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Responding to comments by Conspiracy Nation on aspects of his claims regarding the Lincoln assassination (CN 11.32), the anonymous author states as follows:

Mary Todd Lincoln: True Killer of Abraham Lincoln?

From Thu Oct 30 06:41:09 1997
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 18:53:54 -0800
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>---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
>[1] Several errors appear in this manuscript by the anonymous
>author. It is almost like those picture puzzles, "Can you spot
>the errors in this picture? (Answers on page 10.)"
>Notwithstanding, it has some interesting ideas.
>[2] "Mary Todd was left handed." But Mary Todd was sitting to
>the right of Lincoln at Ford's Theater.


Mary Todd was sitting to the right of Lincoln. With her left hand she was able to reach behind Lincolns back very naturally without any strain and point the gun to the lower left skull area of Lincoln's head. Linda, I and others believe Abe probably had his head on Marys left shoulder and he was resting or was asleep thus making the shot even easier. With Abe resting his head on Mary's left shoulder, the right side of his lower skull was not accessible to Mary's left hand with the gun. Do you get it now?

>[3] "That fact is in the National Archives." Great. Where
>in the National Archives?


Linda Goodman died three years ago. She shared with me all her findings over the 35 years of research. I am trying to secure those papers, picture, etc via her family as soon as possible.

>[4] "That fact is in the Library of Congress." Great. Where
>in the Library of Congress?
>[5] Reference to a federal reserve bank existing in 1865. The
>federal reserve we all know was not created until ca. 1913. If
>some other federal reserve is meant, that ought to be made clear.
>If the anonymous author means some sort of secret federal
>reserve, it ought to always be made clear.
>[6] The anonymous author says Booth was poisoned in 1911.
>Actually, the year was 1903, and it was suicide. See CN 3.91,
>"Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth."


Checked my notes and source books again and you are right about the date but very wrong and a continuing victim of the spin doctors if you believe the fake Booth commited suicide. But his pickled body was paraded to small towns in the Midwest and West for over a year. And how does one account for the certified affidavit by Lincoln's Cousin? Will provide copy in about 30 days.

>[7] "According to several documents in Washington DC libraries."
>What documents? Which libraries?
>[8] Regarding Robert Lincoln, the anonymous author neglects to
>mention that this same Robert Lincoln was present at the
>assassinations of Presidents Garfield and McKinley. Now that the
>anonymous author has been made aware of this, we can hopefully
>look forward to future installments of his most interesting


My communication is not based upon "ideas" but evidence and facts that are then pieced together for an insight into the truth. My research does not include the Garfield / McKinley assassinations so I have no evidence or facts to piece together.

>[9] Andrew Jackson did successfully stop the second "Bank of
>the United States." The charter was up for renewal in the
>1830s, and Jackson succeeded in blocking it.


Andrew Jackson did not stop the United States Constitution Bank that became the Federal Reserve Bank in 1813. This bank with different names was and still is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This bank does not have any connection with the Bank Of The United States. The Rothschilds and Bank of England controlling the gold mines of North Carolina with a private banking institution for over 250 years is still one of the greatest secrets of all time.

>[10] Regarding Lincoln's printing of money and attempts by
>bankers to extract hugely usurious (30 percent interest) loans
>from the Union: TRUE. Read all about it in upcoming, Dec. 1997
>issue of the Conspiracy Nation Newsletter, available to paid
>subscribers. (Visit to find
>out how to subscribe.)
> (Note to paid subscribers: the Nov. 1997 issue of the
>newsletter was sent out, via U.S. mail, today; you should be
>receiving it soon.)
>[11] Regarding cryptic reference to "88" and "what is 8th letter
>of alphabet": 8th letter of alphabet is "H," so I guess we are
>supposed to intuit, "Hapsburg."


No - Hapsburg is not correct. Keep Trying! 88 and his family are for real. Also one of the son's of 88 Senior had the same name and was into numerology and called himself 88 Junior. And remember the true Lincoln Saga is more far out than any piece of fiction.

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Additional comments by Conspiracy Nation and by a reader

Somebody's pickled body was displayed after the 1903 death of "the Enid man" (I say it was Booth; the anonymous author says it was a Booth double.) Supporting the claim that "the Enid man" was Booth is the following excerpt from CN 3.91, "Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth."

[CfD -- Finis L. Bates notes that "the foregoing are a few of the many comments made in the various publications." Unsolved Mysteries covered this story. Following are excerpts. Note that the person named "Orwellek" (sp?) has been investigating aspects of the Lincoln assassination for years.]

ORWELLEK: Bates had the body preserved. He took many pictures of the body. Eventually, he had the body mummified to preserve it for posterity; to prove once and for all that the government had fooled us all. And he was not going to allow that cover-up to stand.

NARRATOR: In 1931, six Chicago physicians examined the mummified body of John St. Helen [a.k.a. David E. George, John Wilkes Booth]. According to the findings of this affidavit, they specifically noted a scarred right eyebrow, a crushed right thumb and a broken-limbed leg. John Wilkes Booth is known to have had all three of these unusual characteristics.

Regarding the mysterious reference to "88" (such mysteriousity, in itself, arouses my suspicions; why not just come out and say it?),

[11] Regarding cryptic reference to "88" and "what is 8th letter of alphabet": 8th letter of alphabet is "H," ...

one Conspiracy Nation reader suggests that "88" ("HH") means

howard hughes, perhaps?

Or maybe "88" ("HH") means "Hubert Humphrey?" Or "Hannibal Hamlin?" (If readers have other ideas, please forward to Conspiracy Nation.)

The anonymous author has most intriguing ideas, and future reports from him are welcomed.

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