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"Ru Mills" (Pseudonym) Scoops CNN With Gingrich Ouster Story

CN: "Ru Mills" sent the following report to Conspiracy Nation at 4:42 pm EST (partial headers below), thereby "scooping" Cable News Network's (CNN's) breaking story, first aired at about 6:15 pm EST on Friday, Nov. 6, 1998, regarding the ouster of Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House. Conspiracy Nation guesses that Henry Hyde will be the next Speaker of the House, but who knows?

From Fri Nov 6 16:33:10 1998 Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 16:42:40 EST
Subject: Fwd: From Ru Mills; The Final Act in the Tragedy of Bill Clinton

Act Three

The Speaker and the President

Bill Clinton will never resign until Newt Gingrich is replaced

About 2 years ago Rumor Mill News ran a series of articles in which we outlined the three different ways that Faction 2 of the Intel community was planning on getting rid of Bill and Hillary. [According to knowledgeable sources, there are competing factions within the Intelligence "community".]

The first attempt to force Clinton to resign was back in 96. People within the Democratic Party tried to force him to step down, not run, or purposely lose the election. This was called the Bush route. It would have been the easiest and least painful to everyone.

The second plan that was being considered was called the Nixon route, and that is what we have playing out at the moment.

The third route, one that was abandoned early in the planning stages, was the Kennedy route. They abandoned it because they knew it would make him a martyr and they knew Hillary could ride his casket right into the White House.

After all of the plans had been floated, and the President had been confronted with what his fate would be if he failed to withdraw from the race, or purposely lose the race, Faction 2 realized that the President couldn't resign or purposely lose the race. They discovered that he was being blackmailed with the threat of death if he resigned. Some say it is the Chinese who are threatening, some say it is the International moneyed elite that we call the New World Order.

When Faction 2 realized that Clinton would never step down, they knew that they could only use the Nixon route to force him out. They realized that this process would be a long protracted series of checkmates and counter checkmates. But they saw that as their only alternative.

Faction 2 is based inside Navy Intelligence. The Navy runs the White House Communications Office. I have known that Faction 2 had pictures of Clinton in compromising positions ever since late 1996. Faction 2 was not blackmailing him with these photos. They simply used the photos and videos to direct their people who are in Ken Starr's office.

Faction 2 really doesn't want to expose Clinton for his dealings with China, because if they did, a whole lot more would be exposed than anyone in the military wants the country to know.

They also did not want to expose him for his part in the drug dealings because too many of them were involved in it.

Likewise for Whitewater. The entire Savings and Loan scam was created by rogue elephants (not elements) within the CIA. They did this to create a financial crisis that would bring down the Federal Reserve and derail the New World Order. Because of this, they would not allow the whole Whitewater story to be told.

When the Israeli's decided to use Monica Lewinsky to put Bill in a blackmailable position, Faction 2 sided with them. Faction 2 felt that a sleazy sexual affair would so damage his credibility that no one would ever be able to take him seriously again.

Faction 2 did not realize how the New World Order controlled media could shape his besmirched image and make him into a tragic hero that the American people could still support.

However, this support is just about at its last legs.

The Removal of Newt as Speaker of the House

At the time I was being given the information on how they planned to get rid of Bill, I was told that the final scene of the play would be the removal of Newt Gingrich. Gingrich has to be removed because when Bill is removed, Al Gore will follow very quickly.

Gore is refusing to resign like Agnew did. If Gore had agreed to go this way, then probably Jay Rockefeller would have replaced him, agreed to pardon Bill and Hillary a la George Bush's pardon of Casper Weinberger, and then ascend to the Office of the Presidency.

But because Al Gore refuses to resign, that means that the President and the Vice President may be replaced in one fell swoop. If this happens, Newt Gingrich would be President.

Faction 2 despises Newt Gingrich as much as they despise Bill Clinton. They believe he is nothing but a New World Order toady.

But there is another fly in the soup that needs to be mentioned.

George Bush, The Elder

Back in 1992, I was informed that George Bush was ordered to lose the election. He refused, and Ross Perot was brought in to split the vote. According to my sources, Perot has been a long time Navy Intelligence asset. I have never been able to get a straight answer from my Sources as to whether he is Faction 2 or Faction 3, the Rogue Elephant faction. (People who use the term Rogue Element, simply don't know what Faction 3 calls themselves.)

At the time they told me George Bush would lose the election, they also told me that we may see him as President again.

Did you know that the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of the House? It can be anyone that the majority agrees on.

Did you wonder about the favorable coverage of George Bush, the ex-President by the national media?

Can you imagine how a year 2000 election, with George W. Bush, Jr., running for President, would go if his father were the sitting President? (Do you remember the press making a big point of 1/8th of the country being governed by Bush brothers? If this happens, a Bush family dynasty will be created. There is a fourth Bush brother. He is very well hidden. Why? And I am not talking about Neal.)

When I was told that George Bush, the elder, might be brought back as President, I refused to consider it. It was a "Rumor" that even Rumor Mill News couldn't buy. But in light of what is going on in the media and in the House of Representatives, stranger things could happen.

But, there is still another fly in the anointment. If Faction 2, (who made an alliance with George Bush about a year ago) is successful in getting him elected as Speaker of the House, there is a backup plan for Clinton.

If Gore is made to realize that his holding out will not do him any good and may very well destroy the Democratic party's chances for victory in 2000, then he will step down if he is convinced that a "trial" in the House will clear his name. If he doesn't agree to go this way, then he will be threatened with violence, similar to what occurred to his son in 1988, when Gore prematurely ran for President.

Clinton's Back Up Plan

The back up plan for Clinton, will be to have Gore agree to pardon him if Clinton agrees to step down. Then Gore will appoint Jimmy Carter as a care taker President, and he will step down and face a "prerigged" House inquiry. This inquiry will exonerate him of all wrongs, at least this is what he will be told. And this will make him eligible to run for the Presidency in the year 2000.

As usual, the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go astray.

There are things that can still come out on Clinton that will permanently destroy him and his wife. Hillary is planning on moving to California and running for Diane Feinstein's seat, which will be up in the year 2000. To do this, she must take up residency here in California very soon. She must also keep the lid on the mess that can forever ruin her in the eyes of the American people.

Hillary will force Bill to resign, and it will be within time for Hillary to move to California and run for office. Bill will be offered a position in Hollywood as the head of a major studio or as a highly paid advisor.

Now the question should be, what will be the reason the President gives for his resignation. You should know by now that whatever story he tells us won't be the real story. It will be one that allows him to leave office, and within a short period of time, and rehabilitate himself.

But Faction 2 does not want him to rehabilitate himself too far. They don't want another elder statesman like Richard Nixon. Therefore, it is my belief that he will be forced to step down because of his compulsive sexual addictions.

Unfortunately, it is also my belief that he will die an early death, either from AIDS, or from a drug overdose.

Bill Clinton knows where all the bodies are buried. His secret police has supplied him with enough information on every powerful person in the world, that he could literally retire to an island and still run the world through blackmail. Faction 2 won't allow this to happen.

When he resigns, he will be given a very flashy job in Hollywood. His cocaine habit will then be supplied on a regular basis. And one day, we will read that Bill Clinton has gone the route of John Belushi.

Politics world wide is not what it used to be. It is controlled from behind the scenes by the two factions that are vying for control of the world. We know about Faction 1. We call them the new world order. But we do not know anything about Faction 2, the shadow men who also have a plan for a world government. When these two factions fight each other, there are causalities.

From what I have been told, there is no way that Bill Clinton
will survive. He may be told he can fake his death and live out
his life under an assumed identity. But his handlers know him
too well. He is sneaky enough to try to use his stash of secret
files. Therefore, they may promise him this, but just when he
thinks he is safe... two to three years down the road, he will
suddenly disappear, and no one will be any the wiser.

There is only one way for him to stay alive. And this way depends on how much he loves Chelsea.

This is still developing.

Ru Mills, Editor Rumor Mill News
soon to be up and running

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