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Steamshovel Press Editor Kenn Thomas Widens The Picture

Letter from Steamshovel Press editor, Kenn Thomas

I don't know if Sherman [Skolnick] has seen the below, or continues despite it to believe that Bandar bin saud was actually Bandar bin sultan. Das GOAT has since apologized for making the error in an earlier report..

--------------------------<< Insert >>--------------------------- Wrong guy!

Bandar bin sultan is the Ambassador to the US. Bandar bin saud is one of the many grandsons of Fahd.

Two different guys with names that are similar to us, but very different to an Arab.


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Still, Bandar bin Saud is a Saudi royal, making him a likely Osama bin Laden target and only one in a line of coincidental deaths on Flight 111. These include officials of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), AIDS researcher Jonathan Mann and his wife, a virus specialist. A virus specialist from the Centers of Disease Control in Atlanta died in the Kenya embassy bombing.

Another person who died in Kenya--an administrative assistant whose duties remain obscure--barely missed an earlier brush with death by not taking a scheduled flight that ended in a fatal crash. That same pattern saved Mohammed Ferrat, an Algerian business associate of Ron Brown who later died on Flight 800. The FBI took a special interest in Ferrat when investigating 800, ostensibly because only his first name was listed on the passenger manifest. Osama bin Laden has many Algerian business contacts. Again, Ferrat was supposed to be on the plane that killed Brown but rescheduled at the last minute.

As the Steamshovel web site ( has pointed out for a while now, initial reports about the Flight 800 crash warned people away from the rescue area because of the possible existence of AIDS-tainted blood packets. The author of Underground Tunnels and Bases, Richard Sauder, discovered that Brown owned a patent for an AIDS-like retro-virus. The office that failed to ask appropriate questions--through incompetence or intent-- about the bullet-like wound in the x-ray of Brown's skull, the Army Institute of Pathology, recently has been doing odd studies of viruses. (See the Steamshovel site for details.)

What makes all that doubly coincidental is Brown's role as an intellectual property negotiator for the GATT treaty. Like the WIPO people wiped out on Flight 111, Brown worked to consolidate patents for these viral organisms under one global system. The attempt there is to change intellectual property laws in various countries, particularly in the third world, to conform with, and allow easier commercial exploitation by, the US and its allies.

So these bombings may have to do with a global struggle to create disease and profit from its cure. Considering how AIDS alone is expected in the coming years to make an even more dramatic impact on Africa than here, these stakes are certainly high enough for this kind of covert war. [1]

Also, Adnan Khashoggi's name has been associated with scientific endeavors identical to those of the Army Institute of Pathology. This involves the recovery of RNA residue from survivors of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic and, again, more details can be found at the Steamshovel site ( Danny Casolaro was investigating Khashoggi on the day he died, and so he figured prominently in the transnational power cabal Casolaro called the Octopus. Khashoggi is an arms merchant who goes back to the Lockheed scandals, was an Iran-Contra player, and some have suspected him of being involved in the deaths of Dodi Fayed and Diana.

Brown's patent, for those who wish to check the veracity of all this, is no. WO 9208784, "human t-lymphotropic virus type 2" scraped from the cells of Panamanian Indians.

I hope you can pass this information on to your readers. Also, let them know that the new issue of Steamshovel Press is now finally out and available for $6 from POB 23715, St. Louis, MO 63121. [2]


Kenn Thomas
Steamshovel Press

--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- [1] Worth mentioning as a factor in the AIDS question is the fact, as documented by Professor Peter Duesberg (U of C/Berkeley) in his book, "Inventing the AIDS Virus," that at this late date we =do not know= what causes AIDS. Specifically, the truism that HIV causes AIDS is still an unproven hypothesis. Caution: Even though HIV is not proven to cause AIDS, it's still a good idea to practice "safe sex."
[2] Kenn Thomas continues to break new ground in his excellent magazine, "Steamshovel Press."

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