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  1. Princess Grace of Monaco
  2. American "Princess" Marilyn Monroe
  3. Princess Diana of Wales

On Geraldo Rivera's WGN television program of 9/30/97, the topic of discussion was conspiracy theories relating to the deaths of Princess Grace of Monaco, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana of Wales. This is Conspiracy Nation's summary of the program.

Marilyn Monroe

On May 29, 1962, at a 45th birthday celebration for JFK at Madison Square Garden, New York, Kennedy-clan intimate Peter Lawford introduces movie star Marilyn Monroe as "the late Marilyn Monroe." On August 5, 1962, Monroe is found dead. Officially, it is called a "suicide." But Geraldo Rivera plainly states on his program of 9/30/97 that Robert F. Kennedy knew that the Mafia had "bugged" Monroe's home and possessed tapes of encounters between Bobby and Jack Kennedy and Ms. Monroe. Geraldo adds that documents are surfacing that indicate the relationship between the Kennedy brothers and Monroe was "very deep and personal."

But, says a guest from the Guardian newspaper, we imagine a conspiracy in such cases because of our inability to accept that Monroe, Diana, and Grace were snatched from us before their time. The Guardian reporter says we concoct these elaborate theories to help us deal with their deaths.

This explains, for example, why Sam and Chuck Giancana, godson and brother, respectively, of deceased Chicago Mafia boss Sam "Momo" Giancana, would write

The killers waited for the cover of darkness and, sometime before midnight, entered Marilyn's [Monroe's] home. She struggled at first, it was said... [but] their rubber-gloved hands easily forced her nude body to the bed. Calmly... they taped her mouth shut and proceeded to insert a specially "doctored" Nembutal suppository into her anus. (Double-Cross by Sam and Chuck Giancana. ISBN: 0-446-36412-6)

You see, Sam Giancana and his Mafia buddies were really a bunch of sensitive guys. They had trouble facing how Marilyn Monroe was snatched away so suddenly from life. To help them deal with their tender emotions, they "concocted" this conspiracy story and even put it in a book that became a New York Times bestseller.

Princess Grace (a.k.a. Grace Kelly)

Princess Grace was supposedly driving the car when she and daughter, Princess Stefanie, careened of a cliff. Stefanie survived. What happened is still a mystery, says Geraldo. Currently, Stefanie will not talk about the accident. The tame theory is that Stefanie, not old enough to drive, was the actual driver. The cover-up in this scenario is that, to protect Stefanie, official reports had Grace as the driver. Other angles are more sinister, but unfortunately this editor can't recall at the moment where in his vast archives info on these darker theories is stored.

Princess Diana of Wales

Now comes the good stuff. Much new info came out during Geraldo's broadcast of 9/30/97. Here, arranged by individual guests, are some of what was said.

Geraldo alerts us that, in the death of Princess Diana, "Conspiracy theories, suggesting murder, have begun to surface." According to the mellow talk show host, Kitty Kelly says in her recent book that, for a time, Princess Diana suspected the involvement of the British secret service in the death of one of her favorite bodyguards. He died in a motorcycle crash. Geraldo offers his own (surprisingly good) "conspiracy theory": Mohammed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Fayed, was cruelly treated by his adopted country, Great Britain. He got the idea, "Here is this woman (Diana) that's available." He used his handsome son in a "conspiracy of seduction." Dodi, a playboy with sensibility and passion, fell in love with Diana. Mohammed Al-Fayed exulted, "I have achieved my conspiracy. I will show the British royal family. I will control the mother of the future king of England." (Not bad, for Geraldo. He may have hidden talent in the conspiracy field.)

The President of the American-Arab-Muslim Council calls Geraldo's theory "a very good and valid theory. Mohammed Al-Fayed had acquired 'jewels' -- national institutions: the Ritz Hotel, Harrods. And now he wants to add to his collection another 'jewel,' the princess." The Council President says there are two conspiracies: (1) keeping focus off Dodi Fayed "as if he is a phantom." He says this is because of prejudice against Dodi Fayed because he's Arab and Muslim. (2) As to whether it was murder, the Council President is cautious: "I think there are many questions unanswered." AND, in a startling allegation, the Council President says that Dodi and Diana WERE MARRIED, SECRETLY, IN EGYPT. That is why they were looking for a house in Paris.

Jeff Steinberg of Executive Intelligence Review magazine (EIR) points out that Princess Diana, in November of 1995, gave a lengthy interview to BBC Panorama in which she, in effect, said her estranged husband, Prince Charles, was unqualified to be the king, and that it was preferable for her son, Prince William, in some form of regency, to take the job instead. Diana, says EIR, never abandoned this controversial political stand. On August 27th, 1997, Diana gave a lengthy interview to French newspaper LeMonde in which, in even more strident terms, she said, "I want to play a role in the education of my sons." EIR does not say, necessarily, that the House of Windsor ordered Diana's death. But adds, "I think it's important to realize that Princess Diana was not an air-head."

EIR goes on to blame, in the person of Steinberg on the Geraldo show, mass media coverage here in the USA as inadequate. "We've (EIR) been receiving daily news coverage coming directly over from the European press. There are mountains of details... There are many other issues that are simply anomalies -- two sets of 'facts' that completely contradict each other."

EIR then gives further info on surviving bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones: "Today's (ca. 9/30/97) Guardian has a lengthy story that I would hope at least be briefly reported in the U.S. press. (But I'm not going to hold my breath.) A detailed account of several days of DEBRIEFING of Trevor Rees-Jones. And now they're coming out saying that, in fact, the whole story about his loss of memory was simply put out to the media to distract attention away from the fact that they were busy debriefing him."

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a well-respected forensic pathologist who has questioned official versions of the JFK and Martin Luther King assassinations, was cautious in his assessment of the Diana death. Without hard evidence, at this point the case is circumstantial. Wecht has questions: Who gave driver Henri Paul his prescriptions for tiapride and prozac? Why did Dodi Fayed allow his driver to go so fast? What was in Dodi Fayed's blood? Did he have alcohol? Did he have drugs?

A reporter from the New York Post added her thoughts: Diana may have wanted to "get back" at the royal family; this wedding suited her agenda. Cautioning TV-land about the Internet, the reporter adds, "Don't speak about the Internet, because any imbecile who can type is on the Internet. So you cannot gain any information from the Internet." Then the New York Post reporter lets loose with a shocker; says she, "People in Paris with whom I just visited yesterday, who are very close to the Ritz [Hotel] and the royal fam..... the royals there, they also said (and I don't know that I believe this), 'Yes. We've heard that she was pregnant.' And also (because she wanted to 'get back' at the queen), she was considering becoming a Muslim. This is the gossip."

Summing it all up, the Guardian reporter, asked about what is being said now in England, replies, "In England, they're probably blaming the Americans... I mean, conspiracy theories -- it seems a particularly American phenomenon. Largely because you have so many incredibly high-profile assassinations."

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