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By "Rhea Fortean" (pseudonym)

I have been rereading LA Secret Police (by Mike Rothmiller; ISBN: 0-671-79657-7) looking for the info on the Witness Protection Program haven of So. California.

One thing I've noticed that struck me stronger this time since I know of Fred Celeni [1] and other info is that MUCH of the intelligence gathering that was done (and maybe still is) was of a POLITICAL nature. Politicians, city council members, the mayor, even other higher ups in the police department. Also a concentration on sports figures, players and owners, managers, etc. This info that they gathered was used to blackmail and gain influence from people in a position to help out the LAPD and their causes. Much of it was about getting power through blackmail.

Some of the "operations" they did where they ran businesses out of business with harassment from city agencies (inspectors, etc.) would fit right in with "black bag" operations that the government might do. Also he tells of finding "criminals" with phone numbers to the CIA and FBI (unlisted numbers). That shows that the CIA IS working w/in the US (but no real surprise). Also finding criminals with government "cover".

Reading it now (after Celeni) makes the chill up my spine worse than before.

Joe Domanick of TO SERVE AND TO PROTECT called Vannatter and Lange some of Gate's "Golden Boys" on E! tv at the end of the Simpson trial. He also said that Gates STILL CONTROLLED THESE PEOPLE. Said he still has access to the Intelligence Files that were supposed to have been destroyed. Said Gates took them with him.

Brian, do you have a contact number or address for Mike Rothmiller of LA Secret Police? I would love to have a way of writing him. An email? Fax? Anything will do. [CN: Anybody who knows, contact]

If ALL CITIES have the Intelligence Files and I believe they do or have had since the 70's when the Fed government made it a "condition" for getting Federal Funds--- do you realize how much can be controlled by the government? Crimes, arrests, nonarrests, blackmail, black bag operations, stings, "set ups" (as I've come to believe the Marv Albert thing was----someone knew of his "side" activities and used it), blackmailed support, financial support, etc. etc, etc.

Rothmiller also said the DEA was using one criminal to get info to help one gang over another. (Arrest all the ones in one gang to give an advantage to another gang.)

Check out: to get the latest on Fred Goldman and possible mob links. Read main page. Excellent.

When I locate the info on the Fed program from the 70's and fed money, I'll send it. I just have to relocate it in THE BLUEGRASS CONSPIRACY.

by Sally Denton

The CIA's Office of Security in 1966 began training certain police officers throughout the United States, and had made overtures to him. The training courses, held at the CIA's compound near Washingon, D.C., included declassification of materials, foreign weapons, COUNTERAUDIO MEASURES, explosive devices and detection techniques, BASIC THEORIES OF INTELLIGENCE AND CLANDESTINE COLLECTION OF INFORMATION, COVERT PHOTOGRAPHY, AND PHOTOANALYSIS, and Ralph found that he was a quick study.

(How many cops trained this way since 66?)

In 1968 Congress created a special appendage of the Justice Department to financially assist state and local police departments in battling new, complex national crime wave that had accompanied the riots and demonstrations. Every police agency in the country scrambled to obtain the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration money allocated by the federal government, which was DISHED OUT ONLY TO AGENCIES THAT ESTABLISHED INTELLIGENCE UNITS.

(this came to Kentucky in 1969---could California NOT have done this then---don't think so.)

So we have all these cops trained as spies with knowledge of bombs, surveillance, etc. wiretaps included in this. All these cops CIA trained.

Remember the Round Up in Tennessee that was investigated about the time of the Simpson case where the agents showed racism. Remember that local cops, DEA, FBI, etc. were there TOGETHER. THE GOOD OLE BOYS ROUNDUP.

They didn't want the videos out and harassed the militia group who took the videos. Could the CIA have been there too? Maybe some LA cops were there?

We have trained cops now all over the US that could do black bag jobs, surveillance, wiretaps, etc.====trained by CIA.

If the Fed money came ONLY if the dept. had an intelligence unit, how many do you think turned it down. NOT MANY I'd say. Has this training continued?

Were these guys getting security clearances or security background checkups?

Fuhrman of all the cops in Simpson case fits the type of guy for this kind of training. He was younger, a hunter (familiar with and admits to camping out and survival training), very bright, etc.

Are these trained cops now used to do black bag jobs in the name of "national security", undercover into militias, etc.?

ALL books on RFK mention the close ties of LAPD, FBI, and CIA and how some officers flow back and forth from LAPD to govern't agencies and back again.

Brad Roberts? the hidden LAPD officer on the scene. Fuhrman's so-called real partner?

If you have this book and have read it, think back or look up Anita Madden--rich horsefarm matron who probably dealt in drugs as a sideline.

Don't think I've told you this before but I have told Sherman. In 1995 (during the OJ trial) she managed to have Kato Kaelin as a houseguest and Derby Party guest. He came to Lexington a few times after that and may have met with her then. Do you realize how difficult it would have been to contact Kato at that time and get him to come to your house in Ky.--(a total stranger?)? Somebody had to vouch for her.

Also, this past May for the Derby Party she has annually, she had both Geraldo Rivera and Phil Vannatter as guests. I was sort of surprised she didn't have the Goldman's since Fred has taken a liking to our state and has been here numerous times.

The tv station does an hour live remote from the party each year (it's that big a deal) and both Rivera and Vannatter were interviewed. Both were smashed and made for a strange interview. The women were hanging all over Geraldo and Vannatter kept praising Geraldo for doing such a "good job" (ala OJ).

I had predicted to Sherman that they-- at least Vannatter would come. Vannatter has been to Lexington numerous times also. He gets on radio talk shows and tv interviews and just loses it. He starts telling the biggest whoppers you have ever heard of the trial, the evidence, the timeline, you name it.

Anita Madden (Bluegrass Conspiracy) was right in there with Lambert, John Y. Brown, Jr., Dan Lassater (Bill Clinton), and the whole crew. She knew Melanie Flynn who was killed (probably by Lexington cops). J. Brown, Jr. was married to the ex wife of Robert Evans of Paramount Pictures fame---the Heidi Fleiss case--and had been the lover of Denise Brown years before---connected to drugs---tied in with the Cotton Club murder---etc.

The Brentwood-Lexington connection is strong. Brown himself was very wealthy (owner of Ky. Fried Chicken) at one time. He was a big time gambler and other connections that ruined him for another term as governor once it came out.

I may be wrong but I don't think Vannatter has been on tv or radio since I called in and called him a liar who took advantage of most people not knowing the facts of the evidence and the testimony when he told his lies. He was NOT happy with me. He did come to the Madden party though. I also made sure the hostess of the radio/tv shows got a copy of an itemization of each lie he told along with documentation and book pages, etc. from his own book.

Then I asked her--why would a cop tell such lies if he were on the up and up and had nothing to hide.

Anyway, I just feel strongly that this Brentwood-Lexington (or Kentucky) connection may be important here. All the players seem to be drawn here--and to Anita Madden. Bluegrass Conspiracy (by Sally Denton; ISBN: 0-380-71441-8) was about the cops being involved in extra-activities of an illegal nature. The same could be said of the LAPD.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- [1] Fred Celeni. Covered in recent issue of the Conspiracy Nation Newsletter (back issues, $5. Write to Brian Redman, 310 S. Prairie (#202), Champaign, IL 61820). Celeni connects the dots between the L.A. riots, the O.J. Simpson case, and the death of Vince Foster.

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