Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 26
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


During the "Dark Ages" in Europe (from about the fall of the Roman Empire until the Renaissance), the very few -- in this case certain groups of monks -- carried the lamp of learning across the ages.

-+- Illusion -+-

The twentieth century is the current "dark age," pretending to be sophisticated and enlightened, yet actually willfully blind to many things. True learning, say some, has never been meant for the many, yet an army of state-stamped and -certified "intellectuals" gives the opposite illusion. The illusion we live in is that there are quite a lot of "educated" people these days. The fact is that ignorance has rarely been greater.

-+- Ignorance -+-

The choice of word -- "ignorance" -- is used advisedly. By ignorance is meant, to willfully ignore. Ignore-ance, among the mass of "educated" (who would be stunned to know they are ignore-ant), is so omnipresent it is both obvious and hard-to-see. Examples of common ignore-ance prevalent among the "educated" are

-+- The Truth: IGNORED -+-

(1) Lincoln Assassination: An obvious "plot within a plot," yet this has been steadfastly ignored by the "educated."

(2) JFK Assassination: No doubt that the death of JFK goes far beyond Lee Harvey Oswald, yet a phalanx of "experts" continues to run interference.

(3) RFK Assassination: Much more than "lone nut" Sirhan Sirhan is involved, nonetheless the perceived "intellectuals" choose not to see.

(4) MLK Assassination: Proven (Orders To Kill by William F. Pepper) that James Earl Ray was not the shooter; "well-educated" "historians" declare otherwise.

(5) October Surprise: Demonstrated over and over that the plot occurred, yet the "educated" see it not.

(6) HIV-AIDS **HYPOTHESIS**: At this late date, according to normal scientific standards, it has not been proven that HIV causes AIDS. (See Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter Duesberg.) But after constant droning to the contrary by "experts," even savvy readers of Conspiracy Nation might have been fooled.

(7) TWA 800: Ill-fated TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a missile. (See The Downing of TWA Flight 800 by James Sanders -- Get this book before it disappears!) "Educated" stuffed-suits in Television-Land continue their white-knuckled ignore-ance.

(8) OKC "Bombing": Really more than one bomb, it should be referred to in the plural -- OKC bombings. A single "fertilizer bomb" could not have done all the damage on April 19, 1995 at the Murrah Building. With all the supposedly educated people extant, how is it that so few can see and speak the truth?

(9) Death of Vincent Foster: Maybe it was a suicide, but it did not happen there, on the berm, at Fort Marcy Park. "Educated" citizens abound, yet what good is the supposed education when the nerve to see is lacking?

(10) Waco Massacre: Women and children, many of them African-American, were murdered by federal "law enforcement" agents. Tens of thousands of Americans hang impressive "education" credentials on their walls; they've attended the "very best" universities -- and their eyes are sewn shut.

Many more items could be added to the above list.

-+- True Learning -+-

True learning may never have been meant for any but the few -- the few with NERVE enough to SEE. True learning does take self-discipline, study, and at least average intelligence. But it takes more. It takes NERVE to

Seek the truth
Come whence it may
Cost what it will

-- [1]

No state-aligned "education" factory can mass-produce guts.

-+- The Enemy of Learning -+-

We "quaint" "conspiracy theorists" not only need nerve, we need a thick skin. "Educated" persons who either don't know any better or knowingly serve as murderers of learning at the behest of their masters -- persons like Gerald Posner and Chip Berlet -- are on the prowl. They control the loudspeakers, and use them to blare us out with their mis-representations, ridicule, and defamations. The enemy of learning in our time is not the iron maiden and the rack of the torture chamber, it is massive, choking, credentialed IGNORE-ANCE.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- [1] Inscription at the door of the Bishop Payne Library, Virginia Theological Seminary.

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