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Cunning Coup By "Dumb Blondes" Shows Blondes Not So Dumb

In September 1979, the "Red Stockings Collective," a group of radical feminists, issued a statement which read, in part

We feel we must respond to the latest in a series of attempts to suppress the inquiry into the details and nature of Gloria Steinem's association with the Central Intelligence Agency. We are alarmed that the most visible commentary on these events comes from several well-known figures in the feminist movement who not only condone but endorse this suppression. [1]

This statement issued by the Red Stockings was the culmination of years-long efforts by that group to expose infiltration of the feminist movement by the CIA. The "alarm" expressed by the Red Stockings in their statement suggests that the "well-known figures in the feminist movement" are themselves part of the CIA apparatus. As early as 1975, the Berkeley Barb had reported on the Red Stockings' investigations:

A group of women tied-in with the origins of the modern Women's Liberation Movement and concerned about its future, who call themselves "Red Stockings," have been able to piece together enough documentation to convincingly expose and describe the Ms. Magazine/Steinem/CIA connection. Moreover, the Red Stockings have closely examined the financial backing and contents of Ms. Magazine and have arrived at the conclusion that the ideology put forth by Ms. has been positively harmful to the Women's Movement. [2]

One of the principle financial backers of Ms. Magazine was Katherine Graham of the Washington Post. [3] Also part of the Katherine Graham empire has been Newsweek magazine, employer of Eleanor Clift, staunch backer of the Clinton/Rodham White House. And Katherine Graham and the Washington Post itself are long-time affiliates of CIA, for example during the Watergate years when they were part of the "soft coup d'etat" orchestrated against Richard Nixon. [4] The first publisher of Ms. Magazine was Elizabeth Forsling Harris. She is mentioned in volume 4 of Penn Jones, Jr's opus on the John F. Kennedy assassination, Forgive My Grief [excerpts]:

The Women's Liberation Movement, as well as the Youth Movement, must constantly be aware of the problem of infiltration by enemies. In fact, the [Women's] Liberation group may very well have been taken over already by the Ms. [Magazine] publisher, Elizabeth Forsling Harris.

Elizabeth Forsling Harris was a very close co-worker with Jack Pewterbaugh. And it was Pewterbaugh who made the decision to take the unauthorized and unnecessary detour in Dealey Plaza.

It is beyond question that, over the years, the CIA has employed and/or funded women in their operations, including at the covert level, as secret operatives in various fields such as journalism, sting operations, political movements, academia, and spying. And many of these women agents are naturally sympathetic to Elite Feminist doctrines. Was the Monica Lewinsky matter a sting operation, employing an either witting or unwitting Ms. Lewinsky as a tool preying on male weakness? In the previous issue of Conspiracy Nation (CN), I wrote that Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, and Lucianne Goldberg "all belong to a loosely-based Feminist Intelligence Network (FIN), which parallels and intersects other intelligence networks."

Today (02/13/98), in the Washington Times, Wesley Pruden expands on the possibility that InternGate originated as a power struggle in the White House. The two competing factions struggling for the President's ear are personified by Hillary Rodham and Dick Morris. Morris himself may have been ousted from power by a sting operation, when he was maneuvered out onto a hotel balcony where a photographer for The Star just happened to be nearby. In "President Rodham's White House Coup," Mr. Pruden writes in part that

Dick Morris, who understands this administration like no one else, says the coup at the White House is already complete. "The minute President Clinton was thrown irredeemably on the defensive on Jan. 21, Hillary took over." Mr. Morris writes in his column in the Hill, the political newspaper of Capitol Hill, "The bargain is clear to both the president and the first lady. She need never articulate it. He intuits it. Here's the deal: She'll [and press allies] bail him out of this mess, but now, she calls the shots. The president, hanging by his wife's largesse, knows enough to step aside. From now on it will be her appointments, her policies, her positions that get green lights."

-- [Excerpts only]

Note how the press, first so relentless in their attack on Bill Clinton, is now equivocating on the Lewinsky matter. The Feminist Intelligence Network (FIN) has had to walk a fine line in this latest scandal: first, going for Bill Clinton's jugular; then easing off just enough so the President knows they can get him at any time. Of course, FIN is not an official agency -- it doesn't need to be. Like Freemasonic organizations of old, it is just a loose network of like-minded individuals, permeating positions of power, who act in concert to achieve their goals.

Likely members of FIN include
** Roberta Achtenberg (HUD)
** Madeleine Albright (Secretary of State) ** Maya Angelou (Poet)
** Carol Bellamy (Peace Corps)
** Carol Browner (EPA)
** Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Court)
** Hazel O'Leary (Former Energy Secretary) ** Janet Reno (Attorney General)
** Alice Rivlin (OMB)
** Donna Shalala (Health & Human Services) ** Laura D'Andrea Tyson (Council of Economic Advisors) ** Eleanor Clift (Journalist)

It is not meant to be taken that women ought not hold positions of power. What is urged is that there be an awareness of the fact that Elite Feminism constitutes a secret society, not always operating in the open and subject to public scrutiny. What is vitally needed at this point is for women not locked-into Elite Feminist doctrine to act as spies. Information is needed. If you are a woman, you will be able to infiltrate secret "women only" meetings of Elite Feminists. From there, you can "play a part" and rise into the higher degrees of FIN. Send what you discover to Conspiracy Nation; confidentiality assured.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- [1] See CN 9.28 for further info.
[2] See CN 9.29 for further info.
[3] See CN 9.30 for further info.
[4] See CN 9.31 and Silent Coup by Colodny & Gettlin (ISBN: 0-312-92763-0) for further info.

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