Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 51
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


Way back in the "dark ages" of science, when scientists themselves were suspected of being in league with the Devil, they had to work privately. They often met clandestinely to exchange views, and the results of their various experiments. For this reason, they called themselves the Invisible College. [1]

Dr. Jacques Vallee, encountering what he refers to as dogmatic scientific skepticism, grew frustrated at the rigid, close-minded attitude of supposed "scientists." He knew of professional astronomers who, experiencing their own UFO sightings, refused to go public. French scientists who came across similar manifestations "thought only of suppressing the records." [2] Throughout the "scientific" community there was "the deliberate destruction of scientific data." [3]

But fortunately for true science, Dr. Vallee began to be furtively contacted by professionals who secretly sought to honestly investigate. In academia's climate of fear, they dared not pursue the Truth openly, wherever it might lead, for fear of ridicule, ostracism, and the drying-up of funds. But in the dead of night they would sneak away to secret meeting places and share ideas. "This group has grown larger over the years. Whimsically, it calls itself the 'Invisible College.'" [4] Unknown and unheralded, like the medieval monks of old they are carrying the Lamp of Learning to the future, in this, our current dark age.

But why the suppression of open inquiry into the UFO phenomena? Astrophysicist Vallee, in his book Dimensions, points out the religious subtext inherent in the multiple, unexplained "sightings" which have occurred over the centuries. From the Virgin Mary, "hit by a mysterious beam of light" and subsequently bearing a fatherless child, to Joseph Smith, visited by a light like unto a "consuming fire," to Fatima and a "globe of light" witnessed by thousands, there is an angle other than materialistic to these events.

The religious subtext explains why the official Soviet position toward the manifestations almost immediately solidified into a strong "Nyet." The "decadent capitalists" were behind a psychological attack on "Communist realism" (atheism), it was claimed. [5]

Here in the USA, where "Democrat" has mutated into "Neo-Democrat," Marxism, especially on campus, has devolved into Neo-Marxism. In fact, Marxist and Democrat have both cast off their rough edges (like concern for workers) to form a new belief system where the State is paramount and "God is dead." (=God= is not dead. =Nietzche= is dead.) God is always superior to the State, which is why when a fellow like Nietzche or Freud comes along, the State-controlled "scholars" will promote that fellow to the "head of the class." Another of the many ways in which the State, through its controlled academics, is pushing the dethronement of God is by changing the calendar nomenclature "B.C." (Before Christ) and "A.D." (Anno Domini, "in the year of our Lord") to "B.C.E." ("before the common era") and "C.E." ("common era"). This attack on calendar nomenclature began when "the Jacobins inaugurated the modern effort to create a Godless social order in the French Revolution." [6]

In my halcyon grad school days, belief in God marked one as a "simpleton." In that oh-so-sophisticated environment, though, there was at least tolerance for professor-preachers of Freudian atheism. And this is some (or more) of the reason why any serious, open look into the UFO phenomena receives a not-so-subtle "thumbs down" in academia. UFOs, like God, are disturbing to the ultra-logical, mechanistic, bureaucratic system planned by the emerging Super State. UFOs, like God, are inconvenient. And so, both are mocked.

But secretly, in unknown locations, meets the Invisible College.

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