a deeply corrupted state, to being a U.S. President without the truth emerging.'"

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ITEM: From New Federalist, 2/13/95, "New Intensity in Brit War on Clinton" by Scott Thompson: In the same article as above, Thompson adds, "The British and pro-British press campaign against the President derives from this strategic conflict, and is meant to pave the way for the assassination of Clinton, who has a worse security situation than any recent President, including JFK."

Let me add that it is to be hoped that NO violence occurs to President Clinton; in the most unwanted and unfortunate event of such a tragedy, it is unlikely that the American people will ever hear the whole truth of what has been going on. Let us hope for safety for the President so that he can stand trial and we can learn the whole truth.

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ITEM: From The Washington Times, National Weekly Edition, Feb. 13-19, 1995, "Tyson Aide Protests Probe in Hill Visits": "The principal spokesman for Tyson Foods Inc. is visiting congressional offices to complain about independent counsel Donald Smaltz and his investigation of the company's ties to former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy... Bob Schiff, a staff attorney for Public Citizen's Congress Watch, said the contacts could be interpreted as 'asking members of Congress to intervene in what is potentially a criminal matter... Our assumption is that that is what is being sought even if the words are not said... An investigation by an independent counsel ought to be hands off as far as political pressure goes.'"

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