Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 61
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


The Ted Turner-connected station, TNT, has been working public relations for the "New World Order" via its Monday night "wrestling" program. (Turner, you may recall, recently pledged $1 billion to the United Nations.) "Wrestlers," including Hulk Hogan, wear large "NWO" insignia on their costumes while fans cheer and display a special hand-sign, index finger and little finger extended. (Bill Clinton has been photographed displaying this same "secret" hand signal.) The crowd goes wild as the strutting macho men, fighting in the service of the "NWO," sometimes win and sometimes lose in "contests" against their opponents.

Having Hulk Hogan, previously a well-known prostitute for Reagan-era militarism, now performing his antics under the New World Order flag is quite a coup for whatever public relations schemers are manipulating him. And surrounding Hogan on the stage are a bevy of similar musclebound stooges, all loudly roaring in favor of their cause.

And who dares to disagree, when the cause is represented by so many giant tough guys? You'd better yell and cheer with the crowd, or else these big goons might just put an armlock on you -- at least the implied threat is there, underneath the "great fun" of it all. Sure, there are other musclebound stooges who "fight" against the NWO gang in their "wrestling" matches, but who do you think will win in the long run, since the entire thing is scripted?

The crowd of mostly young people watching these scripted performances might not really give a darn about the "contest" individually. But put them in a crowd, and a peculiar crowd psychology comes into play. According to French psychologist Gustav LeBon, when the individual becomes part of a crowd he regresses to a primitive mental state, is capable of acting like a barbarian, and loses his critical faculties. The Nazis knew this well, and organized their giant rallies to that effect. But the Nazis, unlike us, did not have television and Mr. Ted Turner. [1]

If you think that the "New World Order" either doesn't really exist or is nothing to worry about, think again. The plan for a "New World Order" has been publicly acknowledged many times in the mass media. In a nutshell, it goes like this: (a) economy goes global; (b) political power coalesces around economic power (according to no less an authority than Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT); (c) put "a" and "b" together and you get "New World Order." The New World Order plan =does= exist, and it is not going to be good for 99 percent of humanity -- not even for many of those who now support it. What is bad about the New World Order plan is obvious from the fact that its details, like with Bill and Hillary's health care plan, are being worked out in secret. There is no "Bill of Rights" included in the NWO plan, and because the planned global government will supersede national governments, that means the loss of legally-guaranteed rights such as freedom of speech and of the press, the right to bear arms, and the right against unjust seizure of property.

And who is lending his celebrity to this horrid cause? Why the great "hero," Hulk Hogan! Either Mr. Hogan is not very smart, or else he is a traitor to individual rights and to the working people of the world. The corporate-benefiting NWO plan will take current national corporate welfare policies and magnify them tenfold. It will reduce us all to Nike slaves. The transition is already underway, with reduction of workers' earnings in the "good" economy and a more and more prevalent police fetish. The handwriting is on the wall, and now grossly obvious during TNT's Monday night "wrestling." What =you= can do is dethrone Hulk Hogan from his place of honor in your individual mind: re-classify him from "All-American hero" to either dupe or dud. The TNT "wrestling" program is =not= something that's "all in fun"; it is a carefully scripted performance, live theater written by cunning psychologists who -- believe me -- know what they are doing.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- [1] "Turn Off Your TV" by L. Wolfe. Originally published in New Federalist newspaper.

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