Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11 Num. 80

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Suitable and Inspiring Reading For Young Ladies and Gentlemen

Curtis B. Dall married Anna Roosevelt, daughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). Because of his association with FDR, President of the USA from 1933 through 1945, Mr. Dall was able to meet and chat with several of the "behind the scenes" figures during this historical period.

Mr. Dall describes, in his book FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law, how he managed to meet and talk with Bernard Baruch, a multi-millionaire of the time. Curtis Dall, a Wall Street broker, had learned that Baruch was headed to president-elect FDR's residence in January of 1933. Dall inserted himself into FDR's home, and waited to waylay Baruch between the front door and FDR's study.

Uptown, I carefully spruced up, after which I was casually sitting in the panelled library on the second floor front around five-thirty. I was pretending to read but, on the contrary, was listening for the front door bell to ring.

Soon it did ring, and Reynolds, the butler, announced, "Mr. Baruch."

I greeted him as he entered the room, introduced myself, and motioned to him to take the largest chair. He sat down.

[After I felt the "ice" had been broken,] I decided it was time to get in a constructive word and perhaps get something for the "Score Board" from the legendary figure outside the Wall Street Ball Park. So I let go, as it were, and said, "Mr. Baruch, what do you think of National Dairy Company stock as an investment?"

He flashed a very pleasant, fatherly smile at me, and said, in effect, "A fine company, well managed, should continue to do very well in time."

I realized that I had missed, so tried another shot.

"Mr. Baruch, what do you think of DuPont as a buy?"

Again, the same fatherly smile and same general type of reply. "Very fine company, diversifying nicely, splendid management, should continue to do very well indeed, as an investment stock."

His two well-worded replies subdued me and so I sat back in my chair with a feeling that I was merely talking with the experienced writer of a "market letter" for the "whosis" firm, written for the boys west of the Hudson River.

After a silence, he calmly said, "Mr. Dall, I think well of silver."

For a moment, I felt floored, decidedly off-base. I managed to say, "You do, Mr. Baruch?"

"Yes," he replied, "I do! In fact, I own about 5/16ths of the world's visible supply of silver."

A few months later, most startling news about silver did break in the press in a rather casual manner! In order to extend a friendly, political gesture, as it were, to our western silver mining states, =Congress= authorized the U.S. Treasury to =double the price= it would pay for silver in the open market.

Like George Stephanopoulos says, "It's not =what= you know. It's =who= you know." Curtis Dall knew FDR, and that got him an "introduction" to financier Bernard Baruch. Same too with Monica Lewinsky. Sure, she's got a college degree in psychology. "That's nice," (as a former math teacher of mine said.) But Monica Lewinsky is no dummy. She didn't waste time polishing her resume and honing her interview skills. That's for saps, young ladies and gentlemen! Monica just had her daddy, a big-time "contributor" to politicians, pull some strings and that got her a job at the White House. Then, Monica-on-the-move impressed intellectual Bill Clinton so much with her knowledge of psychology that, next thing you know, Brainy Bill got his friend Vernon Jordan to cinch a job at Revlon for Monica. Watch and learn, young ladies and gentlemen! You too can grow up to be a success in America!

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