Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11  Num. 12
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


[Synopsis of Frenzied Finance by Thomas W. Lawson. New York: Ridgway-Thayer, 1905]

-+- The "Magic" of Finance -+-

The majority still regard the world of finance as the world of magic. "The magic of finance" is one of the artifices with which tricksters, since the beginning of the world, have imposed upon the people.

The average American would consider it a huge joke should his grocer undertake to induce him to buy one-hundred times more sugar than he could use, on the ground that he might find in the sugar bags, when he reached home, gold and diamonds. And so it goes in every business but finance. In that business, the business into which is merged all other businesses, the most hard-headed of Americans are done out of their savings by the veriest "come-ons."

[CN: A more recent version of the racket was seen in the S&L debacle of the 1980s. In that scheme, American savers were robbed, but the robbery was smoothed over by FSLIC "insurance." But who was made to pay to cover that insurance? Not the robbers, but the American people.]

Look up and down Wall Street at the great office buildings. These are huge hives of expensive bees who, from New Year's to New Year's, do not produce a dollar. The hundreds of millions spent each year for the expense of running the "System's" game, and the millions which the game-makers flaunt, are derived from the men and women who produce.

It is the phenomenon of the age that millions of people come each year (or each cycle), of their own free will, to the shearing pens of the "System," so that the "System" may go through their pockets, and they then depart peacefully home to dig and delve for more money that they may have the debasing operation repeated on them in the next cycle.

You may ask if I desire to convey the idea that the great financial institutions and trusts of this country, which have their head centre in Wall Street, are all concerned in a conspiracy to rob the people of their savings. I desire to go on record right here in declaring that all financial institutions which in any way are engaged in taking from the people the money that is their surplus earnings or their capital, for the ostensible purpose of safeguarding it, or putting it in use for them, or exchanging it for stocks, bonds, policies, or other paper evidences of worth, are a part of the machinery for the plundering of the people.

I do not mean to say that all the men who handle and control the different institutions I mentioned have guilty knowledge of the bearing of their actions. They do not know that the relation between their own minor institution and the general financial structure constitutes the former an agency for the "System," which controls and has organized the general financial structure into an instrument for converting the money of the public to its own purposes. In fact, the "System" has cunningly possessed itself of the financial mechanism of the country and is running it for the benefit and personal profit of its votaries. And so the vast correlated organization of banks, trust companies, and insurance corporations has become an agency for transferring the people's savings to the control of unscrupulous manipulators.

It is only a matter of simple mathematics to ascertain the day when ten men will be as absolutely and completely the legal owners of the entire United States and all there is of value in it, as John D. Rockefeller is the absolute legal owner of the large section of it which he today possesses.

When that day is here, the people will legally be the slaves of these ten men.

The American people have been lulled to sleep by the "System" until they have but a dull appreciation not only of existing conditions but of their coming consequences. It is almost incredible that a people as intelligent as the American people can be so deceived and juggled with. However, when one looks about and notes the degradation and dishonor to which public opinion is seemingly indifferent, nothing is incredible.

The "System" has so far been able to keep the public in ignorance of its doings. On the surface there is nothing to suggest that a set of vampires have captured the high places of finance and are sucking away the life-blood of the nation. Our banks and trust companies all present a fair exterior and apparently are the same safe and honorable institutions they were before the canker fastened on them. Only its votaries know what the "System" is, and their way is the way of silence and darkness. A tie, stronger and more effective than the oath of the Mafia, binds them to its service, and woe be to him who dares divulge its methods. And even if the being be found who will venture an expose' of the conspiracy, he will find it strangely difficult to get his story past the traps and pitfalls which will be placed between it and the public.

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