Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 83
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Rayelan Russbacher

I am sending you the personal biography that Gunther wrote while he was in prison here in the United States. He titled it

Thus Spake The Raven....

His code name in the CIA was the Raven. When we were in Austria this is the name he gave the Langley operator to gain access to the people at CIA headquarters with whom he wanted to speak.

After the gold transfer was complete, we called Langley again, trying to figure out why he had been reactivated (supposedly because of the Haiti crisis) when we had been promised that we could move to Europe and fade into the woodwork of post coldwar spies. When we tried to get through the Langley operator, we were told that there was no "Raven". It had been deactivated. In other words, they sent us a message that now that we had risked our lives taking the gold home, they no longer needed us... so we were throw away people.

In this little story he wrote, he does mention the fact that he is married to me. Gunther and I married in Reno, on August 30, 1989..... eight years later Princess Diana was murdered on our anniversary. You will see that Gunther gives his birthday as July 1, 1942.... Diana was born July 1!!!

She was born on his birthday, she was murdered on his wedding anniversary. Everyone who knows about the workings of the covert world of spies, knows that they like to send each other cryptic messages by using the date they choose for their operation.

An example of this: The October Surprise deal was finalized on Hallowe'en... October 31st 1980.... one year after President Carter fired 700 CIA covert spies. This was called "The Hallowe'en Massacre." Carter was being sent a message.

(I will soon be faxing you a short note I wrote detailing how we married and how I discovered, on our wedding day, that he was more than the Naval officer I had know for years.)

Not only did Gunther marry me in Reno, but five years later, he took me to the church in Sekirchen, Austria.... outside of his home of Salzburg... and we were remarried at the foot of the red marble altar.... one thousand years old... on which he had been born. The altar was in a lower dome shaped room in the church... it was called the crypt. Gunther told me that the grand masters of the Knights Templars were buried in the walls. The wedding ceremony was something out of the archaic past.

The priest pulled his large crucifix out of his belt. I then saw that the cross was more than just a cross. He pulled it apart and it became a dagger. He asked for our wedding rings. The rings themselves contain symbols that Gunther told me could only be worn by Knights Templars and their mates. The priest put the rings on a silver plate and sprinkled them with holy water. Then he placed them on the blade of the dagger and passed them through the incense flame. Then he held them in the flame of a candle.

He took the rings off the dagger and replaced them on the silver tray. Then he placed the dagger on the palm of Gunther's hand and Gunther squeezed the blade. A small paper type cut appeared on the palm of his hand. The dagger was then placed in the palm of my hand, a similar, small cut appeared on my palm. The priest then put our hands together.

The priest recited a ceremony in German, I do not speak German. Then Gunther was handed my ring, which he placed on my hand, and I was handed his ring which I placed on his hand. The ceremony was then complete and we left the crypt.

According to Rodney Stich, Gunther took Jane back to the same church were we were re-married, and he had that marriage anulled. That would be the second marriage [he] had annulled in that church. Even as modern as Catholic churches have become... I don't know of many men who are fortunate enough to have two marriages anulled by the church. I also thought that the anullment had to be accompanied by a civil divorce. Am I wrong? Or do they do things in Europe differently than we do them here?

I don't have any answers. I am just now awaking from an 8 years nightmare. If you have any comments that might help me understand what I have been through and who I was really married to, I would appreciate it.

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