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                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


Commentary by Ru Mills, Editor, Rumor Mill News Agency


This morning, as I was half listening to the President give a speech, my ears perked up when he mentioned a "rat borne illness" that caused 50% of its victims to die.

The President went on to say that El Nino had picked up this RAT-BORNE illness, and was spreading it across America. The supposed reason for his mentioning this "rat borne illness" was to point out the difference between spending money on real health hazards as opposed to spending money on health hazards which are caused by smoking.

His unusual choice of an example made my conspiracy mind perk up. In the September, 1996 issue of Rumor Mill News, we ran a story which was leaked to us by one of our high ranking Navy Intelligence Sources. The story he leaked was about a project called "Operation Rain Dance".

From Rumor Mill News, September, 1996 issue:

This project was set into motion by the Department of the U.S. Army, an Air Force Special Research Unit, and Bio Medics from the U.S. Navy. It was officially born in/during the first quarter of 1989, and held one purpose in common; how to eradicate one special race of people. (Through manipulation of genes, any race of people could be the target group.)

The project was called LVNM Special Labs Division. It was located at an insane asylum in Las Vegas, New Mexico. (That's where the LVNM came from). It also bore the code signal SB-17.

SB-17 was a virus they were working on to target and kill only native Americans. Desert rats were used to carry the virus into towns and municipalities. There the virus was transmitted, via fecal matter, into the local water supply, and broken down bacteriologically, it was able to enter the food chain.

Do you remember the 7-9 Navajo Indians who died of mysterious circumstances. The coroner's report was "death induced by unknown virus". The experiment was a success. Only America Indians died of the virus which we now mistakenly call, the Hanta virus."

I could not help but remember this article on "Operation Rain Dance" as the President pointed out that money needed to be spent on discovering the cause of the rat borne virus that was being spread by El Nino, and not on people dying from smoking cigarettes.

Could the President be sending certain people in power a very powerful message? Could that message be.... "Don't mess with me. I now control Operation Rain Dance, and I am willing to target any group in America that I want to."

It should also be pointed out that the government already possesses the antidote for "the rat borne virus", but only the Elite will be able to receive it.

If this speech was a message to the "enemies of Bill", then we must now realize that his "friends" are in possession of a weapon, far more deadly than any gas or other chemical weapon. With minor alterations, this virus could be used against any race of people and it would cause death within 5 days.

According to the source who supplied this information the E-Coli bacteria is also out of government labs... specifically Ft. Meade. It also kills. All the government would have to do is alter its strain, and many, many people could die of it. The Source went on to say that there are 65 of these "animals" ready to set loose up mankind.

Will El Nino be blamed for the coming plagues that will eliminate half the world's population? Once when I sat at a table of high ranking Navy Intelligence types, they told me the story about, "The Great Dying". They said that the old plagues like cholera and malaria would soon break out in South America and Central America and millions of dying people would be crawling northward, desperately trying to escape the death that awaited them in the muddy waters of their homelands.

The men who told me this tale said that the "official" story of "The Great Dying" had already been written and made into a Fantasia type cartoon, complete with a classical score from "Night on Bald Mountain" and other classical works.

I was told that the survivors of "The Great Dying" would be too ignorant and unschooled to read books or appreciate a newsreel type program, so it was decided that a Disney type animated film would be the way to teach these people. As the men who worked on the project described the millions of men, women and children who were stretched out on the muddy ground, crawling their way to salvation in the United States, I could actually hear the strains of "Night on Bald Mountain" playing behind the images they created in my mind.

Has the President threatened to unleash "The Great Dying" on America? I sincerely hope that was not the message behind his mention of the El Nino borne rat illness. If it was, I pray that there are people in positions of power in this country who will take his threat to the world very seriously.

The President is worried about how he will go down in history. If half the world's population is wiped out, and there is no one to oppose him, all he has to do is move to Hollywood and take over a Disney-type studio. Then he can write his own version of history, one in which a cartoon hero-version of President William Jefferson Clinton becomes a combination of all the politically correct heros in the world. "Super Clinton" will become the stuff Arthurian legends are made of.

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