Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 22
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


By "Tom in Venice" (former Democratic Party operative)

(Further background: See CN 10.92)
  1. Ambassador Leo Wanta remains under house arrest in Wisconsin.
  2. According to Wanta's attorney, Pat Cammeron, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue has until October 24th to produce the court and legal documents that would prove the Department of Revenue's case. Cammeron says they have no case at all vis a vis $14,129 supposedly owed in taxes.
  3. Now with the frame-up against Ambassador Wanta falling apart, a new frame-up has been brought against Wanta by Wisconsin.
  4. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is claiming that Wanta owes $675,000, referencing Falls Vending Machine (a reputed Mafia operation.)
  5. Falls Vending, a company that Wanta helped lead a sting on in 1981, has ties to former FBI agent Mike DeMarco, federal judge Russell Eisenberg, and current FBI Director Louis Freeh.
  6. Freeh has yet to respond to Cammeron's demand that his agency account for the contents in "Wanta's" briefcase.
  7. According to Cammeron, a source in Switzerland claims that former-President George Bush will work with Louis Freeh to create more Wanta frame-ups, in order to keep Wanta from telling the truth.
  8. This individual in Switzerland who fingered Bush just recently survived an assassination attempt against him by car bomb.
  9. So what we have here is a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice being orchestrated by Governor Tommy Thompson (Wisconsin), former-President George Bush, and current FBI Director Louis Freeh. (USCA Title 18 Section 35; Section 241 & 242)
  10. Freeh, a Bush man himself, seems more interested in pursuing Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.'s phone calls than the financial misconduct of both President Clinton and former-President Bush involving the AmeriTrust account in Switzerland. Ambassador Wanta could shed light on this subject, as it dovetails to the death of Vince Foster, Jr.
  11. Ambassador Wanta's testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence panel is needed not only to bring Clinton and Bush to justice, but expose key "bunko man" Kenneth Starr for what he is.

-+- Afterword by Conspiracy Nation -+-

Kenneth Starr is one of the much-vaunted Special Prosecutors we've seen in the past decade or so. Another was Lawrence Walsh, who drew a comfortable salary while he wiled away lazy afternoons sipping lemonade and investigating Iran-Contra. Walsh finally issued his report, but by then no one cared. Starr too is enjoying a comfy job and will issue some sort of (yawn) report. Now Janet Reno is under pressure to appoint yet another of these comfortable fellows, these Special Prosecutors. Latest theory on these "independent" appointees is that they are part of political blackmail operations: they have wide-ranging special powers to dig up dirt, and the dirt then gets held over the opposition party's head -- give us (politically) what we want, or else! Note how when President Clinton used his line-item veto to cut out military pork previously destined for Newt Gingrich's state of Georgia, we "coincidentally" had a week of fuss over "discovered" Clinton videotapes: Is there a connection between the two events?

Conspiracy Nation normally shuns predictions, and itself has almost never made any. From time to time, however, predictions from others are passed along. Here is what I'm hearing from others, that is sufficiently corroborated to deserve notice.

Things seem about to blow in that modern "Rome on the Potomac," Washington, DC. Recall that in past issues of Conspiracy Nation (CN 10.79, CN 10.80, CN 10.81, ca. early August 1997) various sources foresaw trouble in October for Bill Clinton and his gang. "Ru Mills" warned that "Thanksgiving" would come early this year, with "the turkey," Bill Clinton, to be carved in late September or early October. Human Events magazine was predicting indictments and possible ouster of Mr. Bill Clinton. R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. of American Spectator magazine echoed Human Events: "...the Clinton White House is going to go sky-high... several major scandals are certain to rock the Clinton White House this year."

I am still hearing the same general thing from my sources. "Ru Mills" sees upheaval by the end of October. Sherman Skolnick hints at a stock market crash on or about October 20th. "Tom in Venice" feels that things are heating up.

And what does Conspiracy Nation say? (1) Be cautious with these types of predictions; we've heard them for years now. (2) But who knows? I'm hearing these dark forebodings from several sources. (3) If Clinton gets in hot water, he can just send missiles against "punching bag" Saddam Hussein's Iraq or some other nation that can't too effectively fight back. (Subtext of Clinton missile fury is, "And if I can do it to them, I can do it to you.") Clinton also, notably, is doing the "representing you all in a foreign land" stunt: you don't want "our" President to look bad in front of the neighbors, do you? Bottom line: Clinton the Weasel will get out of it; you will keep getting poorer; you will have to work longer hours; nothing will change insofar as by some great magic the truth will be forced into public consciousness. But it's Monday morning and we all need hope, right?

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