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And Monica's Seven More Bill Clintons

In the previous issue of Conspiracy Nation, coverage was given to a report that six additional women, besides Monica Lewinsky, had been implicated as sex partners of Bill Clinton. This is corroborated in a report by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, a highly-regarded reporter with the London Telegraph newspaper. In the Feb. 12, 1998 issue of the Telegraph, Evans-Pritchard ends his story by noting that Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr "has already issued subpoenas for six depositions taken in the Paula Jones lawsuit."

But Evans-Pritchard's story adds one more name to the list of those being called upon by Independent Prosecutor Starr: Robyn Dickey, the former White House Director of Special Projects and Special Needs. She, says the British reporter, "was named as a long-standing lover of President Clinton in Paula Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit." Robyn Dickey is the mother of Helen Dickey, who phoned the Arkansas Governor's mansion late in the afternoon of July 20, 1993, and frantically exclaimed that "Vince Foster has just shot himself in the White House parking lot!"

-+- Sisterhood Is Powerful -+-

Reportedly the last known person to have seen Vince Foster alive was Linda Tripp, then working at the bacchanalian White House. Linda Tripp, for some reason, was a hold-over employee from the previous Bush White House. Prior to that, Ms. Tripp worked for Delta Force at Fort Bragg, North Carolina (1988-1989) and for U.S. Army intelligence at Fort Meade, Maryland (1987). Also having interesting spy connections is Lucianne Goldberg, Tripp's literary agent who urged Tripp to secretly tape conversations with Monica Lewinsky. In 1972, Ms. Goldberg was paid $1,000 per week by Republicans to spy on Democrats. And also a highly privileged insider has been Monica Lewinsky herself, granted a "Top Secret" clearance as well as a "Sensitive Compartmented Information" clearance. (Source: Human Events magazine, 2/13/98) Tripp, Goldberg, and Lewinsky all belong to a loosely-based Feminist Intelligence Network (FIN), which parallels and intersects other intelligence networks. Elite Feminists have decided that, no matter what, they must all lock arms and stand behind Bill Clinton, because they perceive Hillary Clinton as their "ace in the hole" who can greatly influence the powerful U.S. President. One of the unique tools available to this covert power clique of upper-crust women is the granting and witholding of sexual favors to men, based on whether or not the men kowtow to Elite Feminist dictates. ("Suck my toe, slave.") After Bill Clinton survives the current InternGate mess, he will be consigned to the permanent dog-house, and Queen Bee Hillary will be "wearing the pants" from there on in. Cui bono? Secret Feminist agents Goldberg, Tripp, and Lewinsky, and all the rest of the Sisterhood.

-+- Monica's Other "Bill Clinton's"? -+-

So now there are =seven= more "Monica Lewinskys" (six plus Robyn Dickey). Where will it end? One New York tabloid carried the screaming headline recently that, "There Were Hundreds!" And Arkansas trooper L.D. Brown, a long-time bodyguard of then-Governor Clinton, has put the count at "about one-hundred." ("I want to grow up, to be a politician," sang the 60s rock band, The Byrds. Now we know why.)

But what about Monica Lewinsky herself? Supposedly she was heartbroken when she learned that her colleague, Bill Clinton, was cheating on her; that President Bill had other "Monica Lewinskys." Yet according to the latest issue of The Star (02/17/98), Monica herself may not have been faithful to her purported "true love," Scaramouche Bill. Then again, it may be that Ms. Lewinsky, in a jealous rage, lashed back at Bill in the only way she knew how, by flaunting other lovers at the U.S. President. The Star, at any rate, reports on Lewinsky's "numerous post-White House sexual encounters" with "Pentagon officials and military officers," suggesting that both Bill and Monica are free spirits, grabbing the gusto that life offers.

-+- A Clinton Lovers Count -+-

A new count, a running tally, may be a good idea. We've had an ongoing "Clinton Body Count," a continual update on the statistically interesting number of sudden, violent deaths linked to the Woodstock President. Now, it seems, a "Clinton Lovers Count" is a good project. But it may be that President Bill is about to change his ways. The Star reports that Bill Clinton "has secretly begun therapy for sexual addiction." If the report is true, Conspiracy Nation wishes the President well. And when he's lying on the couch and free-associating for his analyst, certain phallic symbols could erupt out of the presidential psyche -- like missiles, for example. In time, Bill Clinton may be cured of his obvious compulsions, and this could be good news for the people of Iraq -- especially since Mr. Clinton signed a Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) in November which authorizes the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Iraq. (Source: Laissez Faire City Times, 2/11/98)

In the meantime, it's nice to know the U.S. President has not been working too hard. Besides enjoying relaxing moments with the opposite sex, Bill enjoys frequent golf games and oral-satisfactions like giving speeches to potential political money-donors. And, too, Hillary is frequently around for stimulating late-night chats.

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