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Curtis B. Dall married Anna Roosevelt, daughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). Mr. Dall liked his father-in-law, and at first was typically innocent of how the political game actually works. In his tell-all book, FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law, Mr. Dall writes:

In 1926, political matters interested me but little. I believed what the important candidates for public office said, as reported in the press, and fully expected them to carry out their formal statements and promises made to the people in exchange for their support at the polls.

But Curtis Dall later found out that things weren't as they seemed:

A political production, or image presentation, via a purported and well-advertised "platform," is designed to please and attract a larger "audience," not for cash, but for votes. If successful, the political entrepreneurs [secret backers], by means of a few "suggested" legislative bills (loudly proclaimed to be in the public interest, of course) find ways to amply reward themselves and their leading actors. Usually, carefully screened leading "actors" are picked well in advance of election day by a small group, picked for both major parties, thereby reducing the promotional risk to just about zero.


Shearing of the Sheep: 1929

Says Woodrow Wilson: "But I don't want those weapons; there isn't an enemy to fight."

Says Morgan, Schwab & Company (in a populist cartoon ca. 1917): "You buy these guns and we'll get you an enemy."

World War I, the "War to End All Wars," concluded and the first attempt at a New World Order got underway. But the American public wanted no part of the League of Nations. Times were relatively good in the 1920s (except for farmers.) The nation went on a stock market frenzy, but they were being set up. The stock market crashed in 1929; it was "the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World-Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of the supply of call money in the New York money market," writes Dall. Witnessing the carnage from the Visitor's Gallery of the Stock Exchange was Sir Winston Churchill, there perhaps by "coincidence." But was Churchill's presence just a happenstance? Not so, according to Mr. Pat Riott, author of The Greatest Story Never Told: Winston Churchill and the Crash of 1929.

According to Mr. Riott, financier Bernard Baruch and others began buying gold in the summer of 1929, while at the same time they and their clique planted stories in financial-type magazines extolling stock market get-rich-quick prognostications. Background plotters were the Federal Reserve, Winston Churchill, Montague Norman of the Bank of England, and U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon. This was a joint British/U.S. scheme, with mis-named, private banks "Bank of England" and "Federal Reserve" calling the shots. Churchill's connection? He was Minister of the Exchequer, akin to the Secretary of the Treasury in the U.S. In 1925, Churchill had overseen the flow of hundreds of millions in gold to the U.S.; this gold was the foundation used to prop up the Wall Street bubble of the late 1920s. But once the suckers had been lured into the market, the conspirators secretly bought up the gold at low prices. Finally, the Federal Reserve greatly curtailed the money supply, and boom went the Wall Street casino.

Also in on the scheme was Joseph Kennedy, father of future-President John F. Kennedy. The international money power and its major players dared not be seen close to the disaster (except for Churchill, literally at the crime scene while it happened), so they used various front men to implement their plans. They "would not dare pick a Rothschild, a Sasoon, a Warburg, a Sieff, a Morgan... to wield 'the clippers,'" so, says Dall, they whistled up frontmen such as Joe Kennedy to do the dirty work. Kennedy Sr. and a few others were among the largest short-sellers of stock just prior to the collapse of October 1929.

FDR and the Gold Robbers

The next scheme to rob the American working public was launched through FDR. (You can see how these schemes keep coming along; e.g. S&Ls are robbed in the 1980s then bailed out by taxpayers, and now taxpayers are about to be robbed again by paying for bailouts of banks, over-extended in Asia.) FDR decreed that the American people had to turn in their gold, in return for funny money from the Federal Reserve. Gold could not be owned by Americans, but Europeans were free to purchase all the gold they wanted from the USA, through European banks -- at bargain prices of $20 - $35 per ounce! Gold poured out of Fort Knox and into Europe, and now Fort Knox is empty. A false impression is maintained by keeping guards around Fort Knox, as if there's anything in there to guard! (Just like Napoleon who, invading the Netherlands, discovered that the Bank of Holland held no gold.)

FDR & Howard Hughes: Both Held Captive

Like Howard Hughes, held captive and controlled by those surrounding him, so too FDR became increasingly a prisoner in his own White House. "Apparently, his advisors had moved in... FDR had become a sort of political 'captive,'" writes Dall. The main puppeteers surrounding Roosevelt were Felix Frankfurter, Bernard Baruch (he of the previously mentioned stock market robbery scheme), and Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR's wife. So too now is Bill Clinton boxed in, but not through physical infirmity but through blackmailability. ("It is desireable for the candidate to be vulnerable to blackmail," writes Dall.)

The controlled FDR presided over a major mess. According to Dall, here is some of what was going on during FDR's administration:

** NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was financed and managed by "internationalists who seemed quite willing to exploit race friction, even to the point of civil disorder." The secret government continues to "divide and conquer" up to the present day, for example by fomenting the L.A. riots of 1992, as described in a previous issue of the Conspiracy Nation Newsletter (hardcopy edition). Another "divide and conquer" technique used has been hysteria over the burning of black churches. That whole non-event was a propaganda exercise, since most of the burned-down churches had been destroyed for insurance motivations, and the actual number of black churches burning had gone down. Also being worked out is the arming of black street gangs to serve as shock troops when/if the U.S. government decides it's time for more repression here in America. Don't think it could happen? Then recall Oliver North's secret plan to set up detention camps for U.S. citizens.

** Dall makes plain that FDR and/or those close to him were aware of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing to prevent or warn about it. Other authors say the same, for example John Toland, in his book Infamy. Toland says that Naval Intelligence was warned of the imminent attack on the Hawaiian base, yet Washington DC did nothing. This situation is true-to-form for the secret government: e.g. The Gulf of Tonkin incident, drawing us deep into the Vietnam War -- but Gulf of Tonkin was a phony story; (see Endless Enemies by Jonathan Kwitny); e.g. the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq -- but U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie had just given Saddam Hussein a "green light" to invade Kuwait; (see Fooling America by Robert Parry.)

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Against FDR

Amazingly, Hillary Clinton has said there's a "vast right-wing conspiracy" against husband Bill. It's amazing Hillary says so because, after all, here in the USA Magic Kingdom everyone knows that, contrary to conspiracies having always existed in every other time and place, our own little sandbox uniquely has no conspiracies going on. But FDR faced his own "vast right-wing conspiracy" in his own day. Recruited into the "American Liberty League" in 1934 was General Smedley Butler. Butler was to head the League, whose backers included the Mellons, the Rockefellers, and the DuPonts. A plot was hatched to "create an army of 500,000 veterans to take control of the government." (Source: Treason by Gurudas.) But Butler remained loyal, secretly, to the U.S. Constitution and betrayed the plotters. The almost coup d'etat never happened and FDR's presidency was "saved" -- (but "saved" for whom?)

In the case of "Hillary Clinton: Conspiracy Buff," there is some truth in what she says. Again, as in 1934, we have the Mellon family connected to subversion against the U.S. President. Richard Mellon-Scaife subsidizes a newspaper, until recently a magazine, and has set up a nice comfy job for Ken Starr. But although Mr. Mellon-Scaife does help distribute the information sullying Bill Clinton, he is not inventing the information out of thin air. ("It is desireable for the candidate to be subject to blackmail.") The interesting thing is that Mellon-Scaife seems to be a rogue operation, not sanctioned by all members of the Power Elite. If the Powerful were to all agree that Bill Clinton must go, wind-up robots like Dan Rather would begin foaming at the mouth, screaming about "Evil Bill Clinton."


Mr. Dall summarizes his expose on FDR by warning that "the creators of false images are operating today... full time, festooned about the White House and on Capitol Hill, busy creating 'managed news' for you and me, even withholding some news."

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