Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 97
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

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[Editor's Note: I have no personal knowledge as to the accuracy of some of Mr. Skolnick's claims. However, in a conversation with a professional journalist recently, he confirmed that he also had been hearing rumors of a past sexual relationship between Bill Clinton and Judge Susan Webber Wright.]

Susan reportedly was not that good of a law student, and her law professor, William Jefferson Clinton, knew it. Clinton's alleged "girl friend," Hillary Rodham, later to be his so-called "wife," stepped in to resolve matters. To obscure events, Professor Clinton supposedly "lost" his student Susan's class papers. Hillary apparently persuaded Bill to give student Susan an apparently undeserved high mark, necessary to her future career.

Both Bill and Hillary each separately understood the realities of politics. From an early age, each had separate duties and agendas with the American CIA. In later years they were to marry, as required of what the spy craft calls a "CIA couple." Hillary realized Bill was the ticket into the seat of power.

Good student or not, Susan also knew how to get herself a ticket.

How all this works reads like the sweaty details from a grocery magazine. Susan was apparently "A.C.-D.C." and hit it off well with Hillary, who was part of a corrupt circle of lesbian business women from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge. Thereafter, Susan also reportedly serviced Bill.

Not too well understood: A campaign for President is planned at least four years in advance. George Herbert Walker Bush, former Director of Central Intelligence (DCIA), became President in 1988. {1} His long-time protege, Bill Clinton {2}, was slated by the secret society, the Bilderbergers, as next-in-line to be President. A rather obscure southern governor, Bill was invited by the Bilderbergers to their clandestine meeting in 1991, in Baden-Baden, Germany.

1991 was a turning-point year. Fifty-eight million dollars of federal funds had been parked with Chicago-based Household International and Household Bank, to make good a pending fraud claim. Of this, $50 million was secretly transferred to Little Rock, as sources claim, by the suspected CIA proprietary, Peregrine Financial Group, Inc., a purported adjunct of Household. All this was to conceal an embezzlement of $47 million from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, for which, when revealed, Bill and Hillary Clinton would be subject to being sent to federal prison.

This cover up was mandated so that Bill Clinton could run for President.

Fifty million dollars had been transferred so as to cover up the $47 million embezzlement. The left-over $3 million was used to jump-start Bill Clinton's campaign for high office, around November of 1991. Arranging to latch onto the money was Rahm Emanuel, a purported Israeli intelligence agent with dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. During the Persian Gulf War, Rahm Emanuel had left the U.S. to serve in the Israeli army. Later, Mr. Emanuel became a Clinton White House senior advisor, reputed "bagman," and, some vigorously assert, assassin arranger.

1991 was a key year as well for Clinton's former student, Susan Webber. She knew how to blackmail presidential aspirant Clinton, so as to get Clinton's crony, George Bush, to appoint her, qualified or not, as a new U.S. District Judge in Little Rock. She threatened to otherwise wreck Bill Clinton's presidential campaign with steamy disclosures about how she reportedly sexually serviced the would-be president.

The appointment of a new Federal District Judge requires the okay and blessings of the politicos in the state. Governor Clinton was instrumentally involved in the CIA dope traffic from Arkansas and other southern states with his confederates, George Bush and Oliver North. From time to time, Clinton even stayed at George Bush's plush vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine. {3}

Clinton helped install to power Judge Susan Webber.

Was it just a coincidence then, that the case of Paula Corbin Jones vs. William Jefferson Clinton was put on the docket of U.S. District Judge Susan Webber?

Were the attorneys for Paula Jones in a position to know about the judge's dalliance with Clinton? As Officers of the Court, however, lawyers are not in a position to be whistle-blowers. The judge had earlier dismissed the case, but that decision was reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which deemed it a proper case and sent it back to her for a prompt trial.

Also known is that Judge Susan Webber's husband, Wright, was made a federal official by President Clinton, who was reportedly blackmailed by Judge Susan Webber Wright. Her husband ostensibly manipulates and arranges her decisions -- so that some rightfully claim the rulings are not hers, as a judge, but rather those of her husband. Court observers who are not so polite simply call her husband a "bagman," and "judicial pimp."

In December, 1997, my TV show on public access cable touched off a commotion. We exclusively detailed the confession of a 25-year career court "bagman": James R. Vassilos. Vassilos has been long-protected by corrupt officials and state and federal authorities. Just prior to the broadcast, two top IRS officials, in a three-and-a-half hour meeting with me and my associate, Joseph Andreuccetti, declared that we would be arrested if we went on the air with Vassilos' confession.

Among other things, Vassilos has been a courier of judicial bribery money -- Chicago to Little Rock. Did Susan's husband know Vassilos? With Vassilos a confessed bagman and the other a reputed bagman and procurer of judicial rulings, who knows?

So nobody should be surprised that U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright {4} again "serviced" defendant Clinton with the second dismissal of the case of Paula Corbin Jones.

Under the circumstances, Judge Wright's decisions appear to be the seldom-mentioned item of jurisprudence, A FRAUD UPON THE COURT, BY THE JUDGE HERSELF. But who in the legal community dares to talk about it? (Since going with an earlier version of this story, Judge Wright has caused threats to be directed against me and broadcasters who dare to allow me on the air.)

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} George Bush officially became President in 1988, but some, including Col. (Ret.) Bo Gritz, say that Bush became the de facto U.S. President in 1981, when Ronald Reagan was almost killed in a strange assassination attempt. {2} For more on the Bush-Clinton connection, see the book Compromised by Terry Reed and John Cummings. {3} Clinton, while Arkansas governor, met privately with George Bush at Kennebunkport at least once, as documented in the book Boy Clinton by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. {4} In the previous issue of Conspiracy Nation, the possibility of a symbolic "message" contained in the JONESboro school massacre, meant to warn those handling the Paula Jones case, was discussed. Thanks to an alert reader for pointing out another connection between the JONESboro shootings and the JONES case: Name of teacher killed at JONESboro -- Shannon WRIGHT; Name of judge in the Paula Jones case -- Susan Webber WRIGHT.

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