Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 36
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


Great Britain, frustrated in her colonial designs upon the United States, after the War of 1812 ceased her machinations for awhile. She was occupied elsewhere, for example in the Crimean War. But by about 1856, the eyes of the British imperialists turned once more toward America. "A close business relationship had grown up between the cotton-growing aristocracy of the southern states and cotton manufacturing England, and the southern states were swarming with British agents." (The Empire of "The City", by E.C. Knuth) Stirred up by these British agents, the South chose to secede from the united States.

And why couldn't the southern states secede? They had joined into the Union voluntarily, so why couldn't they later choose to withdraw from that union? The south wanted a divorce, and it had never promised "until death do us part." An article sent to Conspiracy Nation by a reader ("How Lincoln Destroyed the Jeffersonian Ideal," by Thomas J. DiLorenzo) asks the same question. Secession "was the very principle upon which the American Revolution was based." During Thomas Jefferson's presidency, New England Federalists, upset at rule from the agrarian Virginian, Jefferson, plotted secession themselves. "During this time there was no debate among the New Englanders over the right of secession, only over its wisdom as a political strategy." (DiLorenzo)

Why was Abraham Lincoln so fixated on preserving the Union? We are told in "history" books that he felt strongly that "the Union must be preserved." But why must it? Apparently Lincoln never explained the "why" of it. Two possible "whys" are (1) a strong Union deters European designs on North America, and (2) Lincoln was the servant of East Coast capitalists, with their own imperialist designs on the continent. Perhaps the two reasons suggested are not mutually exclusive.

As his "reward" for helping save the Union for the greater wealth and glory of East Coast capitalists, these same capitalists had Lincoln murdered when he threatened to get in the way of their plan to rape the South via "Reconstruction."

During the Civil War, with U.S. energies concentrated within, the European imperialists tipped their hand. "In December, 1861, a large British, French and Spanish expeditionary force was landed at Vera Cruz [Mexico] in defiance of the Monroe Doctrine." (Knuth) The Archduke Maximilian of Austria was installed as Emperor of Mexico.

The American Civil War "officially" ended at about the time General Robert Lee surrendered at Appomattox in April of 1865, but according to Del Schrader (Jesse James Was One Of His Names by Del Schrader, with Jesse James III. Arcadia, California: Santa Anita Press, 1975. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 74-33962), Nashville, Tennessee continued on as the underground capital of the Confederacy for nineteen more years. And as for the secret society known as "The Knights of the Golden Circle" (see CN 11.35), it did not apparently disband until 1916.

After Lee's surrender, a force of 2,000 Missouri cavalry and "a full regiment of Confederate-led Red Bone Indians from East Texas," led by General J.O. Shelby, headed south, into Mexico. (Schrader) They naturally went to join with their ally, the European puppet Emperor Maximilian. This force became threatened by Mexican patriots, followers of Benito Juarez. Sent to rescue Shelby's troops, says Schrader, was an elite force led by Colonels Quantrill and Jesse James.

While in Mexico, Jesse James reportedly was introduced to Emperor Maximilian. James was enlisted to help the dictator smuggle a huge treasure out of his tottering empire. Included in the treasure were jewels and heirlooms of the House of Hapsburg, Aztec gold hidden, long ago, from the Conquistadores by servants of Montezuma, and a great quantity of other gold on loan to the emperor from the House of Rothschild.

James and his band began moving the treasure northward. Shortly thereafter, they learned that Emperor Maximilian had apparently been executed by Juarez's patriots. But the emperor, says Schrader, had not been killed. Shot, with others, by firing squad, the bodies were loaded onto carts and hauled away for burial. At the gravesites, a group of Red Bone indians had infiltrated the burial ceremony. When they noticed signs of life in the emperor, the indians finagled the Mexicans into allowing them to give the "dead" dictator a separate burial. Maximilian was nursed back to health, and made his way to East Texas, where he was met by Jesse James.

Grateful for the help James had given him, Maximilian gave him $5 million in gold. The Knights of the Golden Circle received an additional contribution of $12.5 million, says Schrader.

Reportedly, Jesse James persuaded Maximilian to change his name to John Maxi and live undercover in America. James also reportedly went to Europe, found a look-alike of Maximilian's wife, Charlotta, and then smuggled the real Charlotta back to the U.S. There, she became re-united with her husband. Now buried in Maximilian's grave in Vienna, says Schrader, is a German seaman who had died in a gunfight in Vera Cruz. "Switching bodies is a subterfuge as old as mankind, and the Golden Circle certainly had no monopoly on this practice." (Schrader)

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